Airline Loganair has taken aim at rival Flybe, saying that Flybe planes set to operate out of Stornoway are outdated, and lack the same level of disabled access as their aircraft.

“Our former partner Flybe is challenging us head-to-head on six of the 30 routes that we fly in Scotland,” Loganair stated in promotional material distributed this week.

“It (Flybe) has teamed up with Eastern Airways and the majority of its competing flights will be flown by Eastern’s small 29-seat Jetstream 41 props – in some cases, the very same aircraft that Loganair phased out of its fleet back in 1995.”

Loganair also claim that wheelchair lift-on assistance is not available on Jetstream 41 aircraft – but is available on the Saab 2000 and Saab 340 aircraft that it will use on the routes.

From September 1, the two airlines will become rivals on the Stornoway – Glasgow route.

Whereas in the past a return flight from Stornoway to Glasgow has cost in the region of £300, now single trips are being offered for around £50.

So how do the two services currently compare?

LUGGAGE – Flybe charge for luggage, £44 return for 15kgs, and £52 return for 22 kgs.
Loganair do not charge for luggage.

HAND LUGGAGE – Loganair say that their Saab 2000s offer more space on-board, and allow more room for carry-on baggage.
Flybe will offer a complimentary valet baggage service. The Flybe hand luggage allowance is 10kg per person and is put on the dedicated valet trolley by the foot of the aircraft steps and then placed in the aircraft’s baggage pod compartment.

BOOKING FEES – Loganair do not charge a booking fee. Flybe add 3% or minimum of £5 per booking.

CHECK-IN – Both airlines allow for check-in at the airport itself, or online, which is preferable.