The theatre interpretation of 1930's real-life epic The Rocket Post will come a close in the islands where it all started with two free shows in Tarbert. 

Book your seats - and hold on to them tight – if you want to catch one of two performances of famed Isle of Scarp epic, The Rocket Post, showing for free in Tarbert later this month.

The National Theatre of Scotland has been touring the country performing its stage version of Gerhard Zucker’s ill-fated attempt to bring a rocket-fired postal service to the Western Isles in 1934.

And now, in tribute to the Islands where it all started, the tour will perform a grand finale in Harris, with two free performances in the Tarbert Community Centre at 2pm and 7pm on Wednesday the 25th of October.

The performances will be filmed and later shown in other remote communities throughout 2018.  It will be the first time that the National Theatre of Scotland has ever filmed a show for broadcast in this way. 

This version of The Rocket Post was written by acclaimed Scots playwright Lewis Hetherington has been described as an “inventive new show for children and grown-ups” and suitable for “all budding Rocketeers aged 6 and over.”  In the past the Rocket Post was interpreted through film, released in the UK 2005.   

Through playful acting and song, in both English and Gaelic, The Rocket Post tells the story of a German man’s real-life attempt to send two rockets full of letters on a 1600 metre flight path between the Isles of Harris and Scarp.  It is described as a “celebration of one man’s ambitious endeavour and the joyous discoveries that can happen when everything goes wrong” and a story “full of humour, heart and hope for the future.”

A talented behind the scenes cast of collaborators includes puppeteer and illustrator Ailie Cohen well known for her work on a Sheep Called Skye, Commonwealth Team and theatre choreographer Kane Husbands, Gavin Swift of Bristols' Old Vic and composer Michael John MacArthy whose extensive theatre work includes many National Theatre of Scotland Productions

The National Theatre of Scotland is dedicated to playing the great stages, arts centres, village halls, schools and site-specific locations of Scotland, the UK and internationally.

The filming is part of partnership between the Screen Machine and The Space.