Following their recent completion of Langley Apartments, Stag Road, Stornoway, the contractor Lewis Builders designed and built a wooden tunnel for Stornoway Childcare Centre under the Community Benefits requirements within building contracts with Hebridean Housing Partnership.

The Childcare Centre - which is in the grounds of Stornoway Primary School - has gratefully received this donation and it has become a prominent feature within their play area.

HHP’s Chairman, Norman Macleod said:“The 12 apartments on Stag Road have benefitted the local community greatly and we are again pleased to see our local contractors making a positive contribution to the lives our young people in enhancing the play area at the Stornoway Childcare Centre.

"We hope this tunnel is something which children that attend the Childcare Centre presently and in the future will make great use of.”

Fiona Macleod, Childcare Centre Manager said: “We are really pleased with the tunnel that has been made for us by Lewis Builders and would like to extend our thanks to them for this. We have a wide age range that attend the nursery, and this is something which all the children can use and are benefiting from.”

Pictures: Fiona Macleod, Childcare Centre Manager and Norman Macleod, HHP’s Chair and some of the children along with Norman Macleod, and Child Care Centre staff Chrisma Macmillan and Anna Macleod.