Sunday: Associated Presbyterian Church, 72 Keith Street, Services 11am and 6.30pm

Sunday: Free Church of Scotland Continuing, Sandwick Road, Services 11am and 6.30pm

Sunday: Free Church Seminary, Francis Street, Service 11am

Sunday: Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, Matheson Road, Services 11am and 6.30pm 

Sunday: High Free Church, Stornoway Primary School, meeting at 11am and 6.30 pm English and Gaelic.

Sunday: Martin's Memorial Church, Francis Street, Services 11am & 6.30pm. Like their Facebook page!

Sunday: New Wine Church, Worship on Sunday mornings @ Lewis Retirement Centre on Bayhead, 11am. Evening service 7pm @ Father's House, Point Street 

Sunday: Our Holy Redeemer Church, Scotland Street, Sung Mass 11am

Sunday: St Columba's (Old) Parish Church, Lewis Street, Services 11am & 6.30pm

Sunday: St Peter's Scottish Episcopal Church, Francis Street, Eucharist service 11am, Evensong 7pm, Said Eucharist at 8.30am on the 1st Sunday of every month

Sunday: Stornoway Baptist Church, 60 Seaforth Road, Worship and teaching services 11am, Gospel Preaching Service 6-7pm 

Sunday: Stornoway Free Church, Kenneth Street, Services 11am and 6.30pm. The Gaelic service is held in the Seminary on Francis street at 7.30pm 

Sunday: Stornoway High Church, Matheson Road, Services (English) 11am & 6.30pm.  Gaelic service 3rd Sunday of month at 11am 

Sunday: Stornoway Reformed Presbyterian Church, Bridge Centre, Bayhead, 11am & 6.30pm 

Sunday: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 8 Newton Street, Stornoway - 10am worship meeting  11am. Sunday School instruction.   (t) Chapel - Sunday only - 01851 706709 (m) 07974885600 (e) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sunday: The Salvation Army, 59 Bayhead, Prayer meeting 10.30-10.45, Sunday family meeting 11am, Sunday School 1pm 

Sunday: The Bridge fellowship meets at the Bridge centre, Bayhead, 1.30 to 2.30pm.

1st Sunday of the month: St Columba's (Old) Parish Church, Lewis Street, Service 12.30pm

Monday-Friday: St Peter's Scottish Episcopal Church, Francis Street, Morning Prayers 9.30am


Tuesday: High Free Church, Stornoway Retirement Centre, English prayer and bible study 7.30pm

Tuesday: St Peter's Scottish Episcopal Church, Francis Street, Celtic Eucharist 1pm, Bible Study 7pm

Tuesday: The Salvation Army, 59 Bayhead, Lunch Club, 12noon-1pm 

Wednesday: Martin's Memorial Church, Francis Street, Mid-week meeting, 7.30pm

Wednesday: The Salvation Army, 59 Bayhead, Prayer Meeting 10.30am, Bible Study 11am 

Wednesday: Stornoway High Church, Matheson Road, English prayer meeting and bible study, 7.30pm 

Thursday: Associated Presbyterian Church, 72 Keith Street, Service 7.30pm

Thursday: Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, Matheson Road, Service 7.30pm

Thursday: High Free Church, Stornoway Retirement Centre, Gaelic prayer and bible study

Thursday: Stornoway Baptist Church, 60 Seaforth Road, Public Bible study, 7.30pm

Thursday: St Columba's (Old) Parish Church, Lewis Street, Service, 7.30pm

Thursday:  Stornoway Reformed Presbyterian Church,  Prayer Meeting, 7.30pm. Gospel Hall, Bayhead

Thursday: The Salvation Army, 59 Bayhead, Lunch Club, 12noon-1pm, Home League 2pm 

Thursday: The Free Church of Scotland Continuing, Sandwick road, Prayer meeting 7.30pm 

Friday:  The Salvation Army, 59 Bayhead, Breakfast Club, 8-1130am, Junior Youth Club (P1-P7) 6-730pm 

Saturday: Free Church of Scotland Continuing, Sandwick road, Prayer meeting, 730pm

Saturday: Our Holy Redeemer Church, Scotland Street, Saturday Vigil, 6pm

Saturday: Stornoway High Church, Matheson Road, English prayer meeting, 7.30pm 


Sunday: Back Free Church, Back, Morning Prayer Meeting, 9.30am, Sunday Services, 11am and 6pm, Youth Fellowship (Hall), 7.30pm

Tuesday: Back Free Church, held in Gress, Midweek Meeting, 7pm

Wednesday: Back Free Church, Hall, Prayer Meeting, 7.30pm

Wednesday: Back Free Church, Back Community Hut, Road to Recovery, 7.30pm

Thursday: Back Free Church, Hall, Gaelic Prayer Meeting, 7pm


Sunday: Knock Free Church, Knock, English service, 10.30am and 6pm (Sunday School during the morning service) 

Sunday: Knock Free Church, Knock, Gaelic service, 12noon 

Sunday: Knock Community Hall, Knock, Sunday services, 12 noon and 6pm 

Sunday: Knock Parish Church of Scotland, Knock, Sunday services, 12noon and 6pm (Sunday School meets during morning service) 

Sunday: Knock/Point Free Church Continuing, Knock, Sunday Services, 12noon and 6pm (Sunday School meets at 11am)

Sunday: Point Free Church, Garrabost, Sunday Services, 12 noon and 6pm (Sunday school during the morning service) 

First day of each month: Knock Free Church, Knock, monthly early morning prayer meeting, 6am 

First Monday of the month: in rotation- Aird, Garrabost, Bayble and Knock, monthly prayer meeting, 7.30pm 

First Monday of the month: Knock Mission House, Knock, Monthly prayer meeting, 7.30pm 

Wednesday: in rotation - Aird, Garrabost, Bayble and Knock, weekly prayer meeting, 7.30pm 

Wednesday: Knock Parish Church of Scotland, Knock, weekly prayer meeting 

Wednesday: Knock/Point Free Church (Continuing), Knock, Weekly Prayer Meeting, 7.30pm 

Thursday: Point Free Church, Garrabost, Weekly prayer meeting, 7.30pm 

Saturday: Knock Free Church, Knock, Prayer Meeting, 7.30pm