Today is the last regular day at the Perceval Square Market in Stornoway for Donald Hope, of South Dell, who has been selling hens eggs – and other items - at the stall for many years.

Donald and his wife Jean, of Riverview House, said to their many customers:" Thank you for buying our hens eggs for the last … years.  The time has come for us to cut down on the work we do so, very reluctantly, we have decided to cut down on the number of hens we keep and only run a market stall on an occasional basis."


And they drew attention to the wide range of other work they do, and the wide range of products. "As you know, we also sell hand-knitted gloves, herbs and unusual plants.  Donald has also made jewellery in all the precious metals since 1965 and is registered at the Edinburgh Assay Office.

"He has made numerous wedding rings for people who have wedding rings assayed in the year they got married, made on the Island and made by someone they know.  Other jewellery items made by him are in collections in many countries around the world."

And the couple thanked their customers for all their support…while assuring their neighbours in South Dell that they would be keeping some hens…and that eggs would still be available from