Community Groups from the Butt to Barra received their share of £4,674 from the Western Isles Lottery at the end of September.

A spokesperson for Western Isles Community Society, who run the Lottery, say they have already banked almost £800 to restart the Community Funding Pot to be distributed at the end of October.

There has also been a total of £2,082 already shared in Cash Prizes. Winners have come from almost every area of the Islands and also from parts of mainland Scotland.

And there’s more this week!! Lewis Builders have donated a Cash Bonus of £250 and Barra Atlantic Gin have also donated a 3-Pack Presentation of their own newly launched product. All eligible tickets for the Bolt-on Prizes must be purchased before 8pm this Saturday.

Enquiries for funding have now been received from a variety of potential projects. Organisers would like to remind everyone of the groups receiving funding in each area Community and ask that the public approach their relevant local Group directly with enquiries.

  • Community 1            : Broadbay - HS1/2 (Stornoway Amenity Trust) covering Stornoway, Plasterfield, Sandwick, Parkend, Melbost, Point, Marybank, Laxdale, Newmarket, Tong, Back, Tolsta                                               
  • Community 2            : Ness & Westside - HS2 (Westside Football & Recreation Association) covering Port of Ness through Barvas to Carloway
  • Community 3            : Uig/Breasclete/Lochs - HS2 (Muaitheabhal & Friends) covering Tolstachaolais to Breasclete, Uig, Bernera and Lochs                       
  • Community 4            : Isle of Harris - HS3/4/5 (Harris Voluntary Services)
  • Community 5            : Isle of Uist - HS6/7/8 (Uist Council of Voluntary Services)
  • Community 6            : Isle of Barra            - HS9 (Barra & Vatersay Community Ltd)

The spokesperson emphasises that 60p of each supporter’s ticket is returned to their own area using a Postcode system. If you purchase a ticket with, say, a Uig Postcode, your 60p returns to Community Area 3. The level of funding returned to your area is dependent upon the number of supporters in your own area – the more support, the higher the funding received each month.

The Lottery is currently being steadily supported by more than 1300 Weekly tickets, the majority having committed by Direct Debit payments. If the organisers’ long term target of 5000 weekly tickets is met, this would mean a Weekly Prize Pot of £1,000 with £3,000 each week being returned to the Community.

The main focus of the majority of communities at this time appears to be the improvements of their areas for the forthcoming Festive Season. Harris recently lost their Street Decorations to a fire and their Lottery bonus has been earmarked for this. Funds are also needed to upgrade the unusable Scalpay playpark. Barra & Vatersay Community Ltd are welcoming of their bonus to do likewise. Public Toilet facilities are a priority in another area.

The Stornoway Amenity Trust’s first share of the Lottery returns will enable them to repair and upgrade their own Festive displays and activities.

Enquiries have been received from Uist as to how to apply for funding to upgrade children’s facilities in Benbecula.

Local businesses are now on board, acknowledging the potential such a fund raising scheme can bring to the Western Isles. The website has undergone an upgrade to promote the current local companies who are supporting them. Further talks are taking place with businesses in Lewis, Harris and Uist to bring future, regular ‘bolt-ons’.

The 8th successful Western Isles Lifestyle Lottery draw was held last Saturday (October 7th). The 1st Prize of £161.28 was won by Mr Gerry MacIver of Crieff, Perthshire; 2nd Prize of £67.20 went to ‘Mrs T’ of Garrabost, Point (Broadbay Area 1); and 3rd Prize of £40.32 was won by ‘Mr A’ from Erskine, Scotland.

The 9th Draw is this coming Saturday. Keep updated on the website using the Menu options. Tickets can be purchased at any time online on the Lottery website or during office hours by Telephone on 0300 30 20 444 (normal rates apply). You can also receive all updates by following on