Widespread support has come from Stornoway shoppers for recent changes to car park charges in the town centre – but there’s confusion over the varying prices for different car parking areas.

Following our report yesterday – which was read almost 3,000 times - there was also a big response on our welovestornoway Facebook Page, which reached more than 6,000 people.

And Events shop owner and Councillor Iain Macaulay pledged to step up his own campaign to get Comhairle nan Eilean Siar to reinstate parking signs along Cromwell and North Beach Streets.

He said:” The street parking on Cromwell Street and North Beach is for free short-term parking in order for people to collect newspapers, prescriptions etc.

“Unfortunately the signs to enforce this were removed some time ago, therefore it can't be enforced. I have repeatedly requested that these be put back up as I feel it would be of great assistance to the customers in the town centre.

Two contributors drew attention to the high cost of parking outside the Star Inn. Sheila Macleod said: “I went to bank the other day…it took me all of 10mins and it cost me a £1…don’t mind paying but that is a bit steep for such a short time “ And Caroline Maciver said: “I had to park at the Star to walk to the Clydesdale Bank, £1 for an hour, took 10 minutes …shocking.”

But the majority of responses celebrated the fact that the restrictions had removed workers cars from the area making it possible for shoppers to park whenever they wanted to

Karen Macleod said of the car parks that they are: “empty because it was all the workers parked there all day taking up the spaces other people need!

“I'm glad now I can go in to town any time of the day and know I can get a parking space no bother!

“If people would car share instead of one person taking a car each there would be even more spaces in town!

“It's not making me want to go to Tesco or the Co-op instead of shopping in town just because it's free to park in their car parks.

“I'm glad Iceland is opening in town and also Influence …I can park and get to them easily so in actual fact it's bringing me and – I'm sure – plenty of others into town!”

And Alison Mackay said: “It was nearly full this afternoon when I was there. Quite happy to pay 50p to use the local shops. Always had to park way up the back streets delighted I can now get in the centre."

Eric Anderson said: “Empty spaces means it is working … at last you can come into town for a couple of things and not spend half an hour looking for a space to park.”

Jacqueline Whyte said: “At least this way there will be more spaces as people will be more car share conscious and short term parking will be more available! It's Iceland’s only hope!”

Unfortunately, without walking around all the car parking areas to compare the prices on the signs and machines, there’s no way of gathering information on the best place to park.

Based on a media release from Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, these are the varying prices and time limits – note the contrast between the Star Inn and nearby Caledonian Hotel spaces.

Car park outside the Caledonian Hotel:

Monday-Saturday (including bank holidays)


Up to 1 hour £0.50

Up to 8 hours £1.00

Up to 24 hours £1.50

Maximum stay 24 hours

No return within 2 hours

Charges apply at all times


Car park outside the Star Inn:

Monday-Saturday (including bank holidays)


Up to 1 hour £1.00

Maximum stay 1 hour

No return within 2 hours


Car parks at the Fishermen’s wharf, North Beach and in Perceval Square:

Monday-Saturday (including bank holidays)


Up to 1 hour £0.50

Up to 2 hours £1.00

Up to 3 hours £1.50

Maximum stay 3 hours

No return within 2 hours