Key strategic priorities for the Western Isles over the next 10 to 20 years have been published by the Outer Hebrides Community Planning Partnership today (Monday, October 2nd).
The OHCPP’s vision is to promote and realise the Islands’ full potential as a prosperous, well-educated and healthy community, enjoying a good quality of life and fully realising the benefits of the natural environment and cultural values.

Key priorities for the Islands moving forward are:
- The Outer Hebrides retain and attract people to ensure a sustainable population
- The Outer Hebrides have sustainable economic growth and all people have access to appropriate employment opportunities.
- The Outer Hebrides offer attractive opportunities that improve the quality of life, wellbeing and health for all people.
And additional focus has been identified as required in two areas, Stornoway West and Benbecula and North Uist.
The vision and strategic priorities were agreed by the OHCPP in May this year, and provide a clear focus and reflect the areas where the Partnership is striving to make maximum impact and drive improved outcomes in the face of the key challenges it has identified for the next decade.
OHCPP Chairman, Norman A MacDonald, said: “Community engagement and analysis through the ‘How Good Is Our Place’ survey enabled residents in the Islands to identify their priorities and areas where they thought things could be better.
“Responding to this work, the OHCPP has proposed priorities which focus on improvement and these are presented in this Local Outcome Improvement Plan (LOIP).
“Involving people in the decisions that have an impact on their lives and empowering communities to help themselves is vital and whilst the LOIP is for the whole of the Islands, we have identified two areas - Benbecula and North Uist, and Stornoway West - where additional focused effort is required to improve outcomes.
“Whilst this is a new way of working, it is really building on the Outer Hebrides’ traditional strengths of community, local engagement and partnership and is a commitment to empower our communities in delivering the services and aspirations that they deserve.”
The full documents from The Outer Hebrides Community Planning Partnership Local Outcome Improvement Plan can be accessed online at