Labour’s candidate in the Na h-Eileanan Iar constituency has called on her opponents to join a series of public debates 'to focus on issues vital to the future of the Western Isles'.

Ealasaid MacDonald said: “There should be no hiding place in this campaign for any candidate, and particularly the sitting MP.  The electorate deserve more than slogans, tweets and empty claims.

 “The issues at stake for our islands, and the quality of representation which emerges, are too important to be left to chance.  Every voter is entitled to the offer of a proper debate”.

Mrs MacDonald continued:  “Over the next few years, the Western Isles will need committed representation on all the distinctive island issues which will arise in the course of Brexit negotiations.

“This will require a full-time focus on the task in in hand and a willingness to work across party lines in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.

“We need to accept the outcomes of both referendums and concentrate on the many challenges we face in these islands.  Elected representatives need to work together in the interests of their constituents”.

She added:  “The sitting MP has a lot of answering to do – on his performance over the past ten years and, in particular, his refusal to work constructively with the local authority and other key players.

“Given his many tweets about Mrs May’s refusal to participate in a televised debate, I assume that he will be anxious to match words with actions and agree to my proposal for a series of public debates throughout the Western Isles”.