Former Aird School headteacher Alasdair Macleod is seen above opening the 2017 Point Show on the cleared site of the former school yesterday afternoon (Saturday July 8).

He gave a eulogy to the achievement of Point folk over the past two centuries across many fields of activity, including education, science, history and journalism. 

Councillor Macleod, who now stays in Swordale, also took a glance at the history of the iconic area stretching back 10,000 years to the last Ice Age, including references to many historic sites including particularly the church at Ui.

The traditional Lewis summer weather showed a callous disregard for the local importance of the occasion sending squalls of rain and sweeping gusts across the exposed site and confining the large crowds to the Tiumpanhead Community Centre and the large tents and marquees containing the various displays and exhibitions.