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1.     The Sword of the North –Highland Memories of the Great War by Dugald MacEachern M.A, B.D. Minister of Bower, Lieutenant, 5th Battalion The Seaforth Highlanders, Bard to the Gaelic Society of Inverness with 630 photo process engravings. H.B Published in 1923. A presentation copy from the author and signed by him to a friend dated 1938. 671 pages. £250


2.     The Bannatyne Miscellanies Volumes 1 and II. Volume 1 Containing Original Papers and Tracts chiefly relating to the History and Literature of Scotland.  Contents in Volume 1: Part First; (Spelling as per book, not my mistakes!)  A Propofal for Uniting Scotland with England, addreffed to King Henry V111, by John Elder Clarke, a Redd-thanke (1542), The Progrefs of the Regent of Scotland, with certain of his Nobility,June 1568, An Account of a Pretended Conference held by the Regent, Earl of Murray, with the Lord Lindfay, and others January 1570, An Opinion of the Prefent State, Faction, Religion and Power of the Nobility of Scotland, 1583, Inftructions from Henry 111, King of France to the Sieur de la Mothe Fenelon, Ambaffador at the Court of Scotland, 1583, The Heads of a Conference between King James V1 and Sir Francis Walfingham, September 1583, Notes prefented by Mr John Colville to Lord Hunfdom 1584, The Manner and Form of the Examination and Death of William Earl of Gowrye, May 1584, The Apology of Mr Patrick Galloway, Minifter of Perth when he fled to England 1585, Relation by the Mafter of Gray, concerning the Surprife of the King of Stirling,November 1585, The Application of Three Several Difcourfes delivered on Occafion of the Gowrye Confpiracy August 1600; 1. By Mr Patrick Galloway, at the Crofs of Edinburgh. II By Mr William Cowper, at Edinburgh. III By Mr Patrick Galloway of Glafgow. Narrative by Mr Robert Bruce, one of the Minifters of Edinburgh, concerning his troubles in the year 1600. Part Second; Edinburgi Regie Scotorum Urbis Defcriptio, per Aleandrum Alefium Scotum, S.T.D 1550, Elegy on Sir Robert Kerr, of Cefsford, firft Earl of Roxburgh, 1650, A Relation of the Imprifonment and Examination of James Cathkin, Bookfeller, June 1619, Letter from Robert of Dunhelm, Monk of Kelfo, to the Prior and Convent of Tynemouth, 1257, Reafons againft the reception of King James’s Metaphrafe of the Pfalms 1631, Declarator in the Court of the Superintendant of Fife, 1561, upon the Articles and Sentence againft Sir John Borthwick, Knight, by Cardinal Beaton 1540, A diary of the Expedition of King Edward I into Scotland 1296, Extracts from the Obituary of the Rev. Robert Boyd of Trochrig, Principal of the College of Edinburgh 1609-1625, Poems by Sir Robert Ayton, Letters of Florentius Volufenus, Meditation faite par Marie Royne d’Efcoffe et Dovairiere de France, 1572, Letters of John Earl of Gowrye, 1595. Also includes rules of the Bannatyne Club, and Lists of the Members M.DCCC.XX11 –M.DCCCXXVII. H.B Published in 1827. 362 pages.

VOLUME 11 Containing Original Papers and Tracts, Chiefly Relating to the history and Literature of Scotland Contents; Strena ad Jacobum V Scotorum Regem, de Sufcepto Regni  Regimine (1528) –Transactions of the same into English verse, Hiftoria miraculofe Fundationis Monafterii Sancte Crucia prope Edinburgh (1128) Hiftoria Fundationis Prioratus Infule de Traile –nomina Abbatum Monafterii Sancte Crucia Inventarium Jocalium etc. Magni Altaris ejufdem Monafterii, Oct 1493, Negotiations of the Scottifh Commiffioners at Nottingham, September 1484, Oratio cotorum ad Regem Ricardum Tertium pro Pace firmanda inter Anglos et Scotos ( per Arch Quhytelaw) 12 Sept 1484, Lift of Contributions to the Senators of the College of Juftice April 1586, A survey of the Caftie and Town of Edinburgh, January 1573-Journal of the Siege of the Caftie of Edinburgh, April and May 1573, The Opinion of George Buchanan concerning the Reformation of the Univerfity of St Andrews (1563), Teftamentum domini Jacobi de Douglas Domini de Dalkeith Millitis, 30 Sept 1390, Teftamentum Ejufidem, 19 Dec 1392, The Spectakle of Luf, tranflated from the Latin by G. Myll, at St Andrews 1492, Catalogus Librorum Manufcriptorum e Bibliotheca D. Joannis Ducis de Lauderdale 1692, The Quair of Jeloufy a Poem by James Auchinleck written about the year 1480, Collection of the Wills of Printers and Bookfellers of Edinburgh between the years 1577 and 1687, An Obituary from the rEntal Book of the Preceptory of St Anthony, near Leith 1526, Collection of Papers relating to the “Theatrum Scotiae” and “Hiftory of Prefent State of Scotland” by Captain John Slezer 1693-1707, Collection of Papers relating to the Geographical Defcription, Maps and Charts of Scotland, By John Adair, F.R.S, Geographer for the Kingdom of Scotland 1686-1723, Urbis Edinburgi Defcriptio per Davidem Buchanannum, circa A.D. 1648. Index to the Volume. H.B. Published in 1836. 412 pages. £150

3.     The Miscellany of the Third Spalding Club. Volume First.  7 Chapters and Index. Contents; Court Book of the Barony of Fintray 1711-1726, Letters of George Tenth Earl Marischal, Memorandum Book of John Grant 1771, Alexander Jaffray’s Recollections of KIngswell 1755-1800, The Medieval Roof of the Nave of St Machar’s Cathedral, An Elgin Hotel Bill of 1785, Highways and Bridges in Aberdeenshire in 1739. H.B. Published in 1935. 242 pages. £35


4.     Memorials of the Alderman, Provosts and Lord Provosts of Aberdeen 1272-1895. By Alexander M. Munro. H.B. Published in 1897. Ex Library Book. 323 pages. £20


5.     Gaelic Poems and Songs by Angus Morrison.  With Explanatory Notes.  H.B With 162 Gaelic Poems. A couple of loose pages before the introductory page, and names written in pencil in the fly leaf. Published in 1929. £15


6.     Scottish Reminiscences by Sir Archibald Geikie. 15 Chapters. Contents include social Change in Scotland, Posting from Scotland to London, steamboats in London, Traces of Paganism in Scotland, Survival of Roman Catholicism in West Highlands and Islands, Highland Ministers, Lowland Ministers, The Sermons in Scottish Kirk, Church Psalmody, Holy Wells, Scottish Judges, Medical Men,Canna, Some Edinburgh Professors, Highland Chiefs, A Skye Eviction, Clearances in Raasay, Fat Boy of Soay, Crofters in Skye, Highland Ferries and Coaches, The Outer Hebrides, Stones of Callernish, St Kilda, Sound of Harris, Dying out of Gaelic, Jura, Church Massacre in Eigg, The Orkney and Shetland Islands, Faroe Islands contrasted with the Western Isles, Scottish Shepherds and their dogs, Belief in Witchcraft, Hutton and Black in Edinburgh, Rothesay 50 years ago, The Scottish School of Geology and much more. H.B. Published in 1904, this is the second print from that year. 447 Pages. £15


7.     The Pictish Nation Its People & Its Church By Archibald B. ScottB.D. Author of S.Ninian Apostle of the Britons & Picts. 24 Chapters. Contents include Period and Origins of the Pictish Church, Pictland of Alba, The Languague and Literature, How they Lived, The Beginnings and Growth of the Church, Racial, Political and Other Changes, The Men who conyinued St Ninians, Bangor of the Irish Picts, The Leaders of the Church in the Seventeenth Century. Etc Etc. H.B Published in 1918. 561 pages. £20


8.     At The Back o’ Benachie or Life in Garioch in the Nineteenth Century By Mrs Helen Beaton Author of “Notes on Farming” with Illustrations. H.B. Published in 1915. Slight tear in the spine. 29 Chapters. 219 pages. £15


9.       The Lairds of Dun by Violet Jacob. 14 Chapters plus appendices and Illustrations. H.B. 1st Edition. Published in 1931. £12


10.  Scenes and Legends of North of Scotland or The Traditional History of Cromarty by Hugh Miller. 32 Chapters. H.B. 2nd Edition, Tear on the spine. 487 pages. £20


11.  Scotland in the Middle Ages. Sketches of Early Scotch History and Social Progress by Cosmo Innes Professor of History in the University of Edinburgh. 10 Chapters, which includes Postscript, Appendix and Glossary and Includes old maps of Scotland. H.B. Published in 1860. 366 pages. £30


12.   A History of the Scottish People From The Earliest Times by the Rev Thomas Thomson (Editor of the comprehensive history of England etc) with a continuation to the jubilee year of her majesty Queen Victoria (1887) and an Introduction Giving an account of the country and its inhabitants in the period preceding the invasion of the romans by Charles Annandale M.A. L.L.D. Volume 1 Earliest times till death of Robert Bruce 1329. Volume II  From Death of Robert Bruce 1329 till death of James V, Volume III From Death of James V, 1542 Till death of Regent Moray, 1570, Volume IV From the Accession of James VI, 1570 Till his death 1625. Volume VI From the union of the Kingdoms, 1706, to the present time. All five Volumes are HB and include plates. Date of publishing unknown. £60


13.  Mair Leaves Fae Vagaland. Poems by T.A. Robertson. H.B. Published in 1965. 39 poems and includes a glossary and notes. 58 pages. £10


14.  Tramping in Arran by Tom S. Hall. Originally published in 1928, this 4th edition is from 1960. P.B. 112 Pages. £6


15.  Walking in the Grampians by Charles Plumb, with 19 sketch-maps and 16 illustrations. H.B. Published in 1935. 319 pages. £10


16.  Cormack’s County Histories –Lanarkshire with Views –Portraits and Maps. P.B. Date of printing unknown. Slight tear in the spine. £8


17.  Citizen Rambles Hill tracks and High Lands  by Tom S. Hall. 17 chapters, plus Maps and Charts. P.B. This is a second revised edition, date of printing unknown. 64 pages. £6


18.  The Pentland Hills Their Paths and Passes by W.A.S. With a Map. Fifth and enlarged edition. Date of Printing unknown. 59 pages. £8

19.   On Foot in the Highlands by Ernest A. Baker, with 8 illustrations and 3 maps. Second Edition. Contents: Ancient and Modern Gateways to the highlands, Arran and Argyll, The Short Highland Tour, The Central and Eastern Routes, The Cairngorms, Lochaber, The Great Glen, Epilogue, Index, Some Places of Accommodation. H.B. Published in 1933. £8


20.  Iain Crichton Smith Critical Essays Edited by Colin Nicholson with a foreword by Sorley Maclean. P.B. Published in 1992. 15 chapters, 210 pages. £6


21.  The Contour Road Book of Scotland. A Series of Elevation Plans of the Roads, with Measurements and Descriptive Letterpress, From Special Surveys by Harry R.G. Inglis F.R.S.G.S, Author of the Contour Road Map of England. Seventeenth Revision, Extensively altered with 500 maps and Plans. Pocket size book, Date of Printing unknown. 288 pages plus an index. £8


22.  Scotnotes Number 6 –George Mackay Brown’s Greenvoe Edited by Alan MacGillvray. Booklet, 54 pages. Printed in 1989. £5


23.   Our Scots Noble Families By Thomas Johnston (Editor of Forward) With Preface by J.Ramsey Macdonald, M.P & Introduction  to this new edition by Brian D. Osborne. This book was originally published in 1909, this limited H.B. Edition was published in 1999. Looks at 35 families in Scotland. 171 pages. £8


24.  Tales of Thule by John Nicolson Author of “Sprigs o’ Aithstin Hedder”.  9 Tales. H.B. Published in 1904. 120 pages £10


25.  Tramping Holidays in Scotland. Five Walking Tours described in detail by Tom S.Hall with 10 maps and 5 illustrations. Contents: The Isle of Arran Tour, The Seventeen Lochs Tour, The Firth of Clyde Hinterland, The Forth and Clyde Tour, The Scott Tour. H.B With D/J Published in 1933. First Edition. £12


26.  Reminiscences of a Highland Parish by Norman Macleod. With six illustrations. 21 Chapters. H.B.  Date of publishing unknown. £10


