'Come and join us' - LTC Piers Strudwick

‘Amazing opportunities’ – including up to 20 part time jobs - are being offered to young men and women in Stornoway, according to Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Piers Strudwick, Commanding Officer of the 7 SCOTS Army battalion. 

C Company 7 SCOTS is the British Army’s traditional Highlanders company, headquartered in Inverness.

The Western Isles platoon is based in Stornoway and currently manned at 10, including a Platoon Commander and Platoon Sergeant.

However, said LTC Strudwick, there had now arisen the potential for a number of additions to the platoon.

He commented: “As we move beyond full manning in 7SCOTS, we continue our attempt to re-engage those members who have not been able to participate for reasons of civilian employment, family or educational commitments.

“In reality, we have about 20 part-time jobs available now for young men and women in Stornoway.

“These vacancies include specialist positions for clerks, logisticians, chefs, and physical training instructors, alongside traditional infantry roles.”

As a battalion, said LTC Strudwick, 7 SCOTS is currently 435 strong – nearly 130 young men and women have joined in the last 12 months.

“There is no doubt that many of these people have been attracted by the opportunity for personal development, and the varied transferrable skills training that is on offer with the Army Reserves,” he said.

“7 SCOTS is currently focussed on ensuring that each one of our new recruits has a rewarding experience.

“They are benefitting from basic military training, driving courses, teamwork and adventurous training.

“There is a real sense of belonging among our people.”

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