The Western Isles Kidney Patients Association marked the tenth anniversary of the Renal Unit in the Western Isles Hospital with a special lunchtime event on Wednesday (May 3) in the unit.
There was a lunch for all and a special birthday cake was created for the occasion.

The renal unit was established following on a campaign by the WIKPA to locate such facilities on the islands and end the need for patients to constantly travel back and forth from Inverness.  The unit is in regular use dealing the needs of island dialysis patients, the oldest of whom is 89.
Angus 'Texie' Macleod, who chairs the WIKPA, said that the aim of the next decade of work of the WIKPA was to get dialysis units closer to people’s homes.  Looking back at the setting up of the renal unit ten years ago, Angus told how one patient said of the new unit:  “Angus, I love watching the plane going out Inverness on Monday morning and being glad that I am not on it.”  He praised the staff of the unit and their work and their support and gifts were presented to the nurses by the WIKPA.
Mr Neil Galbraith, who chairs Western Isles NHS Board, said that the Board had always wanted to provide as many facilities as possible on the Island and was very grateful for the support of the groups involved in fundraising for the six dialysis machines.
He said that the hope of personal dialysis machines had not been attained for technical reasons but he also felt that the chat amongst the patients and staff of the unit formed part of essential support for those involved as people were able to exchange experiences.  He praised the staff for their work wishes the WIKPA a happy birthday.