New Nicolson Principal Teachers - Mr R Fraser and Mrs A Allen

The Nicolson Institute welcomes two new Principal Teachers as Mrs A Allen and Mr R Fraser step-up to new posts.
Mrs A Allen has been appointed as Principal Teacher (Music), taking over from former Principal Mrs M McLellan.
Mrs Allen said: “Following the retirement of my friend Mrs M McLellan, I am delighted to be appointed as Principal Teacher of Music.

“Music has always been an area in which our pupils excel, and I am looking forward to working with the talented pupils and staff in the department.”
Mr R Fraser has also been appointed as Principal Teacher RMPS (Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies), and is equally enthusiastic about his new post: “Having worked in the school for the past 16 years and having been a pupil here for six years, I’m very pleased to have been appointed to lead the RMPS department,” he said.
“The teachers in the RMPS department have attracted record numbers into certificate classes and the pupils are all enthusiastic about RMPS. I feel very lucky to be part of a team with such a bright future.”