27.  Beyond The Great Glen. A wayfaring guide to the North West Highlands by F.Reid. Corson. This book was written primarily for the walker and cyclist who wants to explore the huge area of superb hill-country lying north and west of the Great Glen in the Highlands of Scotland. H.B. With D/J 2nd Edition Published in 1950. £10


28.  Cross Country Walks in The West Highlands by Elizabeth Orr Boyd. H.B. With D/J. Contents: Wester Ross, Moidart, Sunart, Ardgour, Ardnamurchan, Lochaber and Appin. Published in 1952. £10


29.  The Forgotten Highlander. My incredible story of survival during the War in the Far East. By Alistair Urquhart.Captured by the Japanese, tortured, starved, bombed and near drowned. Alistair Urquhart should never have survived. P.B. Published in 2010. £5

30.  Walking Tours in Scotland (Thirty Itineries with Maps) Compiled with Tom S. Hall. H.B. Published in 1935. 176 pages. £12


31.  An Toinneamh Diomhair. Na h-Orain aig Murchadh MacPharlain. Bard Mhealaboist. H.B. With D/J Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1972. 39 orain. £8


32.  Gaelic Songs of Mary Macleod Edited by J. Carmichael Watson. The first edition of the poetess of Harris and Skye. All that is known of her life is contained in the introduction. The text is fully annotated in the General Notes, whilst variant readings are recorded at the foot of the page. A vis-à-vis English translation accompanies the Songs, and a useful vocabulary is added.  H.B. With D/J 1st Edition Published in 1934. Small pen marks on the cover and a name inserted in the fly leaf. £15


33.  Discovering the Historical Highlands by Norman Hillson. Illustrations by Will Farrow.11 Chapters. H.B With D/J 1st Edition published in 1959. Slight tear at top of D/J. £8


34.  Banchory Cricket Club a History. By Timothy J.S. Wilkinson. P.B. Printed in 1987. 112 pages. £6


35.  The New English-Gaelic Dictionary by Derick S. Thomson. P.B. Published in 1986. Ex Librray Book. £5


36.  Inverness Royal Academy Magazine 1977. 88 pages.  £5


37.  Columba by Ian Finlay. 14 Chapters and includes Bibliography and an Index. H.B. With D/J Published in 1979. £8


38.  The Naturalist in Scotland by Derrick Knowlton.  9 Chapters and illustrations. This guide to Scotland’s birds, animals and plants describes what is there and where it is to be found. A brief account of the country’s geology sets the scene and the principal habitats –moors and mountains, coastline, mud flats, inshore islands, rivers, lochs and so on are identified. H.B. With D/J. Published in 1974. £8


39.  Lowland Scottish Villages by Maurice Lindsay. Areas covered in this volume are: The Borderlands, The Lothians, West and South West, Fife and Kinross, The Heart of Scotland, East and North East, The Far North. H.B. With D/J. Published in 1980. £10


40.   Diary of Kenneth A. Macrae. Edited with additional material by Iain H. Murray.  Macrae was the Minister of Free Church congregations at Lochgilphead (1915-19), Kilmuir (1919-1931) and Stornoway (1931-64) From 1912-1963 he kept a diary, without the least thought of its publication. Only after his death did anyone become aware of its value to the church at large. H.B With D/J Published in 1980. £8


41.  Collected  Poems of Norman MacCaig. New Edition. Originally published in 1985, this P.B. Edition is from 1993. This book contains nearly 700 poems. £6

42.  Scotland 1689 to the Present by William Ferguson. The Edinburgh History of Scotland Volume Four. This volume covers the history of Scotland from the Revolution of 1689 to 1967. 13 Chapters and includes Maps. Originally published in 1968, this H/B Edition with D/J is from 1977. £8

43.  Boswell’s London Journal 1762-1763. As first published in 1950 from the original MSS. Prepared for the Press, with introduction and Notes, by Frederick A. Pottle, Sterling Professor of English, Yale University. H.B. This reprint is from 1952. £10

44.  Strolling Through Scotland by W.S Percy. Illustrated from the Author’s own originals in Colour,Photogavure and Line. 11 Chapters. Contents: Edinburgh, Edinburgh to Perth, Perthshire, Dundee to Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Edinburgh to the Border, The Scott Country, The Carlyle Country From Gretna to Ayr, The Burns Country, Glasgow, The Clyde. H.B. With D/J Published in 1934. Tears in the D/J. £10

45.  A Salmon for the Schoolhouse. A Nairnshire Parish in the Nineteenth Century. From the Diaries of Robert and Elsie Thomson. Edited by John Love and Brenda Macmillan.P.B. Published in 1994, 160 pages. £5

46.  The Pluscarden Story by Ronald Hamilton. Originally published in 1977, this reprint is from 1988. P.B. 84 pages. £5

47.  Glimmer of Cold Brine. A Scottish Sea Anthology. Edited by Alistair Lawrie, Hellen Matthews, Douglas Ritchie. This anthology reflects the way in which the sea’s varied facets and moods have affected and shaped the lives of many men and women in Scotland over the centuries. P.B. Published in 1988. £5

48.  Dryburgh Abbey an Official Guide.Description by the late J.S. Richardson, formerly Inspector of Ancient Monuments in Scotland, History by the late Marguerite Wood, formerly keeper of the Burgh Records Edinburgh. Booklet, 24 pages. Originally printed in 1937, this tenth impression is from 1976. £5

49.  The Guidebook to Isle of Skye and adjacent islands by Alexander Nicolson M.A. Numerous illustrations, Map and descriptive tours throughout the island. P.B. 120 Pages. Date of printing unknown. £10

50.  In The Middle by Iain Crichton Smith. 56 poems , printed in 1977. 54 pages. P.B. Ex Library. £6

51.  Studies in Scottish Antiquity. Presented to Stewart Cruden. Edited by David J. Breeze. This volume of studies is presented to Stewart Cruden to mark his retirement after 30 years as the Inspector (and later Principal Inspector) of ancient Monuments.  20 Chapters. H.B. With D/J Published in 1984. £10

52.  The Hillwalkers Guide to Scotland by Bruce Sandison. H.B. With D/J Published in 1988. Descriptive essays based always on first hand experience accompany each walk giving plenty of fascinating background information which will add to the pleasure of each expedition. 50 walks in total. 243 pages. £8

53.  Mac Mhaighstir Alasdair The Ardnamurchan Years by Ronald Black. Booklet. 44 pages. Printed in 1986. £6

54.  John Macpherson –The Skye Martyr by G.W. Macpherson. Booklet, 39 pages. Printed in 1982. £5

55.  Upland Fauna of the Old Red Sandstone Formation of Carrick, Ayrshire by John Smith. H.B. Includes Illustrations. Published in 1909. £20

56.  Semi Precious Stones of Carrick by John Smith. H.B. Published in 1910, and includes illustrations. £20

57.  Robert Bruce King of Scots by Agnes Mure Mackenzie. H.B. With D/J Originally published in 1934, this reprint is from 1956. £8

58.  Story and Song from Loch Ness-Side Being Principally Sketches of Olden Time Life in the Valley of the Great Glen of Scotland. With particular reference to Glenmoriston and Vicinity by Alexander Macdonald Inverness. H.B. Originally published in 1914. This reprint is from 1982. £20

59.  Poems from the Book of the Dean of Lismore, With a catalogue of the book and Indexes by E.C. Quiggin. Edited by J. Fraser.  H.B With D/J Published in 1937. £15

60.  The Scottish Regiments by Diana M. Henderson. Foreword by His Royal Highness The Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh. P.B. Published in 1993. 183 pages. £6

61.  The Soul of an Orkney Parish by Stuart D.B. Picken. Studies in the life and History of an ancient Orkney Parish. 9 Chapter and appendices. P.B. 120 Pages. Printed in 1972. £8

62.  Archeological  Light on the Early Christianizing of Scotland by G.A. Frank Knight. In two volumes with 3 appendices, 5 Maps, and 32 illustrations on Art Paper. Volume 1. H.B. 446 Pages. Published in 1933. £15

63.  The Union of Scotland and England. A Study in Anglo-Scottish politics of the eighteenth century by P.W.J. Riley.  Contents: The idea of union, the cavalier alliance, the new party experiment, the junto’s Scottish failure, negotiations, trade and propaganda, ratification. H.B. With D/J Published in 1978. £10

64.  Mary Queen of Scots by Antonia Fraser.  The book is in two parts; The Young Queen, The Personal Rule. H.B. With D/J Originally published in 1969, this seventh impression is from 1970. £8

65.  Mairi Dhall agus Sgeulachdan eile le Donnchadh Macilliosa. Leabhar de sgeulachdan goirid air fhoillseachadh ann a 2013. P.B. £5

66.  An Introduction to Shetland’s Christian Heritage by Gerald Fitzgibbon. Booklet, 21 pages. Date of printing unknown. £5

67.  Scotland’s Heritage and Hope Scenes from Scottish Home Life by R MacKelvie Black. For production by Societies of young Men and Women. Published by The Committee on Youth United Free Church of Scotland. Booklet. 48 pages. A reprint from 1929. £6

68.  Amanan –Sgialachdan goirid le Pol MacAonghais, Eilidh Watt, Pol Mac  A Bhreatunnaich, Iain Mac a Ghobhainn, Cailean T. MacChoinnich, Domhnall Iain MacIomhair, Donnchadh MacLabhrainn. H.B. Le D/J Air fhoillseachadh ann a 1979, seann leabhar leabharlann. £5

69.  Scotland: The Shaping of a Nation by Gordon Donaldson. Contents: Land and People, Scotland and England, The Monarchy, Parliament, Council and Courts of Law, Politics Since the Union, Central and Local Administration, The Highlands, The Church, The Economy, Society. H.B. With D/J Published in 1974. Ex Library book. £8

70.  Skye The Island by Cailean Maclean and James Hunter. This book tells the story of these people’s continuing battle for the right to shape Skye’s future. H.B. With D/J Published in 1986. £8

71.  When I Heard the Bell. The Loss of the Iolaire by John Macleod.The Story of the Iolaire which sank near Stornoway Harbour on New Year’s Day 1919, with the loss of over 200 men who had come through the First World War unscathed.  It remains the the worst peacetime British disaster at sea since the sinking of the Titanic. H.B. With D/J Published in 2009, and signed by the author. £8

72.  Air Mo Chuairt le Ealasaid Chaimbeul. Sgeulachd beatha. The a leabhar ann a coig pairtean: M’oige, Fagail Bharraigh, Aig mo Chosnadh, Air as a Bhatarsaigh, An Deidh na Raimh a Shaoradh. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1982, ach an clo bhualadh seo bho 1987. £5

73.  Souvenir Guide to Castle Campbell Its Glen and its Historical Associations by Alexander Drysdale. P.B. Published in the 1930’s. Name on the fly leaf and dated 1938. 32 pages. £6

74.  Highland Highways and Heroes or Wanderings in the Westlands by D.C. Cuthbertson with 31 Illustrations. H.B. Published in 1931. £8

75.  The Rannoch Line (Edited Selections from Mountain, Moor and Loch first published in 1894) P.B. Date of publishing unknown. £5

76.  Our Journal Into Scotland Anno Domini 1629, 5th of November from Lowther. C.Lowther, Mr R Fallow, Peter Mauson. H.B. 56 pages. Published in 1894. £25

77.  The Poetical Works of Thomas Campbell. Reprinted from the Early Editions, With Memoir, Explanatory Notes, etc. H.B. Rebound. Date of Publishing unknown. £20

78.  The Geology of Skye by Paul Yoxon and Grace M. Yoxon. Skye Enviromental Centre Guide No 2. Booklet, 20 pages. Printed in 1987. £5

79.  The Church of St Michael of Linlithgow. Booklet, 23 pages. Date of printing unknown. £5

80.  The Brendan Voyage. An epic crossing of the Atlantic by leather boat by Tim Severin.  This book is an extra ordinary story of adventure, how a crew of five, later reduced to four, sailed a medieval boat, made of leather, across the Atlantic, via the Stepping stone Route (Hebrides, Faroes, Iceland and along the coast of Greenland) in the most uncomfortable and dangerous conditions one can imagine. H.B. With D/J Published in 1978. 13 chapters. £8

81.  The Place Names of Skye. A Visitors Guide. Booklet, published by J. Macdonald Duntulm, Isle of Skye. Date of printing unknown. 20 pages. £5

82.  A Life on the Land. Farming in Angus 1934-1994. Harry Brown. Edited by David G Orr. Booklet. Printed in 2003. 76 pages. £6

