In Scotland, the collection of Direct Debit promises is not currently covered by Charity licensing rules, warns Comhairle nan Eilean Siar.

Therefore a door to door collection for direct debit does not require to have a licence from CnES.

The Institute of Fundraising, which includes membership of the majority of larger charities, has issued specific guidance for door to door fundraising .

The guidance states that “No Uninvited salespeople' signage does not give a clear indication that fundraisers should not approach.

However, the guidance further states that the display of “No Uninvited Salespeople” stickers  should give fundraisers a clear signal that any approach should be made with caution and sensitivity.

The guidance also states that collectors must when asked to do so, terminate their approach in a polite manner and must be courteous at all times.

Consumers should contact Police Scotland on 101 if they are worried about collectors coming to their door.