Local people are being called by an HMRC scam caller - imitating a similar campaign being run the USA alleging to be related to the IRS. 

Stornoway-based accountants Mann Judd Gordon report today (Thursday April 5th):

"We had a client calling yesterday as a result of a phone call they had received supposedly from HMRC.

"The caller was demanding payment of a tax debt indicating that they would be arrested if they failed to make the payment.

"Luckily our client hung up and called us.

"The number the call came in from was: 02382 149330

"The message must be, never divulge bank details to anyone who calls indicating they are from HMRC. 

"Instead, take the person's details, put the phone down, and call your accountant.  If you don’t have an accountant, then please call HMRC to confirm.

"The number for HMRC is: 0300 200 3300"

The website who-called.co.uk indicates there has been a flurry of calls from the Southampton/Portsmouth number is past 24 hours