Hebridean Talking Newspaper Association will be holding an AGM and an EGM on Tuesday (October 31) in Lewis Pipe Band Hall, on Bells Road, Stornoway, at 7.45pm.

Hebridean Talking Newspaper Association has been providing taped recordings of readings from local newspapers since 1984, when 100 tapes went out around Lewis and Harris. By 1996 this had dropped to 60 tapes and by 2010 only two dozen tapes and disks were being sent out.

Thanks to the Post Office Articles for the Blind scheme, there was no charge for the tapes and disks to be sent to the listener's homes.

The decline in deman is likely due to technological advances, allowing for text to now be read aloud by most smartphones. This has given blind people and those who are partially sighted a way to access to news more readily.

Over the years the association has struggled to find volunteer readers, particularly Gaelic readers.

At the meeting, the prospects of the association will be discussed and it will be decided whether or not it is practical to continue the service.

If the association does decide to wind up, assets and remaining donations will be donated to other similar charities such as Sight Action which operates out of Western Isles Sensory Centre.