Christmas Lights 

Switching On Ceremony

Schedule of events

Thursday December 4th, Perceval Square

6.50pm   Guests to be seated

6.59pm   MC welcomes all

7.00pm   Pipe band play

7.10pm   Presentation of Stornoway at Christmas display winners

- Best dressed shop window display

- Best Christmas window display

- Best hotel/restaurant display

- Most creative Christmas window display

- Best overall display

- Award presented to the individual or group that did most to promote Stornoway in 2014

7.25pm   Christmas carols

7.40pm   Christmas message

7.45pm   Switching on Christmas lights

7.45pm   Big Band

8.05pm   Cheer Leaders

8.10pm   Steven Drummond/ Faram and Friends – Ceilidh dancing in Perceval Square

9pm   Finish and clear-up