Na h-Eileanan an Iar MP Angus MacNeil has written to Transport Minister Michael Matheson MSP asking him to act and bring changes to the booking system to address capacity issues on air services – as his colleague Islands Minister Paul Wheelhouse MSP has indicated he will do for ferries.

Mr MacNeil has suggested the introduction of different time windows to the booking system of lifeline air and ferry services which would allow a percentage of seats/deckspace to be retained for booking within a shorter window of 2-4 weeks during peak times.  

The islands of Barra and Benbecula are among the few seeing the turning of the demographic tide, with new population growth being recorded, according to a research statement published on Friday (June 14th).

Ruth Wilson, Andrew Copus and Ruth Mitchell are the co-authors of a report published on the website of SEFARI (Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutes). The report, described as work in progress, suggests that some islands are bucking a wider trend for 25% population decline and one-third in the working age population by 2046.

Six firefighters - including one from Barra – celebrated the successful end to their training yesterday afternoon (Friday May 24th) in Stornoway.