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An Historical Enquiry Respecting The Performance of the Harp in the Highlands of Scotland.  From the Earliest Times, Until it was Discontinued, about the Year 1734.  To which is prefixed an account of a very ancient Caledonian Harp and of The Harp of Queen Mary.  Illustrated by Three Elegant Engravings.  Drawn up by desire of the Highland Society of Scotland, and Published under its Patronage by John Gunn, F.A.S.E.  H.B.  Published in 1807.  112 Pages.  Boards are not the original and slight marks on front and back.  Slight tears at the top and bottom of the boards.  £250

Sea Tangle.  Some more Songs of the Hebrides.  Collected, Edited, Translated and Arranged for Voice and Pianoforte by Marjory Kennedy Fraser and Kenneth Macleod.  Contents: Foreword, Legends and Sketches, Gaelic Pronunciation, Labour Lilts, Ancient Lays, An Island Tragedy, A Clanranald Lament, Uncanny Lilt.  Songs are in Gaelic and English.  A4 Size Publication, Printed in 1913.  This is a presentation copy and signed by Marjory Kennedy Fraser, dated 1920.  44 Pages.  Scarce.  £85

Songs of the Hebrides in 3 Volumes.  Collected and Arranged for Voice and Pianoforte with Gaelic and English words by Marjory Kennedy Fraser and Kenneth Macleod.  Volume I has 47 English songs and 47 Gaelic.  Includes Legends, Notes, Etc by Kenneth Macleod Also includes a number of other Gaelic and English songs.  168 Pages.  Volume II.  67 English and 50 Gaelic Songs, with Legends, Notes, etc by Kenneth Macleod.  Volume III.  59 English Songs and 48 Gaelic Songs with Legends, Notes, etc by Kenneth Macleod.  191 Pages.  All Volumes are H.B.  and were printed in 1922.  £150

From the Hebrides.  Further Gleanings of Tale and Song by M.  Kennedy Fraser and Kenneth Macleod.  Contents: Pastoral Lilts, Pre Christian Heroic Themes, Grandame’s Lilts, Sailing Songs, Sea Wandering, Mary Macleod Songs, Of Columba and Iona, Labour Lilt -Milking, Weaving and Waulking, Mystical Songs, Mouth Music, Songs of Love and Sorrow, Uncanny Songs, To the Isles, Words by R.L.S.  Tales and Legends, etc by Kenneth Macleod.  H.B.  Date of Printing unknown but possibly the mid 1920’s.  This is a presentation copy from M.Kennedy Fraser dated 1926.  All songs are in English and Gaelic.  131 Pages.  £85

Songs of the Highlands.  The Gaelic and English Words arranged by Malcolm Macfarlane.  The Symphonies and Accompaniments by Fr.  W.Whitehead.  Of the fifty melodies, forty four are purely folk melodies, the other six are creations of the last few years.  H.B.  Which has the original boards.  All songs are in Gaelic and English.  201 Pages.  Date of Publishing is not known.  Scarce.  £125

The Ever Green Being a Collection of Scots Poems, Wrote by the Ingenious before 1600.  Vol I.  & 2 Publifhed by Allan Ramsay.  43 Songs in Total in Vol I.  270 Pages.  Vol II has 38 Poems.  Vol II also includes a glossary of the words.  Vol II has 286 Pages.  H.B.  and both are fully rebound.  Published in 1761.  £150.  Scarce.

Semi Precious Stones of Carrick by John Smith.  H.B.  82 Pages.  Published in 1910.  Includes Plates.  £15

Upland Fauna of the Old Red Sandstone Formation of Carrick, Ayrshire by John Smith.  H.B.  Printed in 1909.  41 Pages, includes a number of Plates.  £15

Inveraray and the Dukes of Argyll.  With a foreword by the Eleventh Duke of Argyll by Ian G.  Lindsay and Mary Cosh.  Contents: Part one: The New Duke, Duke Archibald’s Castle, The Setting, Inveraray New Town: the Grand Conception, Interregnum.  Part Two: The Castle: Transformation, Building in the Policies 1771-90, The New Town: Realization, 1771-1806, Decline and Revival, Epilogue, Glossary and Abbreviations, Notes on Sources, Notes and References, Index of Architects and Craftsmen, General Index, Acknowledgements, Genealogical Tables.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1973.  487 Pages £35

 Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland.  A Survey of Scottish Topography.  Statistical, Biographical and Historical.  Edited by Francis H.  Groome.  6 Volumes.  Vol I A-Coru 288 Pages, Vol 2 Cor-Eyn, 272 Pages.  Vol 3 Fad -Hyn,280 Pages.  Vol 4 I-Lyth, 288 Pages.  Vol 5 Maa-Rye, 292 Pages.  Vol 6 Sad-Zet.  334 Pages.  All Volumes are HB and includes Plates and Maps.  £60 for the 6 Volumes.

A Desert Place in the Sea.  The Early Churches of North Lewis by Michael Robson.  P.B.  Published in 1997.  95 Pages.  £6

Gaelic Names of Beasts (Mammalia), Birds, Fishes, Insects, Reptiles, Etc.  In Two Parts.  1.  Gaelic -English.  -II English -Gaelic.  Part I Contains Gaelic Names or Terms for Each of the Above, With English Meanings.  Part II.  Contains all the English Names for which Gaelic is given in Part I, With Gaelic,Other English Names, Etymology, Celtic Lore, Prose, Poetry, And Proverbs Referring to Each, Thereto Attached.  All Now Brought Together for the First Time by Alexander Robert Forbes Edinburgh.  H.B.  Published in 1905 and gives a list of all the subscribers.  424 Pages.  £45

Old Skye Tales.  FurtherTraditions, Reflections and Memories of an Octogenerian Highlander by William Mackenzie, Culnacnoc.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1934.  1st Edition.  20 Chapters.  Which includes The last of the Nicolsons, A Ghost Story, Poaching, The Massacre of Eigg and the Burning of Trumpan Church, Lauchlen Macdonald of Ord Skeabost, The Skye Poetess, Arrest of the Mackinnons, The Macdonalds of Mogstad, South Snizort.  Etc.  161 Pages.  £25

Play Away Please.  The tale of the sale of Golf’s Greatest Icon -The St Andrews Old Course Starter’s Box by John Peter Hagen.  The box was sold in a controversial international auction on 10 September 2001 -the before the infamy of the Twin Towers attack.  This book recounts the glory of the little building in St Andrews, ‘the home of golf’ and tells the tale of those who used its services for 77 continuous years.  H.B.  With D/J and signed by the author.  Published in 2010.  238 Pages.  £6

 Ireland and Scotland.  Order and Disorder, 1600-2000 Edited by R.J.  Morris, Economic and Social History, University of Edinburgh, and Liam Kennedy, School of History.  Queen’s University Belfast.  Contents: Part One: The Land, Part Two: Disciplines and Demographies, Part Three: Conflicts and Identities, Part four: Consumed Disciplines, Part Five: History in the Present.  P.B.  Published in 2005.  293 Pages.  £8

 The Wild Sports & Natural History of the Highlands by Charles St John.  Originally Published in 1893, This reprint is from 1986 and contains a new introduction.  H.B.  Published in 1986.  319 Pages.  £12

Am Bard.  Orain, Sgriobhaidhean agus Litrichean Bard Thurnaig (Alasdair Camshron) Air an deasachadh agus air an cur a mach le Iain MacAlasdair Moffatt-Pender.  Roimh Radh le Uilleam I.  MacBhathair M.A, L.L.D Ard Ollamh na Gaidhlig an Oil Thigh Dhun Eideann.  5 Piosan Rosg agus 25 piosan bardachd.  H.B.  Air Fhoillsaechadh ann an 1926.  232 Duilleag.  £30

 Sermons and Meditations by the Rev James A.  Tallach.  With a brief memoir of the Rev James A.  Tallach by Dr H.  Gillies, Stornoway.  Rev Tallach was Minister of the Free Presbyterian Church Congregations at Kames and in Stornoway.  Booklet, Originally Printed in 1962, this reprint is from 1978.  117 Pages.  £6

