This Friday (April 14) the new Museum nan Eilean has another Family Fun Day.

This is to welcome the new Fossil Hunters Exhibition at Museum nan Eilean Lews Castle.

The Fossil Hunters Family Fun Day runs from 1pm till 4pm.   Come along for fossil-related fun and crafts, say the staff, adding that it is £2 per child, no booking required. All ages welcome.

And they have other events running through the week. Check our Museum & Tasglann nan Eilean Facebook page to see what’s coming up.

Fossil Hunters provides a glimpse of life around 360 million years ago, when Scotland lay south of the equator, and features find including tetrapods (four-legged land vertebrates), fish, plants and land invertebrates – some of which were found as recently as summer 2015.

Among the fossils on show will be recent finds which solve the long-standing mystery of how vertebrates took their first steps onto land, leading to the evolution of reptiles, birds and mammals.

Fossils of a Balanerpeton, a five-toed animal adapted for life both in the water and on land, and the Westlothiana, considered the formerly missing link between amphibians and reptiles, will both be on display for visitors to see.

The fossils are placed in evolutionary history thanks to research by National Museums Scotland, the Universities of Cambridge, Southampton and Leicester, as well as the British Geological Survey.

And visitors will be able to find out more about how these clues to the past were discovered by watching specially-commissioned films and playing a touchscreen game that reveals the techniques that modern scientists use to extract and identify fossils.