The weather is not in our favour this weekend, with strong winds predicted for Friday and Saturday. We still look to open the stall as usual on Friday and Saturday, weather conditions permitting.

However, we will still be taking orders and doing deliveries as usual on Friday and Saturday.

We can arrange to meet anyone in town, at their place of work or deliver to their home on Lewis.

So, if you wish to get your usual fresh veg and you have never ordered from us before you can give us a ring on 0771645238. Please pass this on to friends and family.

The weather this year has not been very kind to us at the stall - roll on Spring I say!

We should have the Mac Reds for a bit longer this year hopefully to the beginning of April. We also have this week those lovely Yellow Plums (if you wait till they have a tinge of red on the skin they are wonderful), satsumas, rhubarb, and lovely large oranges as well as all the other favourites. 

In the veg we have Hispie cabbage, butternut squash, celeriac and fresh beetroot, with all the other favourites.

Don't get hung up about ordering, you can order in KGs or Lbs, in the number of items you want, in bunches and handfuls or any other measure you care to use. We can adapt to anything.

Click here to view the full list of what the Veggie Box provides.