The Real Taggarts.  Glasgow’s Post War Crimebusters.  By Andrew G.  Ralston.  The policemen profiled in the book are: DCS William Ewing, CID Chief 1937-51, DCS Gilbert McIlwrick, CID Chief 1951-57, DCS Robert V.  Colquhoun CID Chief 1957-60, DCS Robert Kerr, CID Chief 1960-63, DCS Tom Goodall, CID Chief 1963-69, Superintendent Alex Brown, Deputy CID Chief 1957-59, DS Joe Beattie, In Charge of the Northern, Maryhill and Marine Divisions 1969-73.  P.B.  Published in 2017.  237 Pages.  £5

One Hundred Years On.  Kinloch Church of Scotland Isle of Lewis.  1911-2011.  A comprehensive history of the congregation its Ministers, Elders, Session Clerks, Deacons etc.  Booklet, Printed in 2011.  74 Pages.  £6

Hebridean Island.  Memories of Scarp by Angus Duncan.  1888-1971.  Edited by A.Duncan.  The Island of Scarp lies off the West Coast of North Harris in the Outer Hebrides and was populated for more than 400 years until 1971.  This magnificent account of the island describes an island community and a way of life now all but forgotten.  This book was originally published in 1995, this P.B.  Reprint is from 2005.  234 Pages.  £8

 In My Small Corner.  Memories of an Orkney Childhood by Margaret Aitken.  In this book the author remembers island life -idyllic memories of growing up in a close knit community, of walking with the poet and naturalist Robert Rendall.  P.B.  Published in 2001, 125 Pages.  £6

Recipes and Housekeeping Tips from 1908.  This fascinating book originated from the hand written notes of Mrs Annie Mackinnon of 67 Balallan, Isle of Lewis and date from1908.  The handwritten notes were discovered at the house she stayed in in 2004.  P.B.  With Ring Binding.  106 Pages.  £8

Donald Malcolm The Driving Force by Bob Tuck.  The story of the son of the founder of the WH Malcolm Haulage Company, which continues to be one of the country’s largest.  H.B.  Published in 2006.  130 Pages, and includes many photographs, and gives a timeline of the major milestones of the company since its founding.  £10

 One Hundred & Fifty Proud Years.  A booklet to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Main Building of the High School of Dundee.  Booklet, 32 Pages.  Date of Printing Unknown.  £8

The High Girders.  The Story of the Tay Bridge Disaster by John Prebble.  The author tells the story from its beginning, through the long years and incidental disasters of construction, to the brief months of triumph and on to the grim aftermath.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1956, this third edition is from 1975.  220 Pages.  £8

An Old Scottish Town House -Provand’s Lordship, Glasgow.  Pamphlet, originally printed in 1930, this sixth edition is from December 1946.  11 Pages.  £8

John Murray and The Godly Life by John J.  Murray.  This booklet is the substance of an address delivered at a meeting of the Northern Reformed Fellowship in Dornoch Academy on 16th June 2008.  Booklet, 20 Pages.  £5

 Rev William Grant.  A biography of the late Minister of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland.  Contents includes a biography of his life, His Ministry, Tributes, Sermons and Notes, Letters, Obituary written by Mr Grant and fragments from Mr Grant’s diaries.  P.B.  Published in 1978.  133 Pages.  £8

History and Poetry from the Scottish Border.  Volumes I and II By Professor Veitch.  Their main features and relations.  New and Enlarged Edition.  Vol I has 374 pages.  Vol II has 376 Pages.  2nd Edition.  £30

Highland Minister.  The Life and Poems of Rev Angus Mackinnon, Aultbea.  A Biography by his son Angus Matheson Mackinnon.  This book gives an intimate account of the life and times of Rev.  Angus Mackinnon, who was a minister in a Scottish Highland parish from 192401956.  Included are his early life adventures in Canada, and his Gaelic poems with English translations.  P.B.  Published in 1997.  470 Pages.  £6

Leabhar Nan Comharraidhean.  A register of crofters sheep marks from Ness to Ballantrushal on the Island Of Lewis.  Compiled and Published by Comunn Eachdraidh Nis (Ness Historical Society).  Booklet, Printed in the late 1970’s.  83 Pages.  £8