83.  Neil Munro the Biography by Lesley Lendrum.  This biography, by his grand-daughter, is the first study of the man and his background. H.B. With D/J Published in 2004. £6

84.  Songs of the Isles by Hugh S. Robertson. A collection of Island and Highland tunes from various sources set to English (or to Anglo Scottish) words. Vocal Edition (With ad lib guitar chord) Curwen Edition 6375. 17 Unison Songs and 3 two part songs. Booklet Printed in 1950.47 pages. £15

85.  The Folk of the Glen by Isabel Cameron. Tales told in the Smiddy re told by the author. H.B. Published in 1950, third impression. £5

86.  The Flight of the Starling. The flying career of pioneer Scottish aviator Captain Eric Starling. By Iain Hutchison. P.B. Published in 1992. 162 pages. £6

87.  The Celtic Church in Britain and Ireland by Henrich Zimmer. Translated by A. Meyer.  H.B Published in 1902. £15

88.  Older Scots A Linguistic Reader by Jeremy. J. Smith. This book enables both students and more advanced scholars to develop a comprehensive understanding of  Older Scots, the form of Scots which survives in records up to around 1700. P.B. Published in 2013. £6

89.  Anne Lorne Gillies Song of Myself.  A vivid recreation of the childhood and teenage years of the well known Scottish singer, Anne Lorne Gillies. Interesting, frank and illuminating. H.B. With D/J Published in 1991. £5

90.  Jessie Keeson –Writing her Life. A Biography by Isobel Murray. This authorised first biography follows her astonishing career, incorporating a wealth of her private and public writing. Keene’s life was as extraordinary as her personality, and this fascinating and important biography has been long awaited. P.B. Published in 2000. £5

91.  An Eye on The Hebrides. An Illustrated Journey by Mairi Hedderwick. A personal and unique record of the author’s six month solitary journey through the beautiful archipelago which forms the Western Isles of Scotland. P.B Published in 1991, this reprint is from 1992. P.B. £5

92.  Rugby  Partnership. John Rutherford & Roy Laidlaw by Norman Mair. This book is the story behind their long and successful  careers with Scotland, in the course of which they became the most capped half back coupling in the long history of international rugby. First published as a H/B in 1988, this P.B. was published in 1989. £5

93.  The Crofter and the Laird by John Macphee. Life on an Hebridean Island. In 1969, John Macphee, a staff writer on the “New Yorker” decided to transport himself and his family across the ocean and to live, for a time, on the tiny island of his forefathers –Colonsay. This book was originally published in 1970. This P.B. Edition is from 1998. £5

94.  Heart of the Gospel. Meditations on Christ and the Christian Life. John Maciver and John Mackenzie. Sermon notes. John Maciver was the Free Church Minister at Carloway on the Island of Lewis from 1924-46. John Mackenzie was Minister in Plockton and Kyle Free Church from 1934-1946, and then in Harris until 1968. Edited by Iain D. Campbell. P.B. Published in 1995. £6

95.  Diary of Jessie Thain (Friend of Robert Murray McCheyne) Edited by Rev Murdoch Campbell M.A. Booklet, 63 pages. Third Edition, printed in 1961. £5

96.  Memoirs of a Modern Scotland Edited by Karl Miller.  Essays published in honour of Hector Maciver (1910 -1966) originally from Shawbost, Isle of Lewis, a remarkable and gifted man, though hardly known to the public at large, was in Scotland a respected and influential figure in the world of literature and the arts Maciver was up until his death the Principal Teacher of English at the Royal High School in Edinburgh. Contributors include: Tom Nairn, Hugh MacDiarmid, Sorley Maclean, George Mackay Brown, William Mcillvanney and Miller himself. H.B With D/J. Published in 1970. £10

97.  A Word for Scotland by Jack Campbell, with a foreword by Magnus Magnusson.  Campbell spent 48 years working for The Scottish Daily Express, this is the inside story of a newspaper and a nation and the most memorable stories that were covered during this period. P.B. Published in 1998. £5

98.  You’re A Hooker Then. An Autobiography by Colin Deans. This is a stimulating no holds barred account of life on rugby’s frontline by the man whose mobility around the field and pinpoint accuracy in throwing the line out ball have made him the recognised master of his craft. H.B. With D/J Published in 1987. £5

99.  The Golden Treasury of Scottish Poetry, Selected and Edited by Hugh MacDiarmid. H.B Originally Published in 1940, this Third Edition is from 1948. £10

100.        Bishop Morgan and the Language of Heaven by Dr Aled Rhys William. A lecture given at the North Wales Music Festival in September 1988. Booklet. 14 pages. Printed in 1988. £4

101.        Galls & Inglis Tourist Maps of Scotland Central Highlands. Taking in Oban, Fort William, Trossachs, Glencoe, Aberfeldy, Pitlochry, Killin, Stirling and Perth. Half an Inch to a Mile. Date of Printing Unknown. £6

102.        Dryburgh  Abbey Berwickshire  Ministry of Works Official Guide book. Description by J.S. Richardson formerly Inspector of Ancient Monuments for Scotland. History by the late Margeurite Wood, formerly Keeper of the Burgh Records Edinburgh.   Booklet. 25 pages. Printed in 1948. £5

103.        Dirleton Castle East Lothian Official Guide. Ancient Monuments & Historic Buildings H.M. Office of Works. Booklet, 23 pages. Printed in 1934. £10

104.        Illustrated Guide to St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh and the Chapel of the Thistle. Compiled by Willam Meikle, Church Superintendent. Booklet. 44 Pages. Date of printing unknown. £6

105.        St Ninian’s Isle Treasure. A silver hoard discovered on St Ninian’s Isle, Zetland on 4th July 1958. Notes by Andrew C. O’Dell. Photographs by Alexander Cain.  Booklet, 47 pages. Originally printed in 1960. This reprint is from 1963. £8

106.        The Ross and Cromarty Book Edited by Donald Omand.  This book is the first comprehensive  and authoritive study of the County of Ross and Cromarty undertaken in recent times. H.B. With D/J. The book is in three parts: The Environment, Historical and General. Published in 1984. £6

107.        Shetland Fireside Tales or The Hermit of Trosswickness by George Stewart. Third Edition. H.B. Published in 1924. £8

108.        The Covenants  and the Covenanters. Covenants, Sermons, and Documents or The Covenanted Reformation with Illustrations. Introduction on the National Covenants by Rev James Kerr, D.D. Glasgow. H.B. Published in 1895. £20

109.        The Poetry of Scotland, Gaelic, Scots and English. Edited and Introduced by Roderick Watson. This book represents all the major, and many less  well known Scottish poets in a broad historical perspective from the fourteenth century to the present day. It also includes a concise biography of each writer. P.B. Published in 1995. £8

110.        The Collected Works of James Hogg. Tales of the Wars of Montrose. Edited by Gillian Hughes. In tales of the wars of Montrose Hogg continues the examination of Scotland’s past he began in The Brownie of Bodsbeck and continued in The Three Perils of Women and Confessions of a Justified Sinner. H.B. With D/J Published in 1996. £10

111.        Scotland of To-Day by T.F. Henderson and Francis Watt. With Twenty Illustrations in Colour by Frank Laing and Twenty Four Other Illustrations. Second Edition. H.B. Published in 1907. £10

112.        Reminiscences of Old Scots Folk by T. Ratcliffe Barnett. With ten illustrations in Colour by R.Gemmell Hutchison. 16 Chapters. H.B. Published in 1913. £10

113.        A High and Lonely Place by Jim Crumley. A classic of Scottish Nature Writing and of the literature of the mountains. P.B. Published in 2000. Second Edition. £6

114.        W.Burns. Thomson F.R.C.SE, F.R.S.E. Reminiscences of Medical Missionary Work. With Biographical Chapters by J.C.D and preface by James L. Maxwell  M.A, M.D. Second Edition. H.B. Published in 1895. £10

115.        The Future of Scotland. Edited by Robert Underwood.  This book by academics and professional experts concerned with key features of Scottish development explores the main issues  which have to be taken into account when planning Scotland’s Future. H.B. With D/J Ex Library. Published in 1977. £6

116.        Along Lossie’s Coastland &Elgin’s Delight by Charles Macdonald. Booklet 25 poems, 24 pages. Printed in 2005 and signed by the author. £6

117.        The Dingwall Canal by Kenneth R. Clew. Local studies no 1. Booklet. 8 Pages. Date of printing unknown. £4

118.        The Story of Muckairn Church. Booklet. A brief history of the Parish Church of Muckairn, Taynuilt, Argyll has been compiled by David O’ Galbraith, with assistance from Donald Longbottom to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the present church building. Printed in 1979. 28 pages. £5

119.        Aodanan Eirisgeigh. The Faces of Eriskay by Calum MacNeill.  Contents: Eriskay 1971-2, Religion, The Arts, The Land, The Sea, The Air. Postscript 1985. An A4 size publication printed in 1992. Bilingual. 106 pages. £8

120.        One Hundred Years of Witness. The History of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland 1893-1993. It details the background to the passing of the Declaratory Act, the formation of the Free Presbyterian Church and its unflinching testimony for a century. H.B. Published in 1993. Includes a pamphlet with a statement regarding the Secession dated June 1989. £6

121.        Clan Macleod Magazine. No 68, Spring 1989. Contents:Macleod’s Patrons of Piping, Report of the Northern Meeting, The Broch Builders, The Stuart Prince, The Old Trojan of Berneray, Macleods of the Lewes. 44 pages. £5

122.        Glasgow’s Gaelic Churches. Highland Religion in an Urban Setting 1690-1995. By Ian R. Macdonald.P.B. Published in 1995. 106 pages. £8

123.        Eilean Donan Castle Nr Dornie, Wester Ross. With Illustrated Cover and Map and Six Full page Pictures in Natural Colour Photogravure. Date of printing unknown. £5

124.        Official Guide to Melrose Abbey. Booklet. 35 pages. Originally printed in 1949, this sixth impression with minor amendments is from 1973. £5

125.        Official Guide to Dumbarton Castle. By Iain Macivor Inspector of Ancient Monuments. Booklet, first published in 1958, this sixth impression is from 1976. £5

126.        Guide to Places of Interest on Islay. Booklet, 20 pages. Printed in 1997. £5

127.        Laoidhean Gaidhlig le Catriona Caimbel. 17 laoidhean.36 duilleag. Leabharann, air fhoillseachadh as na 60’an. £5

128.        Game on Lewis and Harris –Past and Present by David S.D. Jones.In this attractively illustrated booklet, the author looks at the changing wildlife of Lewis and Harris over the centuries as seen through estate and game records. Booklet. 64 pages. Printed in 2007. £6

129.        Sgialachdan Dhunnchaidh.  Seann sgialachdan air an gabhail le Dunnchaidh Mac Dhomhnaill Ac Dhunnchaidh, Uibhist a Deas, mar a chual e aig athair fhein iad. Air an sgriobhadh le K.C. Craig. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1944. H.B. 72 duilleag. £8

130.        We Will Remember. Historical Record of the British Legion of Scotland by Lt Col. George Malcolm of Poltalloch. Fully Illustrated. H.B. With D/J Published in 1959. £8

131.        Thoughts of Murdo by Iain Crichton Smith.  Short Stories and Poems about the character Murdo  Macrae. P.B. Published in 1993. £6

132.        Alias Macalias. Writings on Songs, Folk and Literature by Hamish Henderson. Contents; Folk –Songs, People and Folk Tales. P.B. Printed in 1992. £8

133.        Discovering Lewis and Harris by James Shaw Grant. A book which tries to give a general picture of the History of Lewis and Harris. P.B. Published in 1987. £8

134.        Spring tide and Neap Tide. Selected Poems 1932-72. Reothairt is Contraigh Taghadh de Dhain 1932-72. Somhairle MacGilleain.  H.B. With D/J Published in 1977. £8

135.        Luinneagan Mhicleoid. Bardachd is Orain le Iain Aonghas Macleoid. Leabharann air fhoillseachadh ann an 1973. 59 duilleag. £5

136.        Laoidhean agus Orain le Ian Stiubhart Col, Eilean Leodhais.  Leabharann, air fhoillseachadh as na 60’an. £4

137.        Orain Aonghais Agus An Sgiobair. Orain le Aonghas Fleidsear agus Iain MacNeacail. Deasaichte le Catriona NicGumaraid. Leabharann, 47 duilleag. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1980. £5

