NATURAL Retreats are holding a community open day on the 28th April to allow people the opportunity to have a tour of the finished upper floor rooms at Lews Castle.

 The organisers say: "This is a great opportunity to allow people the chance to see the new accommodation and take in some of the spectacular views from the upper floors."

The tours will be running throughout the day and they also be putting on some family-friendly activities in the Storehouse, as well as live music.

 And they add, there is: "no need to pre- book, just turn up on the day."

 It was almost two years ago, on Tuesday May 19 2015, that Natural Retreats first held an open day in Stornoway, explaining how the company was coming to Stornoway to turn part of the previously disused Lews Castle into luxury accommodation for people looking to explore the island.

 Natural Retreats has been introducing people to beautiful parts of Europe and the USA since 2006, accommodating them in the weird and wonderful buildings that they occupy.

 "Sustainable Tourism" is what Natural Retreats is all about – growing the local economy, supporting local businesses, bringing in visitors from off the island to spend money in local shops, and enjoy everything the area has to offer.

 Natural Retreats pledged to promote the best businesses in the area, to give their customers the best experience on their holiday to the island, and also to help support the local economy. They also promised to source local produce, where possible, and, with their word-wide media coverage and extensive online presence, help to promote activities across the islands, as they do with their other locations.