Eavesdropping on Myself.  An outsider’s Boyhood in Glasgow.  By Norman Maclean.  This book chronicles the author’s boyhood in Glasgow and explores the push-pull of two cultures; working class Glaswegian and first generation Hebridean.  P.B.  Published in 2015.  193 Pages.  £6

I’ll Sing on.  The Story of Catriona Maclean Mackinnon.  By G.A.  Mackinnon.  Catriona Maclean was born in Glasgow in 1949, parents were from Skye and North Tolsta, she graduated in voice, harp and piano from the prestigious Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.  This is her story of her passion for music and her search for truth that would carry her through her struggles with life threatening illness and with the cultural implications of her faith.  She passed away on the Isle of Skye in May 1984.  P.B.  Published in 2017.  114 Pages.  £5

 Scotland’s Golf Course.  The Complete Gide by Vic Robbie.  H.B.  Published in 1997.  Gives a Directory of every Golf Club in Scotland.  Ex Library Book.  235 Pages.  £5

Neil Munro’s Jimmy Swan.  Commercial Traveller.  P.B.  Originally Published in 1931, this reprint is from 1988, and includes illustrations.  P.B.  122 Pages.  £5

Diary and Sermons of the Rev Alexander Macleod Rogart -formerly of Uig, Lewis.  With brief memoir by the Rev D.  Beaton, Wick.  Booklet, Printed in 1925.  60 Pages.  Covers show signs of dampness, but contents are perfect.  £6

Dain Spioradail le Dughall Bochanan.  Spiritual Songs of Dugald Buchanan.  Booklet, date of Printing Unknown.  59 Pages.  £8

Spurious Charity by J.Forbes Moncrieff.  Revised and Reprinted 1962.  Booklet, printed by the Scottish Reformation Society.  16 Pages.  £6

Give me that Joy.  A Simple Devotional Commentry on Acts 1:1 -9:31 by John Tallach.  P.B.  Published in 1996.  159 Pages.  £5

A Brief History of Dornoch Free Church by WH Murray.  Booklet, date of printing not known but possibly circa late 1990’s.  40 Pages.  £5

 The Psalter in Metre and Scripture Pharaphrases With Tunes.  Authorised for use in Public Worship.  H.B.  Originally Published in 1899, this reprint is not dated.  864 Pages.  £10

A Heart For Africa.  The Story of Jean Nicolson -Missionary in Zimbabwe by Dolina MacCuish.  Jean Nicolson was born in Arizona, but with her roots in the Scottish Highlands.  She gave the best years of her life to mission work in Africa.  H.B.  With illustrations.Published in 2008.  229 Pages.  £6

St Mungo’s Bairns.  Some notable Glasgow students down the centuries.  Booklet, 57 Pages.  Printed in 1990.  £6

The Tall Ship at Riverside -Glenlee.  A guidebook about the historic ship.  Booklet, Printed in 2011.  33 Pages.  £5

Rosslyn Chapel by The Earl of Rosslyn.  Contents: A short History, A Tour of Rosslyn Chapel, Cultural Heritage, The St Claires of Rosslyn, Perspectives.  Booklet, Printed in 1997.  56 Pages.  Includes 2 receipts from a visit to the Chapel.  £6

Diary 1851-John Munro Mackenzie Chamberlain of the Lews.  His diary for the year 1851, when he was half way through a six year engagement as Chamberlain, gives a vivid and at times disturbing picture of the issues of the day.  The diary is published exactly as it was written.  P.B.  Published in 1994.  167 Pages.  £8

Owners and Occupiers.  Changes in Rural Society in South West Scotland before 1914 by RH Campbell.  Contents: A Peripheral Region, Agricultural Enterprise, Landownership.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1991.  Includes Maps.  200 Pages.  £10

Bute Connections by Jean Macmillan, Margaret Lamb and Allan Martin.  This book is based on an exhibition that was held in August 2009, and represents a major contribution to Bute local history.  P.B.  Published in 2011.  112 Pages.  £6

 Arran a History by Thorbjorn Campbell.  In this book the author gives an original, fascinating and comprehensive account of Arran’s long and eventful history, and also includes a selection of traditional Arran songs and stories, originally collected by William Mackenzie before the First World War.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 2007.  297 Pages.  £10

