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Volunteer for Marshalling at Rally Hebrides 2014 - 16th August


Marshalling is the term given to covering the various duties to be carried out on the day of the Event. For events like Rally Hebrides, there is a wide range of duties to be covered, such as rally start and finish, traffic management in the service area and spectator parking areas, rally control points, monitoring stage junctions and the passage of cars, directing, informing and advising spectators, as well as controlling spectators on stages and helping to ensure the special stages are safe to run.

Without sufficient marshals, Rally Hebrides simply cannot take place!


Marshalling is one way in which the non-competing enthusiast can become actively involved, and contribute something to the sport. Motorsport marshalling teams perform a very important role – they assist in ensuring that events run as safely and smoothly as possible.

Each and every sporting event organised by Lewis Car Club needs marshals, and all marshals, whatever duties they are doing, contribute to the success of the event.

Marshalling can be a very rewarding experience as you may come into close contact with Competitors, or you may get the chance to be in areas that spectators cannot be.

It makes you feel more involved in the event than if you were a spectator and you can give something back to the sport in terms of your resource.

Without sufficient marshals, motorsport events simply cannot take place.


On rallies particularly, marshal duties can vary greatly - sometimes doubling up with radio crews monitoring the passage of cars through a stage by keeping a check sheet of the cars as they pass, keeping alert for cars that may go missing’ between radio points during a stage, whether it is due to breaking down or an accident, the circumstances surrounding a missing’ car then have to be established.

There is also the need to maintain minute intervals between cars at rally start/restart control and control points en route, traffic management in the service area and spectator parking areas, monitor stage junctions and the passage of cars, directing, informing and advising spectators as well as controlling spectators on the stages.

It is an enjoyable and rewarding experience


Thats no problem! Let the Chief Marshal know that you have never marshalled before and he will partner you with an experienced marshal so you can learn from them as well as interest you in further involvement thereafter to become a more confident & experienced motorsport marshal. This would in turn give further insight into the rules and regulations governing events, and competitors and official responsibilities, use of flags and other safety equipment, etc.


An insufficient pool of marshals could compromise safety, or even result in cancelled events. Competitors entrust their safety to the marshals on the stages.

Without sufficient marshals, Rally Hebrides simply cannot take place. Volunteer for Marshalling at Rally Hebrides!

If you are interested in helping us out on the day please contact Donald Flagg, Chief Marshal for the event, on either 07834556959 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  stating if you are available for the whole of the event or just certain times. Also let us know if you would like to help out but are not confident to be on stageand would rather help with spectator parking or service/holding areas.