138.        An Neamhnaid Luachmhor le Eachann MacFhionghain. 98 laoidh. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1980. 246 pages. £8

139.        By Coastland & By Woodland. Burghead Bay, Lossie’s Shore, Quarrywood and many more, our beloved local area. Poems by Charles Macdonald. Booklet. Printed in 1998. 20 pages. Signed by the author. £6

140.        By Speyside and A’an Waters. A small guide book by Charles Macdonald.  A Journey through Speyside and A’anside following those majestic rivers through some of Scotland’s finest scenery. Booklet. 12 pages and signed by the author. Printed in 1998 and signed by the author. £6

141.        Why Patagonia by Greta Mackenzie.  Retracing the steps of the many island people who sought employment on the vast sheep estancias of Patagonia and elsewhere throughout the South American continent in the early years of last century. P.B. Published in 1995. £5

142.        Thine Eyes Shall See the King in his Beauty by the Rev Murdo Macaulay. This booklet was put together as a result of the traumatic experience of the years of illness suffered by the author’s wife, which finally culminated in her death. Booklet. 79 pages. Printed in 1988. £5

143.        Marbhrainn a rinneadh air Diadhairibh Urranach, Nach Maireann, agus Dain Spioradail Eile le Dr Iain Domhnallach, Ministeir Na H-Eaglaise Shaoire s’an Toisidheachd.   H.B. 202 Duilleag. Chan eil fios cuin a chaidh fhoillseachadh £8

144.        The Living Past by Professor Donald Macleod. Recollections of growing up on the Island of Lewis from the forties to the Sixties. P.B. Published in 2006. This reprint is from 2007. £5

145.        The Symbol Stones of Scotland by Anthony Jackson.  A Social anthropological resolution of the problem of the Picts. With drawings by Helen Jackson and diagrams by Anne Leith Brundle. Foreword by Professor Colin Renfrew. H.B. With D/J Published in 1984. £15

146.        Wick Old Parish Church. A brief history and guide by Michael J. Gunn. A4 Size booklet, 23 pages. Printed in 1998. £8

147.        No More Sea. Sermons and Addresses of the late Rev Angus Finlayson 1897-1973, North Tolsta, Isle of Lewis. Booklet, Printed in 1974. 71 pages. £5

148.        The Burns Federation 1885-1985.By James A. Mackay. In this book the author, Editor of the Burns Chronicle, traces the origins and development of the Burns cult over the years since the death of Robert Burns in 1796, with special reference to the Burns Federation which celebrates its centenary in 1985. P.B. Published in 1985. £5

149.        The Complete Moray Rambler. Walks & History of the North East by Richard Gordon. Covering the region from Moray to Banff and Buchan and the Garioch, the tour takes you from fisher towns to blasted heights, from rich salmon rivers to olf castles, from distillery visits to ancient Royal Burghs, from sea cliff to mountain, moorland and loch. P.B Published in 1992, this reprint is from 1993. £5

150.        Donald Dinnie. The First Sporting Superstar by David Webster and Gordon Dinnie. Edited by Charlie Allan. Dinnie 1837-1916, was the most famous Scottish Sportsman of his day, gaining fame as an athlete in the Heavy Events at Highland Games all over the world. It also tells how Dinnie was named after a man from the Isle of Skye. H.B. With D/J. Ex Library. Published in 1999. £6

151.        Taking Off. The story of the Mull Little Theatre by Barry Hesketh. Foreword by Paul Scofield. This is the story of Barrie and Marianne Hesketh’s life together –from their early acting careers and the steps that led them to Scotland –to the leap of faith that created the country’s smallest professional theatre –through drama on and off stage, at home and on tour –and finally to Marianne’s courageous struggle with terminal illness. A story of survival, told with spirit and humour. P.B. Published in 1992. £6

152.        The Village by Iain Crichton Smith. A Collection of short Stories. H.B. With D/J Published in 1976. 1st Edition. £8

153.        Gardening in Orkney and Shetland by John Burns.  The appeal of gardening is well-nigh universal and many books have been written on the subject. No volume, however, deals exclusively with gardening in Orkney and Shetland. H.B. With D/J Published in 1976. £8

154.        The GPO. 200 Years of History by Stephen Ferguson.  The story of Ireland’s GPO building and how it has been witness to 200 years of Irish History. In this beautifully illustrated book, the author traces the story of the famous building and the people who have played an integral part in its history. P.B. Published in 2014. £5

155.        George Mackay Brown ­–Winter Tales. A collection of short stories. Originally published in 1995, this H.B. Edition with D/J is from 1996. £6

156.        The Poetical works of William Nicholson With a memoir by Malcolm M’L Harper. H.B. Originally Published in 1814, this Fourth Edition was published in 1818. £15

157.        Highlands and Islands by Naomi Mitchison. A policy document. Booklet. Contents: The Highland Situation, The Land, The Sea, Trees and People, Transport, Holidays, Education, Roots of Living, Roots of Democracy. Booklet, 55 pages. Date of printing unknown. £8

158.        George Mackie. Books, mostly scholarly, and some Ephemara, designed by George Mackie. An exhibition at the National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh from 21 March to 2 June and from 15 September to 31 October 1991 at the Dartmouth College Library, Hanover, New Hampshire. P.B. Published in 1992. £5

159.        Lugworm Island Hopping by Ken Duxbury. With drawings, maps and photographs by the Author. Islands covered: Cornwall, Rock and Came  Estuary, Isles of Scilly, The Outer Hebrides, Ensay Isle, The Sound of Harris and North Uist. P.B. Published in 1976. £10

160.        The Celtic Church in Scotland. Being an Introduction to the History of the Christian Church in Scotland down to the Death of Saint Margaret by John Dowden D.D. Bishop of Edinburgh. 16 Chapters plus illustrations. Published under the direction of the Tract Committee. H.B. Published in 1894. £20

161.        The Elements of Gaelic Grammar. Based on the work of the Rev Alexander Stewart D.D., by H.Cameron Gillies. Second Edition with appendix. H.B. Published in 1902. £10

162.           Faith in a Crisis. Famine, Eviction and the Church in North and South Uist by Flora Johnston.P.B. Published in 2012. £5

163.        Aspects of the Religious History of Lewis up to the Disruption of 1843 by Rev Murdo Macaulay.P.B Published in the 1980’s. Tear at the bottom of the spine. £8

164.        Hector Cameron of Lochs and Back. The Story of an Island Ministry by Rev Murdo Macaulay. P.B. Published in the 1980’s. 57 pages. £5

165.        Across the Highlands with Sweetheart by Paul E. Steman. One man’s journey across the Highlands with a pony as his companion. H.B. Published in 1970. £8

166.        Mabou’s Cookin Kitchens. Volume 1 Mabou, Nova Scotia, June 2001. Table of Contents:  Dips, sauces and preserves, Soups and Salads, Main Dishes, Biscuits, Breads and Muffins, Cakes, Pies and Desserts, Cookies and Squares, Kids Stuff, Extra Special. P.B. With Ring Bind. £6

167.        St Kilda Summer by Kenneth Williamson and J. Morton Boyd. Preface by E.M. Nicholson. H.B. With D/J Published in 1960. £12

168.        A Short History of Dumbartonshire by I.M.M. Macphail. 8 chapters. Contents: Ancient History, The Middle Ages, Clans and Families of the Lennox, The Scottish Kirk, Eighteenth Century Changes, Political Reform, Nineteenth Century Changes, Twentieth Century Changes. H.B. Originally published in 1963, this edition is from 1984. £8

169.        Proceedings of the Durham Philosophical Society. The Natural History of the Isle of Raasay, and of the adjacent Islands of South Rona, Fladday and Longay. Vol X Parts 5. P.B. Date of printing unknown. £15

170.        The Isle of Harris –Tourist Guide Book Issued by Harris Council of Social Service. Booklet, 28 pages and includes photographs. Date of printing unknown.  Name written in pen on cover. Very scarce. £8

171.        A Croft in the Hills by Katherine Stewart. Foreword by Neil M. Gunn. Illustrated by Anne Shortreed. H.B. With D/J Published in 1960, this is a reprint from 1960. £5

172.        The Last Summer by Iain Crichton Smith.  A novel. Originally published in 1969, this edition is from 1989. P.B. £5

173.        Rona –The Distant Island by Michael Robson. A book about an Island 40 miles from the North of Lewis, and one which the author knows well. Probably the most in depth book ever written about the island. H.B. With D/J Published in 1991. 1st Edition. £12

174.        Illustrated Guide to Ancient Monuments in the ownership or guardianship of The Ministry of Works. Volume VI By Professor Gordon Childe and W. Douglas Simpson. H.B. With Illustrations. Published in 1952. £15

175.        The Northern Meeting 1788-1988 by Angus Fairrie.  This book tells the story of a society which has never sought the headlines, but which has always made a responsible and positive contribution to the life and culture of the Highlands. It traces the History of the Northern Meeting, its Highland Balls, its elegant assembly rooms, its Highland Games, its dance music, the dances themselves and its piping competitions. H.B. With D/J Published in 1988. £20

176.        Ardnamurchan –annals of the parish. Compiled by a local working group. Contents; An outline history, the ministry and the churches, people, places and facts, origins of some of the gaelic place names of the peninsula. Booklet, 64 pages. 2nd edition printed in 1990. £8

177.        ‘Notes of Everything’ Kilmallie Parish Minister’s Diary of c.1864. By The Rev Dr ArchibaldClerk’s. A diary which was kept for short periods between 1844-1887.  P.B. 74 Pages. Published in 1987. £10

178.        Eilean Manda –The Burial Island in Loch Leven by Barbara Fairweather. Published by the Glencoe & North Lorn Folk Museum. Booklet. Date of printing unknown. 9 pages. £5

179.        Jacobite Activities in and around Inverness. A description of events concerning Jacobitism which occurred in Inverness locality during the years 1688-1746 by Barrie Robertson. Booklet, originally printed in 1970. This reprint is from 1972. 21 pages. £8

180.        Loch Ewe during World War II by Steve Chadwick.Booklet, originally printed in 1996, this reprint is from 2001. 40 pages. £5

181.        History of the Villages of Arran.  Compiled by members of the Scottish Women’s Rural Institute Arran. Booklet, revised and printed in 1983. £6

182.        John Anthony’s Flora of Sutherland. Edited and Compiled by J.B. Kentworthy. Contents: The County of Sutherland, Geology, Soils, Climate, Botanical Districts, Botanical Exploration, Vegetation of Sutherland, Notes on the Fungal Flora of Sutherland by Roy Watling, The influence of man in Sutherland, Bibliography, Reference list of Contributors, County Flora, Index of English Names, Index of Latin Names. P.B. Published in 1976. 201 pages. £8

183.        Fighting for Freedom and Fun by Major Michael Pope, M.C. With a foreword by Major Dick Hern, C.V.O. C.B.E.  P.B. 11 Chapters, plus 3 appendixes.P.B.  Published in 1999.£5

184.        Buildings of St Kilda. By Geoffrey P. Stell and Mary Harman. Contents: Introduction, Settlements and Buildings, Historical Evidence, Evidence of Field Survey, Population Evidence, Notes, Descriptive List, St Kilda, the National Trust for Scotland and the World Heritage Convention, Glossary, Index. A4 Size publication. Printed in 1988. 58 pages. £12

185.        The Highlands and Isles of Scotland. A Historical Survey by W.C. Mackenzie. Contents: The Roman Period, The Picts and the Scots, War or Peace, The Highlands in the Middle Ages, A Kingdom within a Kingdom, West Highlands and Ireland:Early Phase, West Highlands and Ireland: Middle Phase, West Highlands and Ireland: Last Phase, The Water Shed of Highland History, The Highlanders and Montrose, Culloden:  and After, The Great War: and after. H.B. Published in 1937. 326 pages. £30

186.        The Peggy & Isabella. The story of an eighteenth century Orkney sloop by Ian Hustwick. 7 chapters. 87 pages. A4 size publication. Printed in 1996. £8

187.        Fear na H-Eabaid: The Man With The Habit. A folk tale related by Duncan Macdonald, Peninerine, South Uist. (Donnchadh Mac Dhomhnaill Mhic Dhonnchaidh) and recorded by John Lorne Campbell, Esq.L.L.D. of Canna at Lochboisdale, 14th February 1950. Transcribed and translated by Angus Matheson and Derick Thomson. International Conference held at Stornoway, October 1953, under the auspices of the University of Glasgow and the British Council. Pamphlet. 30 pages. £12

