The following planning applications are pending consideration by Comhairle nan Eilean Siar.

All information and accompanying documents are publicly available on the CnES website

Isle of Lewis

Wind farm

Sandwick Community Council has applied for planning permission to construct and operate a wind farm at Druim Speireag. The farm will consist of up to ten wind turbine operators with a maximum height of 145m to tip. Each turbine is to have a rated capacity of up to five MW resulting in a total site capacity of up to 50MW.    

Accompanying substation and temporary compound as proposed to be located within Creed Business Park. 

New polycrub, Sheshader

Sheshader Common Grazings has applied for planning permission to erect a polycrub next to the playpark and community building in Sheshader, Point. The polycrub is to be four metres x eight metres and is to be made of a timber, polyethylene pipe, with polycarbonate roof sheeting.  

Installation of broadband cabinet, Shawbost

Openreach has applied for planning permission to install telecommunications apparatus at 53 North Shawbost. 

New 1.5 storey house, Coll

Chris Matheson of 55 Upper Coll has applied for planning permission to erect a house at 53C Coll. House is to have a kitchen/family room, lounge, bathroom, WC, utility room and one bedroom on the ground floor, and three bedrooms and two bathrooms on he first floor. Work is to include creating an access, and parking suitable for three cars.  

Erect store building for road salt, Marybank

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar has applied for planning permission to build a salt store at Salt Barn, Marybank. Work is to also include creating screen bunding, improve existing external light and fence perimetre.   

Renovation and extension of estate cottage, erection of ancillary building, Scaliscro

Scaliscro Estate has applied for planning permission to renovate and extend an estate cottage at Keepers Cottage, Scaliscro. Work will include demolition of much of the building, and extension to the remainder of the building. Work is to include creating space for one more car, bringing the total parking spaces to four.   

Existing ground floor, Keepers Lodge

Proposed ground floor, Keepers Lodge

The proposed ancillary building is to be an 8 metre x 3.9 metre construct.  

Demolish house and erect steel-frame building, Bragar

Graham Ferguson of 6 Heatherhill, Lower Barvas, has applied for planning permission to demolish the house at 12B Lower Bragar, and build a steel-frame construct to be used as a garage.  

New house, Mangersta

Catherine Lynch of Beeby Grange, Croxton Road, Beeby, Leicester, has applied for planning permission to erect a house at 2 Mangersta, Uig.  

Isle of Harris

New house, tourist accommodation and alteration of blackhouse, Lingerbay

Mr & Ms Taylor of 1/2 80 Victoria Crescent Road, Glasgow, have applied for planning permission to erect a house at 19A Lingerbay, Isle of Harris. Plans include adding an access, parking, foul water treatment plant and an air source heat pump. A blackhouse ruin is to be altered to create a garden.  Tourist accommodation is to be built on site, above road, with an access path. House will consist of one bedroom with Japanese bath, one bathroom, and a kitchen/living area. House is to be clad in lobster blue cladding, with a turf roof. A new chimney is to be built onto the existing blackhouse. Parking will be created suitable for three cars. 


The tourist accommodation is to be in the form of a studio, with kitchen/living and bedroom in one area, with a bathroom. It will have grey/blue cladding and a turf roof.