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Customers for Artizan Jewellery and Gift Shop in lower Church Street, Stornoway can see more what's on offer there from their homes, tablets and phones through a brand-new website http://artizanjewellery.com/index.php designed by Intermedia Services (Stornoway) Ltd.

And loyal customers of Artizan Jewellery and Gift Shop can gain extra rewards from the giant sale from Monday October 8 to Saturday October 13 - but even if you don't have an Artizan Card already, you can sign up for one for free on the spot!

Your loyalty card normally gives you 10 per cent off any purchases in Artizan up or down the stairs, This credit goes back into the card and the points will add up for you to spend on anything in the store!

So the shop says everything possible must go before the end of the week…meaning there's great offers right across the range from scarves to jewellery.

In all, Loyalty Card customers can save 20 per cent on all gift shop stock…that's £60 off a £300 piece of jewellery! Or £1 off in every £5…just depends on how you want to look at it.

Whatever way you choose to see it, there are great deals to be had…but only from Monday October 8 to Saturday October 13.