188.        Comunn Gaidhlig Inbhirnis Gaelic Society of Inverness. Instituted 1871. Report of the Proceedings at the Dinner on 7th March 1933. Booklet. 28 pages. £8

189.        Memories of Kyleakin by Mary Macpherson. Booklet, Printed in 1950. 36 pages. Very scarce. £15

190.        Tales of Dunvegan by Brenda Macleod.  The book is in two parts. The first deals with the supernatural, absorbing stories which have filtered down through the years and become enriched by re-telling. The second part consists of traditional stories. H.B. With D/J A few tears on the D/J. Published in 1950. £10

191.        The Terror of Tobermory. Vice Admiral Sir Gilbert Stephenson by Richard Baker. Foreword by Admiral of the Fleet the Earl Mountbatten of Burma, K.G. H.B. With D/J Published in 1972, this is the fourth reprint from 1972. The book is in three parts. Part I Stephenson, RN (1878-1928) Part II Stephenson RNR (1939-1945) Part III Epilogue Retirement (1945…) Ex Library. £5

192.        Roll of Honour Comunn Eachdraidh na Pairc. Pairc Historical Society. Rol Urram Sgire Na Pairc 1939-1945. A4 Size book. Printed in 1990. 110 pages. £8

193.        Lord of the Isles by Nigel Nicolson. Lord Leverhume in the Hebrides. The story of Leverhume after he bought the islands of Lewis and Harris after WW1, and his plans to turn the two islands into a thriving centre of industry and commerce.  Originally published in 1960. Republished in 2000, this edition is from 2005. P.B. £6

194.        The Village by Iain Crichton Smith. A collection of short stories from the pen of Smith, one of the foremost writers in Scotland, who has also been accorded a European reputation. H.B. With D/J Published in 1976. 113 pages. £8

195.        Spuirean Na H-Iolaire le Iain Macleoid.  18 sgeulachdan goirid. 76 duilleag. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1989. £4

196.        Heathfield Hospital Ayr. 1904-1991.  By John W.N. Duerden, Donald McNeill. Booklet. Printed in 1991. Details the history of the hospital from its early days until 1991. A list of all the senior staff in 1991 are named in the booklet. £5

197.        Aberdeenshire Gaelic by Adam Watson and R.D. Clement. Reprinted from the Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Volume LII.  The paper was delivered at a meeting on the 20th November 1981. Booklet, 32 pages. £8

198.        Eilean a Cheo. The Isles of Mist. Comprising Articles on Skye by Skyemen. Edited with an introduction by Fred T Macleod, President of the Edinburgh Skye Association. Second Edition. Contents: The Isle of Skye by Sheriff Nicolson, The Youngest D.S.O by Dr Norman Maclean, Skye by Lauchlan Maclean Watt, A Tryst with Memory by Mrs Lockhart Bogle, The Island of Skye and Forestry by Colonel Martin Martoin, Skye Bards by Prof. Magnus Maclean, Na H-Orduighean anns an Eilean by Donald Macphie, Ossianic Lore in Skye by Neil Ross, Dunvegan Castle and Its Relics by Fred T Macleod, The Hero by Dr Norman Maclean, A Hebridean Night by Mrs Lockhart Bogle. Also includes a list of the original subscribers. The First Edition of this book was sold out within a week. 2nd Edition, Published in 1917. H.B. £25

199.        Macintosh Memorial Church Fort William. Centenary (1890-1990) Booklet, Printed in 1990. 10 Chapters. 40 pages. £5

200.        Taking Off. The Story of the Mull Little Theatre by Barrie Hesketh. Foreword by Paul Scofield. This is the story of Barrie and Marianne Hesketh’s life together –from their early acting careers and the steps that led them to Scotland –to the leap of faith that created the country’s smallest professional theatre –through drama on and off stage at home and on tour –and finally to Marianne’s courageous struggle with terminal illness. A story of survival, told with spirit and humour. P.B. Published in 1997. £5

201.        Aberfeldy Past and Present.  The story of a small Highland Town and some notes on the district immediately surrounding by N.D. Mackay. Illustrated with Photographs, Maps. Etc. Published in 1954 by the Town Council of Aberfeldy.  7 chapters: Foreword, Aberfeldy past and present, Killiechassie, Weem, Etc, Appendix, Bibliography, Index. H.B. 228 Pages. £20

202.        Rasmie’s Buddie –Poems in the Shetlandic by J.J. Haldane Burgess M.A. H.B. Published in 1891. 118 pages. Tear at bottom of spine. £15

203.        The Western Isles A postcard tour. 2. Harris and Lewis by Bob Charnley. Contents: A Lancastrian Abroad, The Picture Postcard, The Island of Harris, The Island of Harris, The Island of Lewis, The Town of Stornoway,Around the Streets of Stornoway, The Fishing Industry, Around the Town, On the Road to Ness. P.B. Published in 1993. 120 pages. £6

204.        An Guth Aoibhneach sgeulachdan le Pol MacAonghais.  22 sgeulachdan. P.B. air fhoillseachadh ann an 1993. £5

205.        The Early Christian and Norse Settlements Birsay. Ministry of Public Building and Works Official guide book.  By C.A Ralegh Radford. Booklet. Printed in 1959. 23 pages. £5

206.        Celtic Myth & Legend by Charles Squire. With illustrations in Colour & Monochrome after paintings by H.F. Bacon & other artists.  Contents: The Interest and Importance of Celtic Mythology, The Sources of our Knowledge of the Celtic Mythology, Who were the Ancient Britons and Druidism, The Gaelic Gods and Their Stories, The British Gods and Their Stories, Survivals of the Celtic Paganism. H.B. Date of Publishing Unknown. 446 pages. £20

207.        John Galt –Selected Short Stories. Edited by Ian A.Gordon. H.B. With D/J Published in 1978. 10 stories. 213 pages. £8

208.        Seanfhocail. Prose Writings of Donald Mackinnon 1839-1914. The first Professor of Celtic in the University of Edinburgh. Edited by Lachlan Mackinnon. P.B. Published in 1956. 135 pages. £10

209.        Sheol  Mi’ n-Uiridh. Orain mun t-Seoladh. Deasaichte le Mairi Nic a’ Ghobhainn.  P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann a 2009. 140 duilleag. £6

210.        Chief of Mackay by Ian Grimble. 9 chapters. 198 pages. H.B. With D/J Published in 1965. £10

211.        Gillespie by J. Macdougall Hay. Introduction by Bob Tait and Isobel Murray. H.B. With D/J. Originally published in 1914, this edition 1979. £5

212.        A Pioneer of the Fishing Industry. William Strong Eunson of Fair Isle. “Old Bill” of Aberdeen by Jerry Eunson. H.B. 7 Chapters. Published in 1959. £10

213.        Iona and Staffa via Oban. Nostalgic Album Views by Bob Charnley.  Contents: Oban-Gateway to the Isles of Youth, Glimpses of Oban Past, Behind the Doors at 101, George Street, Iona –The Holy Isle, Wondrous Staffa. P.B 96 pages, contains over 135 illustrations. Published in 1994. £6

214.        Pitlochry Station. The story told by Patricia David.  Booklet. 11 chapters. 48 pages. Printed in 1999. £5

215.        Scotland’s Unsolved Mysteries of the Twentieth Century by Richard Wilson. Contents include: The Flannel Isles Mystery, Bible John, The Brue Murder, The mystery of Renee Macrae and the death of Willie Macrae. P.B. Revised edition. Originally Published in 1989, this edition is from 1996. £5

216.        Elgin In Old Picture Postcards by Mike Seton.  H.B. 76 Postcards. Published in 1983. £6

217.        Iceland and the Hebrides My Roots by Sally Magnusson. Based on a talk to The Island Book Trust in 1998. Booklet, 28 pages. Printed in 1998. £5

218.        Aimhreit an Fhearainn. The Land Struggle in Skye and Lewis. James Hunter and others describe key episodes in the crofter’s campaign for land reform in the 1880’s. A volume based on contributions made at a successful two day event in Glendale, Skye in April 2011. Booklet. Printed in 2011. 52 pages. £6

219.        Old Stornoway Revisited. A publication from the Stornoway Historical Society based on articles which first appeared in the Stornoway Gazette from January 1965 through to September 1973. There are added notes and comments by Murdoch Macleod. A4 size publication. Printed in 2001. 93 pages. £10

220.        Clach air a Charn. A Stone on His Cairn. In memory of the late Mr John Smith, West Earshader Farm, Bernera, Isle of Lewis. Medical Student and Renowned Gaelic Bard.  An A4 Size Publication, edited by Kenneth J. Smith.  31 pages. Printed in 1996. £6

221.        Lewis and Harris Seamen 1939-45. Compiled by John & Annie Morrison.  A record of the many acts of bravery, courage and endurance of seagoing men from the Long Island of Lewis and Harris, and to demonstrate that Islanders were represented at every major incident and involved in every type of operation. Booklet, A4 size. Date of printing late 1990’s. 107 pages. £10

222.        Peter Fraser Hill of Fearn. Prime Minister of New Zealand 1940-49. Booklet, compiled by Marjorie E. Taylor. Printed in 2005. 66 pages. £5

223.        The Scottish Women’s Rural Institute Cookery Book. Eighth Edition. Originally printed in 1968, this edition is from 1988. 208 pages. P.B. With Ring Bind. £6

224.        Popular Rhymes of Scotland by Robert Chambers. New Edition. Originally Published in 1870. Preface gives the date of 1841. H.B.  Tear at top of the spine. Ex Library Book. £10

225.        Sar Orain Gaelic Poems edited by Angus Macleod.  Three Gaelic Poems; Luinneag Mhicleoid, Mairi Nighean Alasdair Ruaidh, Mary Macleod, Birlinn Chlann Raghnaill, Alasdair Macmhaighstir Alasdair, Alexander Macdonald, Moladh Beinn Dobhrainn, Fonnchadh Ban, Duncan Macintyre. H.B. Published in 1933. £12

226.        Dain agus Orain le Iain Macleoid Culkein –Store. Second Edition. Sometimes Professor of English Literature, Etc London. Author of “The Spiritual Vision. 19 Gaelic Songs & 10 English Songs.Booklet.  Printed in 1918. 68 pages. £10

227.        Flitting the Flakes. The Diary of J.Badenach a Stonehaven Farmer 1789-1797. Edited by Mowbray Pearson. In two parts; Part One deals with the Thematic Analysis of the Diary, and Part Two Transcription of the Diary. H.B. With D/J Published in 1992. £6

228.        The Highland Brigade in the Crimea.  Founded on Letters Written During the Years 1854, 1855 and 1856 By Lieut.-Colonel Anthony Sterling  A Staff Officer who was there. Originally Published in 1895, this P.B was published in 1995. £6

229.          A Short History of Ballachulish Slate Quarry by Barbara Fairweather. Published by the Glencoe & North Lorn Folk Museum. Booklet. Date of printing unknown. 7 pages. Very Scarce. £5

230.  In thy Likeness. The life and letters of the Rev Donald Macinnes.

Edited by Iain D. Campbell. Rev Donald Macinnes 1936-78. Contents:

Introduction, Biography, Gleanings from Writings, Appendices - Obituary, Marbh Rann, Sermon, Trial Sermon, College Discourse, A Stornoway Itinery. P.B. Published in 1989. 58 pages. £5


231. They Came From Caithness. A Gallery of Northern Notables being Pen Portraits of Famous Caithnessians by D.P. Thomson. Booklet, printed in 1954. 40 pages. Staples rusty. £8


232. The Seer of Kintail by Elizabeth Sutherland. Myth, Madman, Devil or Divine. This novel tells the story of the Brahan Seer or Coinneach Odhar-dun coloured Kenneth - of whose existence no documentary proof survives. Throughout the Highlands and Western Isles his fulfilled predictions are remembered with awe and his unfulfilled prophecies awaited with apprehension. H. B. With D/J published in 1974, this edition is from 1988. Signed by the author. £8


233.Am Measg Nam Bodach. Stories collected between November 1936 and February 1937 in Barra, Benbecula, Canna, Eigg, Rhum, Coll, Jura, Skye,South Uist, Eriskay, Easdalr, Harris, Iona, Islay, Lewis, Mull, Raasay, Scarp, Tiree and North Uist. Published in 1938. HB.£12


234. Comunn Gaidhlig Inbhirnis. Gaelic Society of Inverness. Report of Speeches At Dinner 1932. Booklet, reprinted from Inverness Courier April 12, 1932. 24 pages. £8


