Belgian visitor Pierre De Greef has left a message on the Facebook Page thanking the hundreds of Islanders who responded to his predicament after his tent was slashed and some of his camping equipment destroyed in an incident on Wednesday night.

He is also apologising for relocating his tent to a highly visible spot near the Stornoway Golf Course to ensure that it could not be attacked in secret again.  This has shocked people, he admits - and, in addition, he says some young people have asked him to "move on."

In his post he states: "I miss the words to express my feelings about the incredible amount of generosity that was shown to me after the publication of the article reporting my misadventure with my tent in the Castle Grounds this Wednesday."

And he has very special thanks to an unknown stranger who "who dropped in my tent during my absence a stove, a full gas bottle, a lighter and a very good bottle of whisky.

"I sincerely hope to have the opportunity one day to see you again and to say to you personally thank you for your gesture that really touched me!!  I will enjoy it, Cheers!!"

"I have received so many emails of support and proposals of help, whether it was material or to house me that, although it was my wish, it is difficult for me to answer personally to each one of you.

"However, it was too dear to my heart not to thank you warmly for your kindness without delay.

"That’s why I am addressing you all here, and especially to (, without whom this tremendous mobilisation would not have been possible, an immense thank you.

"And although I have already had the opportunity to tell people I met during these last two days in Stornoway, I also take the opportunity to assure you that I met far too many nice people in Stornoway and everywhere else in the island so that this incident, as problematic as it is for me, does not tarnish the affection that I carry to this place.

"One last thing before leaving you; if some people were shocked, as I noticed, to see my tent planted near the golf course, in the Castle Ground these last two days, I apologize for that.

"But it is precisely to avoid another incident that I planted it in plain view of everybody, and I had to leave it on the spot during the day to let the silicone that I had applied on my seams made in emergencies dry .

"Once again, So many thanks!!

And then Pierre went on to add: "If it is still possible, it is likely that I will have to appeal to one of you because, although I have a housing solution planned from Monday, until that I am a little taken unawares, Insofar as young people came to meet me last night to tell me that I had better leave the place.

"Although it is regrettable, my wish is to avoid any provocation and, being probably on "their territory", it would be henceforth very hazardous to leave my tent on the spot."

(This article has been updated with additional information since first being posted)