Edinburgh-based band, Blueflint, will be playing at an Lanntair on Saturday April 11th. 

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The Women’s Cancer Challenge is entering its ninth year this year, and the organisers are calling out to all women to take part on Saturday May 16th to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Every woman is welcome to run, jog or walk the 5K, but Tony and Kirsty are also encouraging people to take part in the NHS’ 9-week ‘Couch to 5K’ (C25K) programme. This programme is downloadable online from the NHS website, and promises to get you running even if you’ve never run a step in your life! 

It's such a fantastic cause for a disease that almost everyone will be affected by in some way, so get out there, get fit, and help raise lots of cash!

Segways will lead the way, dressed in pink for the occasion, and they hope even more of you will be following them this year, whether you’re running, jogging, walking, or a mixture of all three! 

The idea to organise the Women’s Cancer Challenge was inspired by Kirsty and Tony Wade’s desire to get women exercising. Noticing that exercise, at that time, was seen as more of a man thing (think 5-a-side football, and man-dates to the squash court!), they decided to try to “encourage women to think more proactively about their health and well-being,” Tony Wade told EVENTS & welovestornoway.com

And they’ve done incredibly. Last year saw more than 500 women take part, raising a whopping £8,100 for Cancer Research UK. It’s marked on the calendars of many local women, from budding athletes to those who just fancy a walk around the grounds with a bunch of other ladies!

There will be Women’s Cancer Challenge T-shirts available to buy from Lewis Sports Centre, and entry forms will be available from Lewis Sports Centre and Sportsworld. You will also be able to download the forms online, form their Facebook page. We urge you to get your entries in as early as possible, so that they know how many to expect. 

Then, all you need to do is get moving!

That’s the Women’s Cancer Challenge, Saturday May 16th, 12-noon, Lews Castle College

Women of all levels of fitness are welcome to take part in the Women’s Cancer Challenge - the more the merrier, as they say! - but, just in case you can’t decide whether or not to give running a go this year, here are some of the benefits of running: 

Running is accessible. Almost anyone can run, to some extent. Go out by yourself with some good music, or a friend who’ll go at your pace. You don’t have to go far, just push yourself a little more each time! 

It makes you happier. Cardiovascular exercise releases endocannabinoids, which make you feel good. Studies have shown that running is an effective anti-depressant. 

It helps you lose weight. Regular exercise, like running, not only makes you burn calories whilst you’re exercising, but also after! 

It keeps you fit. A cardiovascular workout like running helps to keep your heart and lungs healthy. 

It keeps you sharper. Regular exercise helps defeat age-related mental decline, particularly functions like task-switching, selective attention, and working memory.  

It gives you a chance to unwind. So many of us never switch off. Grabbing your shoes and heading out for half an hour gives you the chance to clear your mind after (or even before) a busy day! 

Since we were on the topic anyway… Running reduces your risk of cancer. It can also improve your quality of life if you already have cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy. 

Photo provided by Tony Wade; words by Melissa Silver for welovestornoway.com and EVENTS newspaper.