235. Tain Golf Club 1890-1990. Compiled by past captain Ian Macgregor.

Booklet, 96 pages includes photographs. £6


236. Scotland: Land and Power. The Agenda For Land Reform by Andy Wightman. 8 chapters. P.V. published in 1999. £5


237. A Weekly Scotsman and other poems by David Daiches. With an autobiographical introduction. A foreword by George Bruce and a frontspiece portrait of the author by Emilio Coia. H.B. With D/J Published in 1994. £6

238. Gaelic Songs in Nova Scotia by Helen Creighton and Calum Macleod. 93 songs, with Bibliography and an Index. Songs are in Gaelic with English translations and includes the music to the songs. H.B. Published in 1964. Ex Library. £25

239. West Highland Steamers. Third Edition by Christian Leslie Dyce Duckworth and Graham Easton Langmuir. Contents: The Predecessors of David Hutcheson & Co 1812-1851, David Hutcheson & Co 1851-1879, David MacBrayne 1879-1905, David MacBrayne 1879-1905, David MacBrayne Ltd 1905-1928, David MacBrayne (1928) Ltd, David MacBraynes Ltd, 1928-1947, McCallum, Orme &Co Ltd, 1853-1947, David MacBrayne Ltd from 1948, Clyde & Campbeltown Shipping Co Ltd, General Notes on the Hutcheson/ MacBrayne Steamers, Fleet Lists, Index. Also includes a number of illustrations. Originally published in 1935, this third edition was published in 1965. £10

240. Para Handy’s Scotland. In the Wake of the Vital Spark by Stuart Donald. Contents: Para Handy’s Real World, Fact Meets Fiction, The Para Handy Stories, Appendices, Epilogue, The Stories. H.B. With D/J Published in 1994. £8

241. The Victorian Summer of the Clyde Steamers 1864-1888 by Alan J.S Paterson. Foreword by John Riddell. 11 chapters and appendices. P.B. Originally published in 1972, this P.B. Edition is from 2001. £6

242. Lachlan Dubh a’ Chrogain. Lachlan Livingstone and his grandsons. Bards of Mull and Lismore by Maighread Domhnallach Lobban. Contents: Illustrations, Family Tree, Acknowledgements, Foreword, Lachan Livingstone (1819-1901), John Macdonald (1883-1940), James Macdonald (1885-1970), Songs and Music, Index of first lines. P.B. 160 Pages. Published in 2004. £8

243. The Standing Stones of Callanish Isle of Lewis. Written and Illustrated by Gerald and Margaret Ponting. Booklet. Originally printed in 1977, this reprint is from 1983. 30 pages and also includes a pamphlet Mini Guide to Callanish and a newspaper article. £5

244. Torridon Life and Wildlife in the Scottish Highlands by Lea MacNally.  For Twenty One years MacNally was the ranger/naturalist at Torridon. In this book he writes about his years at Torridon.  12 chapters. H.B. With D/J Published in 1993. £8

245. George Mackay Brown. The Masked Fisherman and Other Stories. H.B. With D/J Originally published in 1980, this edition is from 1989. Ex Library. £6

246. Highland Summer by Seton Gordon. This book is a collection of over 50 of his pieces, brought together for the first time and delightfully illustrated by the line drawings of Jeanne Cross and Stuart Harrison. H.B. With D/J Published in 1957, this edition is from 1971. £5

247. Rambles in the Hebrides by Roger A. Redfern. With drawings by the author and a map. Foreword by Seton Gordon. The author suggests some of the most rewarding routes for the foot traveller on most of the inhabited and uninhabited islands off the West Coast of Scotland. Twenty Islands are covered. H.B. With D/J 1ST Edition. Published in 1966. £8

248.  In the Footsteps of the Flock. A memorial to the Rev Walter Scott. By the Rev William Maclean. Booklet, 96 pages. Date of printing unknown. £5

249. A Shilling for Your Scowl. The history of a Scottish Legal Mafia by James Shaw Grant.  The story of Donald Munro who was Factor or Chamberlain, of the Island of Lewis in the late 1900’s, and was at one time the most hated man on the island. P.B. Published in 1992. £8

250. Dun Charlabhaigh and the Hebridean Iron Age by Ian Armit & Noel Fojut.  A guidebook. Booklet, 32 pages. Dun Carloway is one of Scotland’s finest brochs, an astounding survival from the Iron Age times. Printed in 1998. £5

251. The Highland Jaunt by Paul Johnson & George Cole. A jaunt to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and which is recorded in words and pictures.  H.B Published in 1978. Tear at the top of the spine. Ex Library. £6

252. A Spell for Green Corn by George Mackay Brown. A chronicle in six scenes, the author goes to seventeenth century Orkney. H.B. With D/J Published in 1979. 1st Edition. £15

253. The Skye Railway. The History of the Railways of the Scottish Highlands –Vol 5 by John Thomas. Revised by John Farrington. 9 Chapters. Contents: West of Inverness, Steam at Strome, The Steamboat Operation. In Highland Hands, Saga of the Mixed Train, Pie in the Sky Lines, Through to Kyle, LMS Days and After, Postscript. P.B. Priginally Published in 1977, this revised and extended edition is from 1991. £6

254. Chapman –Scotland’s Quality Literary Magazine. Neil Gunn –Centennial Reflections. No 67, Winter 1991/92. 104 pages. £5

255. The Eclipse of Scottish Culture by Craig Beveridge & Ronald Turnbull. Inferiorism and the Intellectuals. This book deals critically with negative perceptions of Scottish History and Culture which profoundly influence Scot’s understanding of themselves and their national identity. P.B. Published in 1989. £5

256. The Days of the Years of my Pilgrimage by Dr G.N. M. Collins. The Autobiography of one of the most famous and influential Ministers of the Free Church of Scotland in the Twentieth Century. P.B. Published in 1991. 156 pages. £5

257. The Skye Lochinvar. The story of Donald of Monkstad and Jessie of Balranald told by Donald Budge. Booklet, Printed in 1961. 36 pages. £8

258. Baile Shuibhne. The madness of Sweeney le Uilleam Neill. A bilingual publication. Printed in 1974. 32 pages. £5

259. Killarrow Series One. Patterns of a Christian past in a west Highland parish. The Celtic Foundation by the Rev J.A. Trevorrow, Minister Killarrow and Kilmeny Parishes, Islay. Illustrated by J. Douglas McClure. Booklet. 19 pages. Printed in 1986. £5

260.  The Nunnery and the Tombs of the Kings. The Pilgrim’s way to the Abbey, Iona by John Mackenzie Semple.  Pamphlet. 11 pages. Date of Printing unknown. £5

261. Sand River Trail. A walk through Time. Slighe Abhainn Shannda. Cuairt Tro Thim. Booklet, showing some of the features in the landscape around the Sand River, near Gairloch. Printed in 2002. 27 pages. £5

262. Dunfermilne Abbey A Brief Guide. Pamphlet. 24 Pages. Date of Printing unknown. £5

263. Behold Iona A Guide and Souvenir. Edited by John Morrison. Booklet, Originally printed in 1946, this edition was printed in 1955. 31 Pages. £5

264. From Hungary To Holburn Street. Aberdeen Shoemakers Incorporation by Albert A. Thomson. Booklet, 60 pages. Date of printing unknown. £5

265. Scottish Folk Tales and Legends. Retold by Barbara Ker Wilson. Illustrated by Joan Kiddell-Monroe. H.B Originally Published in 1954, this fourth edition is from 1960. £8

266. Reflections of Gravir Childhood  and Glesga  Adulthood by William Macphail Clach Oich. Songs, Poems and articles which first appeared in the columns of the Stornoway Gazette. Booklet, Printed in 2006. £5

267. Stornoway Historical Society Newsletter No 1 December 1993. Contents:  A little local problem, Prince Charlie’s Cairn, From Stornoway to the Pacific, The Nicolson Bequests, Early Aviation in Lewis, A Picture and Its Story, Lewis Coffee House, Stornoway Town Council. A4 Size magazine. 28 pages. Issue 1 is very scarce. £5

268. Stornoway Historical Society Newsletter No. 2 July 1994. Contents: Stornoway Postcards, Old Days in Stornoway (Poem), Rules of Stornoway Volunteer Fire Brigade, Reflections by Sheriff Colin Scott Mackenzie, The Castle Architect, The Lewis War Memorial, James Matheson the Merchant1796-1842, William Jardine,Colonel  Colin Mackenzie -A short note. A4 Size Magazine. 23 pages. £5

269. Stornoway Historical Society Journal Issue 3 December 1994. Contents: Description of Shields Exhibited in the Town Hall, Society news, Lewis Jamieson Postmaster,Stornoway, Napier Campbell, The Sandwick Serenade (A Poem), Raising Vessels –Mr Bremner, Wick, Pistols at Twenty Paces, Years Ending in a 4, Mostly Ships –and a slip, The Norge Disaster, A4 Size Publication, 24 pages. £5

270. Stornoway Historical Society Journal Issue No 4 July 1995. Contents: Lewis War Memorial, A Bit of a Mystery, Lews Castle, Kenneth Morrison, Other People’ s Correspondence, Stornoway Harbour 1948, A4 Size publication. 30 pages. £5

271. Stornoway Historical Society Journal Issue 5 December 1995. Contents: Emigration from Lewis in the Eighteenth Century, The 1995 Exhibition,The Rise and Fall of the Lewis Chemical Works 1857-1874, The Early Medical Men of Lewis A list of Some Doctors, What the Papers Say, The Establishment of The Custom House at Stornoway, The Boys of Old I.B., The Nicolson Institute Annuals -The Early Years. A4 size publication, 36 pages. £5

272.   Wester Ross -A Tourist information publication. Contents: The Sea, The Land, Flora & Fauna, People & Industry, Gazetteer. P.B. Date of printing unknown. £5

273. The Cornalari Wizard. The concept and building of a Woods Design “Wizard” Catamaran by Donald McKee. A4 size publication, printed in 2007. 74 pages. £6

274. The Modern Gaelic -English Dictionary. Am Faclair Ur Gaidhlig -Beurla by Robert C. Owen. Specially recommended for learners, containing pronunciation, irregular verb tables, grammatical information, examples of idiomatic usage. P.B. Published in 1993. £5

275. Dain Spioradail le Padruig Grannd An Strathspey, Sgireachd Aberneich. Nineteenth Edition. Printed in 1903. H.B. Pocket size book. £8

276. George Mackay Brown The Sea Kings Daughter Illustration by Alan Watson. Eureka! Illustration by Erlend Brown. P.B. Printed in 1991. £6

277. Celtic Scotland A History of Ancient Alban by William F. Skene. Volume II Church and Culture. 10 chapters and Appendix. Some pen and pencil marks. Sentences and paragraphs under lined. H.B. Published in 1877 £25

278. Gaelic Songs of Mary Macled Edited by J. Carmichael Watson. Orain agus Luinneagan Gaidhlig le Mairi Nighean Alasdair Ruaidh. H.B. Published in 1965. £10

279. The History and traditions of the Maclennans of Kintail by Jon Gardiner Mclennan and James Mclennan. The history and traditions of the Caln is a revealing, in depth account of Clan Maclennan from their origins in Wester Ross to their ultimate dispersal and fragmentation. Contents: The Dark Ages, The Medieval Period, The Early Modern -Reformation Period, The Jacobite Era, Aftermath, Associated Clans, Clan Accoutrements. H.B. With D/J Published in 1996. £8

280. Fragments and Sermons of the late Rev. Malcolm Gillies, Stornoway. P.B. Published in 1987. £5

281. Guthan Nan Eun. Booklet. 39 pages. Date of printing unknown. £5

282. Air a Mhisean. A record of all those from Lewis and Harris who served as church missionaries. Booklet, Printed in 1999. 51 pages. £6 

283. Treasures From Treasure Island by Jean Hodgson. An autobiography from Hodgson who was born and brought up in Manitoulin Island in Canada. P.B. Published in 1985, signed by the author. £5

284. John Murray of Badbea, and Westminster Seminary, Philadelphia. A Special Banner of Truth magazine double issue 143-144 dedicated to the life of Professor Murray. Includes a biography, his work, influence, memories and reflections and as a teacher of Theology. Magazine, 95 pages. £5

285. The Scottish Historical Review. Volume LXIII, 2: No 176. October 1984. Contents: Myth and Identity in Early Medieval Scotland, Scotland and the General Crisis of the Seventeenth Century, Philanthropy and Evangelism among Aberdeen Seamen -1814-1924, A list of articles on Scottish History published during the year 1983. 208 pages. £8

