The audacious fundraising venture to swim to St Kilda has been postponed again as the weather forecast turned adverse.

The group stated on Facebook that they were "afraid to say that we've had to postpone the swim again as the weather window has closed in to only 24 hours of calm seas. This is not enough for us to complete the swim. There's the possibility of good weather on Tuesday next week to Friday which we're monitoring with the intention of starting on Tuesday morning."

Colin S Macleod added: "Thanks for all the well wishes, I know the Team really appreciate it, as do I."

The plan had been to depart Uig at midnight and then around 4am today for the group of adventurers to attempt to become the first team to swim 60 miles  from the Isle of Harris to Hirta to raise money for four charities.

The swimmers are Ed Smith, Mark Maciver, Eilidh Whiteford, Laura Bicker, John Dyer, Angus Murray, Douglas Forbes, Ian Mitchell and Colin Macleod (Team Captain) with the support kayakers being Michael Sullivan, Allan Macdonald and Dave Adams.  

In addition, Murdo Macdonald and his crew on board the mv Cuma were to keep the team warm with hot food and drinks plus accommodation. 

People can donate and track the swimmers - once they get going – via their website.


Support vessel mv Cuma at the jetty in Miavaig -