Ward 1 – Barra, Vatersay, Eriskay and South Uist – Donald Manford (SNP), Calum Macmillan (SNP), Iain Archie MacNeil (Independent), Paul Francis Steele (Independent)

Ward 2 - Benbecula and North Uist – Uisdean Robertson (Independent), Iain Murdoch Macleod (Independent), Roddy Mackay (Independent)

Ward 3 – Harris and South Lochs – Finlay Cunningham (Independent), Paul Finnegan (Independent), John G. Mitchell (SNP).

Ward 4 - Uig and North Lochs – Angus Morrison (Independent), Norman A. Macdonald (Independent), Ranald Fraser (Conservative)

Ward 5 – Point – Norrie Tomsh Macdonald (Independent), Alasdair Macleod (Independent), Finlay Mackenzie Stewart (Independent).

Ward 6 - Stornoway South – Charlie Nicolson (Independent), Rae Mackenzie (SNP), Angus McCormack (Independent), Keith Dodson (Independent).

Ward 7 – Stornoway North – Gordon Murray (SNP), Roddie Mackay (Independent), Iain Macaulay (Independent), Neil Mackay (Independent).

Ward 8 – Broadbay – Donald Crichton (Independent), John A. Maciver (SNP), Calum Maclean (Independent).

Ward 9 – West Side and Ness – John Norman Macleod (Independent), Kenny Macleod (SNP), Kenny John Macleod (Independent), John Mackay (Independent).