Local Labour candidate Ealasaid MacDonald is pledging to campaign for a tourism top-up fund.

She says the fund would 'take account of the unique contribution our islands are making to the national tourism industry'.

Ealasaid MacDonald said: "The Scottish Government should make the funds available as a recognition of the unique contribution our islands make to tourism nationally.

"There isn't a tourism brochure or marketing campaign that doesn't use images of our hills, lochs, golden sands and Barra's unique landing strip, as well as our music and language to sell Scotland as a quality tourism destination. Those working in the tourism sector in the islands should benefit directly from government investment. This  additional money would be used to pay for the vital services our communities provide for visitors.

"In recent years, because of Scottish Government cuts, the Comhairle has had to close facilities This investment would allow the development of enhanced tourism facilities which will benefit our economy.

"As we seek to address the imminent issue of depopulation it is essential our islands are given additional resources and investment which will allow our young people to flourish and our vulnerable to be protected."