286. Fisher in the West. An experience of Hebridean Angling by Eddie Young.  Mr Young was at one time the Rector of the Nicolson Institute in Stornoway. P.B. Published in 1994. £5

287. Reading the Line an English language lined out Psalmody tradition in Presbyterian Scotland by Norman Campbell. This booklet traces the rise and decline of reading the line in English as well as its re-emergence in that language in one denomination. Booklet, Printed in 2005. 32 pages. £5

288. The Making of Am Fasgadh. An account of the Highland Folk Museum by its Founder Isabel Frances Grant MBE LLD. P.B. Published in 2007. £5

289. Sermons and Meditations by the Rev James Tallach. P.B. First Published in 1962, this reprint is from 1978. 117 pages. £5

290. Scottish Engravers. A biographical dictionary of Scottish Engravers and of Engravers who worked in Scotland to the beginning of the nineteenth century. Compiled by George Herbert Bushnell. H.B Published in 1949. Signed by the author. £10

291. Ceilp Mar a thug an fheamainn cruadal is tomhais de shoirbheachas dha muinntir na Gaidhealtachd le Richard AA Deveria. Leabharann, air fhoillseachadh ann a 2012. 34 duilleag. £5

292. Place Names of Scarp by John Maclennan. Edited by Calum J. Mackay. P.B. Published in 2000. 47 Pages. £10

293. Clan Macleod Magazine Vol 7, No 41 1975. Contents: Clan Calendar, Chief’s Letter 1935, The Chief’s letter, Letter from John, Music in the Castle, Anniversary Dinner, Island Hospitality, The MacNabs, Early History of Glengarry, The Fall of Calcutta, News from Societies. 46 pages. £5

294. Some Aspects of Clan Mackay by Sena Mackay. Presidential Address given to Inverness Field Club by Sena Mackay. Booklet, printed in 2005. 18 pages. £5

295. The Last St Kilda Steamers A Golden Jubilee reprint of the McCallum Orme summer sailing bill for 1939. This rare and fascinating document describes the service of the fondly remembered West Highland Shipping Company. Pamphlet. £5

296. Donald Morrison “The Megantic Outlaw” By Henry G. Kidd. H.B. First Edition Published in 1949. Back Cover has signs of dampness. This edition is very scarce. £20

297. The Great Glen Way. A low level Walking Route from Fort William to Inverness by Heather Connon and Paul Roper. H.B. Published in 1997. £5

298. Great Men and Movements in the History of the Church. Church of Scotland Youth Textbooks.  By the Rev Stewart Mechie M.A. P.B. Published in 1937. Tear in spine. 143 pages. £8

299. Camhanaich Sgeulachdan Goirid le Domhnall Iain Maciomhair. Leabharann, 72 duilleag air fhoillseachadh ann an 1982. £5

300. Under The Cruisie or Saturday Nights at a Buchan Farm in the Middle of the Last Century, with Others. Buchan Ballads and Lyrics by Alexander Gibson. H.B. Published in 1916. £12

301. The Gaelic Vikings by James Shaw Grant. Humour, Adventure, Mystery, Pirates, Poltergeists, Heroes. True stories from the Hebridean Island of Lewis, but it takes the reader round the world. P.B. Published in 1984. £8

302. A Sporting Tour through the Northern Parts of England and great part of the Highlands of Scotland by Colonel T Thornton of Thornville Royal in Yorkshire. A new edition with coloured plates by C.E. Lodge. Portraits and Selections from the Original Illustrations. 13 chapters. H.B. Rebound. £85

303. Tom Weir’s Scotland. This book is a selection of the authors best published work chosen by him for its autobiographical flavour as it documents his travels throughout the length and breadth of Scotland. H.B. With D/J Published in 1980. Second Impression. £6

304. While The Wild Geese Fly by Donald Cameron. Tales of a Highland Farmer and Auctioneer. The story of Donald Cameron from Glen Nevis. P.B. Published in 1985 and signed by the author. £8

305. The Hub of My Universe by James Shaw Grant. Humour, Mystery, Tragedy and Adventure from real life in the Outer Hebrides. This book is based on reminiscences of the author and his father who between them reported the Hebridean scene from Stornoway for three quarters of a century. P.B. Published in 1982. £8

306. The Song of the Forest by Colin Mackay.With wood engravings by Alyson MacNeill. Lyrical, intense, and foreboding this is a remarkable first novel. Set in the Dark Ages, it tells of a year in the life of a remote village, the labours of its inhabitants, their struggles and fleeting pleasures in the face of threatening forces that surround them. H.B. With D/J Published in 1986. £5

307. Aberdeen an Illustrated Architectural Guide by WA Bogden. This guide introduces visitor and native to the traditions and character of the City through its buildings. P.B. Published in 1988. £5

308. The Struggle for a Language. Gaelic in Education by Gwen Mulholland. Booklet, 28 pages. Printed in 1981. £5

309. The Lewis Trivia Quiz Book by Francis Thompson. Who? What? When? Where? Booklet, Printed in 1989. £6

310. Meorachadh ann an Cluaintean Glasa. Focal an Tighearna; Laimh ri Uisgeachan Ciuine An Spioraid le Eardsaidh Macleoid. Leabharann 12 pages. £4

311.  An t-Ionad Fasgaidh. Searmoinean air Isiah XXX11: 2 Le Domhnall Mac Fhionghain. H.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1951. 78 duilleag. £6

312. Gaelic Verbs and their Prepositions. Arranged as an English-Gaelic Dictionary with copious illustrations by Douglas Clyne. P.B. 135 Pages. Published in 1984, stains on cover. £5

313. Archaeology and Place Names and History. An essay on Problems of Co Ordination by F.T. Wainwright. Foreword by Sir Frank Stenton. In the period A.D. 400-1100, perhaps more than in any other, it is necessary to bring together the results of historical, archaeological and place names studies. Each provides information that is either badly preserved or not preserved at all in the other two, but it is not always realized how great are the difficulties involved in co-ordination and integration. H.B. With D/J Published in 1962. £12

314. A Pronouncing Gaelic-English Dictionary by Neil Macalpine. H.B. First Published in 1832, this edition is from 1955. £5

315. Bho Chluaidh gu Calasraid. From the Clyde to Callander by Michael Newton. Gaelic Songs, Poetry Tales and Traditions of the Lennox and Menteith in Gaelic with English translations. Foreword by John Macinnes. P.B. Published in 1999. £6

316. Andrew Carnegie. The Trusts and their Work.  Centenary of the Birth of Andrew Carnegie. The British Trusts and their work with a Chapter on the American Foundations. H.B. With D/J Published in 1938. £8

317. Tales of the Scottish Clans by Helen Drever. Illustrated by A. Mason Trotter. Contents: Somerled of the Isles, The Clans Campbell, Mackenzie, Mackay of Strathnaver, Cameron, Macgregor, Forbes, Menzies, Macintosh, Munro, Donnachie, Gordon, Maclean, Macleod, Ross or Clan Anrias, Fraser, Stewart, Maclaren or Maclaurin, Graham, Sinclair, Prince Charlie’s Adventures after Culloden. In the Hebrides with Donald Macleod, In Skye with Flora Macdonald, The Mainland with Mackinnons, Macdonalds, Camerons, The Men of Glenmoriston and Cluny Macpherson. Includes a number of Illustratons. H.B. Published in 1966, a reprint. £15

318. Scottish Opinion Survey. Edited by A.J.C. Kerr. A study of responsible Sottish opinion on the issues of Scottish self-government and the future of Scotland after independence. P.B. Published in 1967. 143 pages. £6

319. Eimhir. The poetry of Sorley Maclean. In this new publication, Iain Crichton Smith’s translations of Maclean’s love poems are placed face to face with the original Gaelic by Maclean. Introduction by Professor Donald Meek.P.B. Pubilshed in 1999. £5

320. The Romance of the Highlands by Alex Campbell. 17 Chapters. Contents: Origin of the Celt, The Coronation Stone, Iona;Christianity, The Chief The Fiery Cross, The Cland and their Septs, The Bards. Ossian, Superstition, Hospitality, Fidelity and its Results, Hardihood and Valour, Feuds and Forays, Agriculture, The Massacre of Glencoe, The ’45, Wanderings of Prince Charlie-Flora Macdonald, The Clearances, The Lure of the Highlands. Includes Illustrations. H.B. Published in 1927. £45

321. Scotland’s Ruine. Lockhart of Carnwath’s Memoirs of the Union. Edited by Daniel Szechi with a foreword by Paul Scott. H.B. With D/J Published in 1995. £8

322. Leabhar Aideachaidh a Chreidimh le Da leabhar Ceasnachaidh Maille ri Sui magus Feum an hEolais Shlainteil. Eadar Theangachadh o’n Bheurla Chum Gaidhlig Albannach. H.B air fhoillseachadh ann an 1898. £10

323. Tir an Aigh. Sgialachdan, Dealbhan Cluiche, Bardachd le Domhnall Grannd. Deasaichte le Iain A. MacDhomhnaill. P.B Air Fhoillseachadh ann an 1971. £6

324. The Diary of James Morrison. Edited by G.N.M. Collins. The Diary of Rev James Morrison who was the Minister of the Free Church Congregation in North Uist from 1942 until his death in 1982. The diary covers the years 1964-82. H.B. With D/J Published in 1984. £5

325. Siol agus Aran. Taghadh de shearmoinean an Ollamh Seoras Collins. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1993. 32 searmonan as an leabhar seo. £5

326. Dundee An Illustrated Introduction by Charles McKean and David Walker. This guide was commissioned to coincide with the Festival of Architecture and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Dundee Institute of Architects. P.B. Published in 1985, second edition. £6

327. Laoidhean agus Dain Spioradail le Murchadh Macleoid 1881-1907. nach maireann Scalpaidh na Hearradh. Air a dheasachadh leis an Urramach Calum MacIllinnein. H.B Le D/J air fhoillseachadh ann an 1966. £8

328. Papers Commemorating the Quarter Centenary of the Scottish Reformation. As commemorated by the Synod of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland at Edinburgh, May 1960, by the reading of Papers on the Reformation of 1560. Contents: “The Church from which the Reformation delivered Scotland by Rev Alexander Murray, Causes and Progress of the Scottish Reformation until the year 1560 by Rev Fraser Macdonald, John Knox: Central Figure of the Reformation by Rev J.P. Macqueen, Pen Portraits of Fellow Reformers by Rev A.F. Mackay, The First Book of Discipline (1560) by The Rev Robert R.Sinclair, Theological Principles of the Reformation. The Scottish Confession 1560 by Rev Donald Maclean, The Benefits of the Reformation by Rev M. Macsween, The Present Position and Prospects of the Reformed Church in Scotland by Rev John Colquhoun, Glendale, Skye. H.B With D/J Published in 1960. 68 pages. £12

329. Aithris is Oideas. Traditional Gaelic Rhymes and Games. This publication brings together into a convenient form about 350 selected examples of the rhymes, rhyming games and general play material which still exist in the oral tradition among speakers of Scottish Gaelic. H.B. With D/J Published in 1964. £8

330. The Lighthouse Stevensons by Bella Bathurst. The extraordinary story of the buildings of the Scottish Lighthouses by the ancestors of Robert Louis Stevenson. P.B. Published in 1999. £5

331. An Toinneamh Diomhair. Na H-Orain aig Murchadh Macharlain. Bard Mhealaboist. H.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1972. £8

332. The Guga Hunters by Donald S. Murray. Every year 10 men from Ness, the district at the northern tip of the Isle of Lewis, sail to a remote and inhospitable rock called Sulasgeir. Here they catch the Guga -the almost fully grown gannet chicks that nest in the 200- foot high cliffs of the tiny island. After, two weeks, they return with a cargo of 2,000 guga’s, pickled, salted and ready for the tables of Ness and beyond. The Guga Hunters is the story of the men who voyage to Sulasgeir each year. H.B. With D/J Published in 2008. £8

333. Mission to the Gaels by Fiona A. Macdonald. Reformation and Counter Reformation in Ulster and the highlands of Scotland 1560-1760.  This book is the first extended study, in the Post Reformation period, of the impact of the Gaels (in the west of Scotland, and the north of Ireland) on each other’s religious heritage. P.B. Published in 2006. £15

334. Hebridean Gurkha. Walking the Western Isles by Neil Griffiths. Hillboys to Barra Boys: five Gurkhas march the length of the Isles, across the brooding moors of Lewis and the rocky hills of Harris, down the sumptuous Uist beaches and on to the sand ringed Isle of Barra, before raising their flags and standards on the lonely speck of Barra Head. P.B. Published in 2005. £6

335. The MacDiarmid MS Anthology. Edited by Derick S. Thomson. This is the first edition of the anonymous poems and songs in the McDiarmid MS of 1770, compiled by a Perthshire minister who used a variety of oral and some MS sources. H.B. With D/J Published in 1992. £12

336. A’ Ghaidhlig air Aghaidh na Tire. Ainmean aite ann an Iar-thuath na Gaidhealtachd. Gaelic in the landscape. Place names in the North West Highlands by Ruairidh Macilleathainn. P.B. Printed in 2007. £5

337. Celtic Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs. Selected by Lucia Turnbull. H.B. Originally Printed in 1958, this reprint is from 1964. Ex Library Book. £8

338. A Guide to the Museum of Transport and the Glasgow Museum’s Department of Technology Collections. P.B. Published in 1988. 47 pages. £5

339. The Rev Dr John Walker’s Report on the Hebrides of 1764 and 1771. Edited by Margaret M. Mackay. John Walker, Minister of Moffat, was already a pioneer of scientific botany and geology when he was sent by the Commission for Annexed Estates to visit the Hebrides and report on their economic potential.  Reports on: Lewis, Harris, St Kilda, North Uist, Benbecula, South Uist, Barra, Rockall, Islay, Jura, Colonsay, Oronsay, Gigha, Iona, Mull, Coll, Tiree, Rum, Skye, Eigg, Canna. H.B. With D/J Published in 1980. £15

340. The Subordinate Standards and Other Authoritative Documents of the Free Church of Scotland. Published by the authority of the General Assembly. Two parts. Standards of the Free Church of Scotland agreed upon by the Assembly of Divines at Westminster, and approved by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. Part Two: Authoritative Documents of the Free Church of Scotland. H.B. Published in 1933. £10

341. Lewis A History of the Island by Donald Macdonald. A comprehensive history of the Island of Lewis, and which has been described as the most authoritative book ever to be published on the history of the island. Twenty Four Chapters. H.B. First Published in 1978. This edition is from 1983. £10

342. St Nynia by John Macqueen. With a translation of The Miracles of Bishop Nynia by Winifred Macqueen. This book is a study of the written record of the saint, a record which is as full, and in many ways as fascinating, as the archaeological. P.B. Originally published in 1961, this P.B. reprint is from 1991. £8

343. The Druids by Nora K. Chadwick. The druids were the native intellectual class of the early Celtic peoples of Gaul, the earliest official teachers and philosophers in Europe known to us outside the classical world. H.B. With D/J Published in 1966. £15

344. Collected Poems of Hugh MacDiarmid (C.M. Grieve) H.B Originally Published in 1948, this reprint is from 1962. 498 pages. £10

345. The Placenames of Mull by Duncan M. Macquarrie. Contents: The Parishes of Kilninian and Kilmore, Some Scenes of Mull, Past and Present, All Areas Expect Kilninian and Kilmore. P.B. Published in 1982. 102 pages. £8

346. Dain Spioradail le Dughall Bochanan. Spiritual Songs Dugald Buchanan. 8 Gaelic Poems. Booklet, originally printed in 1767, this new edition is from 1946. 59 pages. £6

347. The Passing of the Stewarts by Agnes Mure Mackenzie. The book covers the years 1638-58, 1658-1689, 1689-1748, Includes a map of Scotland during the Jacobite Risings of 1715 and 1745. Also includes the genealogy of The Second House of Stewart. H.B. First Edition Published in 1958. £15

348.  Inverary and the Dukes of Argyll by Ian G.Lindsay and Mary Cosh, with a foreword by the Eleventh Duke of Argyll. This is the history of the building of Inverary, A West Highland capital, by the 3rd and 5th Dukes of Argyll. This book will be of absorbing interest to architects, historians, and amateurs of either subject. H.B. With D/J Profusely Illustrated with maps, architectural drawings and prints and with plates by Edwin Smith. Published in 1973. 487 pages. £45

349. MacAidh Thiridhe Leis an Urr Tormod Domhnallach. (An dara clodh-bhualadh le beagan leasachaidh) Beagan mu bheatha an t-soisgealaich An Urramach Domhnall Tulach Macaidh a bhuinneadh do Sgire Lochaillse. Leabharann, chan eil fios cuin a chaidh a chlo bhualadh. 36 duilleag. £8

350. Jocks in the Jungle. Black Watch & Cameronans as Chindits by Gordon Thorburn.The Second Battalion of the 42nd Royal Highland Regiment, The Black Watch and the First Battalion of the 26th Cameronians(Scottish Rifles) as Chindits. The story of two Scottish Regiments in India during WW2. H.b. With D/J. Published in 2012. £5

351. Peter Manuel -Serial Killer by Hector and Malcolm Macleod. The name Peter Manuel still sends a shiver down the spine of a generation in Scotland. Fifty Years after he was hanged at Barlinnie Prison. Manuel was convicted of seven murders and sentenced to death, aged thirty one. This definitive and groundbreaking biography tells his chilling story. P.B. Published in 2009. £5

352. Let Us Rise and Build Up. The Story of the Re Building of St Columba High Church Inverness. H.B. Printed in 1953. 27 pages. £5

353. Royal Dornoch Golf Club 1877-1977. Booklet, 16 pages. A history of the club, and gives a list of office bearers and competition winner. A number of photographs are included plus a map of each hole. £6

354. Personal Memories of Royal Dornoch Golf Club 1900-1925 by Donald Grant M.A. FRGS. Foreword by Herbert Warren Wind and a recollection by Roger Wethered. Booklet, 48 pages. Printed in 1978. £6

355. Thorough Guides. Scotland Part 2. Northern Highlands. H.B. Date of printing unknown. 138 pages. £6

356. Scottish Surnames by David Dorward. Booklet. Illustrated by John Mackay. Contents:  Introduction, Surnames A to Y, The 100 Commonest Surnames in Scotland, Index. First Printed in 1978, this reprint is from 1979. 70 pages. £5

357. Christian Experience by Donald Macdonald. A selection of sermons of The Rev Donald Macdonald, 1910-1977, who was a Free Church Minister at Urray and finally at Greyfriars Free Church, Inverness. Also included is a biographaphical introduction by the Late Rev M.A. Macleod. H.B. With D/J Published in 1988. £5

358. Macdonald Your Clan Heritage. Clan Macdonald. Booklet, 34 pages. Originally Printed in 1983, this revised and updated reprint is from 1989. £5

359. Happy Norman Tarmod Sona. Gleanings of Early Days of Gospel Power in Lewis by the Rev John Macleod Barvas. P.B. Originally Printed in 1948, this reprint is from the early 1990’s. 56 pages. £5

360. The Geology and Scenery of the Grampians and The Valley of Strathmore Volume 1. By Peter MacNair. Illustrated with numerous Photographs, Diagrams and Maps. 7 Chapters. H.B. Published in 1908, only 480 copies were printed. £45

361. The Geology and Scenery of the Grampians and the Valley of Strathmore Volume II By Peter MacNair. Illustrated with numerous Photographs, Diagrams and Maps. 8 Chapters. H.B. Published in 1908. £45

362. Antiquarian Gleanings from Aberdeenshire Records. Compiled by Gavin Turreff. H.B. 2nd Edition, Revised and Enlarged. Published in 1871. £25

363. Hebridean Naturalist by Peter Cunningham. Illustrations by Andrew Miller Mundy. A collection of the writers Nature Notes Column which ran in the Stornoway Gazette for many years. P.B. Published in 1979. £5

364. The Great Bohunkus. Tributes to Ian Mackay. Edited by Trevor Evans, with a foreword by Lord Beaverbrook. Over Thirty well known writers and cartoonists pay tribute to Mackay, a Wick born Journalist who spent the majority of his working life as a newspaper reporter and columnist in Fleet Street. H.B. With D/J Published in 1953, a year after his death. 208 pages. £6

365. An English Gaelic Dictionary By John Mackenzie. Author of “The Beauties of Gaelic Poetry” Being Part Second to MacAlpine’s Pronuncing Gaelic- English Dictionary. H.B. First Published in 1845, this reprint is from 1956. £5

366. A History of the Scottish Highlands. Highland Clans and Highland Regiments with an account of The Gaelic language, Literature, and Music by the Rev Thomas Maclaughlan, And an essay on Highland Scenery by the Late Professor John Wilson. Edited by John Keltie. Illustrated with a series of portraits, Views, Maps, Etc, Engraved on Steel, Clan Tartans, and upwards of Two Hundred Woodcuts Including Armorial Bearings. Volume 1. H.B. Published in 1877. £75

367. A History of the Scottish Highlands. Highland Clans and Highland Regiments with an account of The Gaelic language, Literature, and Music by the Rev Thomas Maclaughlan, And an essay on Highland Scenery by the Late Professor John Wilson. Edited by John Keltie. Illustrated with a series of portraits, Views, Maps, Etc, Engraved on Steel, Clan Tartans, and upwards of Two Hundred Woodcuts Including Armorial Bearings. Volume 1. H.B. Published in 1877. Vol II. £75

368. Sinclair Your Clan Heritage. Clan Sinclair. Booklet, Originally Printed in 1983, Revised and Updated in 1989. 34 pages. £5

369. Bardachd Na Roinn Eorpa An Gaidhlig. European Poetry in Gaelic. Deasaichte le Ruairidh MacThomais. Edited by Derick Thomson. H.B With D/J Published in 1990. £5

370. Ninety Wonderful Years 1869-1959. The Biography of Sir Thomas Mitchell, L.L.D, D.L, J.P. Lord Provost of Aberdeen 1938-1947 By Margaret Johnson. H.B. With D/J. D/J is a bit torn. Published in 1960. £8

371. Orain Chaluim. Being the poems of Malcolm Macaskill bard of Berneray, Harris. Edited by Alex Morrison M.A. (Hons) An English Introduction, but all the poetry is in Gaelic. 25 Gaelic Poems. H.B. With D/J Signs of dampness on the first four blank pages, otherwise in very good condition. Date of Publishing unknown. £8

372. Polly -The True Story Behind Whisky Galore by Roger Hutchinson. P.B. Originally Published in 1990, this P.B. Edition is from 1998. £5

373. Crieff Hydro 1868-1986 by Guy Christie. An updated history of the book that was originally published in 1968. The book is brought up to date with a chapter covering the years 1968-86. P.B. Publishe in 1986. £5

374. The Man Who Played Robert Burns. An Autobiographical Journey by John Cairney.  H.B. With D/J Pubished in 1987. £5

375. The Iona Community. Personal Impressions of the Early Years by T. Ralph Morton. P.B. Published in 1977. £5

376. Sidelights on Two Notable Ministries -Rev. Finlay Cook and Rev. Archibald Cook. P.B. Published in 1970. £5

377. Run Mo Smuaintean le Coinneach Iain Mac a’ Ghobhainn. Laoidhean le Mghr Mac a Ghobhainn a bhuineadh do Bhearnaraigh ann an Leodhas. Leabharann, air fhoillseachadh ann an 1984. £5

378. Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Volume XXI 1896-97. £25

379. Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Volume XXXI 1922-24 £20

380. Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Volume XXXII 1924-25 £20

381. Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Volume XXXIV 1927-28. Also includes Indexes of Volumes I to XXXIV. Transactions of the Society from 1871-1928. £20

382. Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Volume XXXV 1929-30 With Index. £20 

383. Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Volume XXXV1 1931-33. £20

384. Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Volume XXXVIII 1937-41 £20

385. Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Volume XLI 1951-52      £20

386. Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Volume XLV 1967-68.   £15

387. Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Volume XLVI Centenary Volume £15

388. Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Volume LIV   1984-86    £15

389. Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Volume LV   1986-88      £15

390. Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Volume LVI    1988-90   £15

391. Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Volume LV11 1990-92 £15

392. Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Volume LVIII 1992-94. With Indexes to Volumes XLVII to LVIII. £15

393. Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Volume LIX. 1994-96 £15

394. Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Volume LX 1997-98 £15

395. Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness. Volume LXI 1998-2000 £15

396. Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Volume LXII 2000-2002. £15

397. Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Volume LXIII 2002-04 £15

398. Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Volume LXIV 2004-06 £15

399. Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness Volume LXV 2006-09 £15

400. The Hugh Barron Papers                         £15