The University of Glasgow : 1451 -2001 by A.L.  Brown and Michael Moss.  Glasgow University is Scotland’s second oldest University -this volume traces its history from the foundation to the present.  P.B.  Reprinted with Corrections in 2001.  121 Pages.  £8

Scotland’s Shame.  Bigotry and Sectarianism in Modern Scotland Edited by T.M.  Devine.  The chapters in this book are written by the best writers, researchers and academics in the field, including Steve Bruce, Robert Crawford, Tom Gallacher, John Haldane, David McCrone and Andrew O’ Hagan.  Both Catholic and Protestant perspectives are represented as are various disciplines.  P.B.  Published in 2000.  281 Pages.  £6

The Soap Man.  Lewis, Harris and Lord Leverhulme by Roger Hutchinson.  In 1918, as the First World War was drawing to a close, the eminent liberal industrialist Lord Leverhulme bought -lock, stock and barrel -the Hebridean Island of Lewis.  His intention was to revolutionise the lives and environment of its 30,000 people, and those of neighbouring Harris, which he shortly added to his estate.  P.B.  Originally printed in 2003, this reprint is from 2005.  236 Pages.  £5

Far Off in Sunlit Places.  Stories of the Scots in Australia and New Zealand by Jim Hewitson.  From coastline to desert, from hill farms to the growing cities of both nations, the narrative moves with fluid ease.  Far off in Sunlit places is popular history at its best, highly readable and carrying its scholarship lightly.  It is a very fitting testimony to the resilience and ambition of Scots abroad.  P.B.  Published in 1998.  308 Pages.  £6

Before the Oil Ran Out.  Britain 1977-86 by Ian Jack.  This is a selection of the author’s journalism, along with a portrait of his father and his own childhood largely in Scotland, and includes all those pieces that have won such acclaim.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1987.  271 Pages.  £6

 The Celtic Church in Scotland.  Being an Introduction to the History of the Christian Church in Scotland down to the death of Saint Margaret by John Dowden D.D.  Bishop of Edinburgh.  H.B.  Published in 1894.  334 Pages.  £30

Killearn Past and Present.  Research and old photographs by Helen Louden & Hugh McArthur for the Quincentenial Celebrations.  A selection of photographs over the year’s.  Booklet, Printed in 2006.  62 Pages.  £6

Rogart -The Story of a Sutherland Crofting Parish.  Written and Compiled by John Macdonald.  With written contributions from Dr Michael Simpson and Rosa Macpherson.  A fascinating record of the village.  Which includes many photographs.P.B.  Published in 2002.  439 Pages.  Signed by the author.  £10

A History of Lairg by Lesley Ketteringham.  With local contributors.  P.B.  Originally Published in 1997, this reprint is from 1998.  256 Pages.  £8

Pronouncing English-Gaelic Dictionary.  Compiled by Neil Macalpine.  Formerly Published as Part 1 of Macalpine’s Pronouncing Gaelic Dictionary.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1971.  281 Pages.  £8

 Healing Threads.  Traditional Medicines of the Highlands and Islands by Mary Beith.  In a fascinating look at these traditions, the author links the threads of Highland medicine across time and space to embrace the wider contexts of European orthodox medicine, Celtic art and rituals.  P.B.  Originally Published in 1995, this third reprint is from 1998.  294 Pages.  £6

 Scottish Midwives.  Twentieth Century Voices by Lindsay Reid.  This book traces, through the oral testimonies of midwives, the development of midwifery in Scotland in the twentieth century from their own, very personal, perspectives.  P.B.  Published in 2000.  193 Pages.  £5

The Hill of the Red Fox by Allan Campbell Maclean.  A novel set in the time of the Cold War, Soviet spies are feared, and secrets are traded.  People disappear.  Originally Published to great acclaim in 1955, this fourth reprint is from 2009.  262 Pages.  £5

 Rock Lighthouses of Britain by Christopher Nicholson.  In this new and greatly enhanced edition of his classic work, which has become the standard work on the subject, the author vividly describes the construction and history to the present day of some of the world’s most famous lighthouses.  Originally Published in 1983, this edition is from 2006.  H.B.  With D/J 224 Pages.  £10

St Clement’s Church at Rodel by Bill Lawson.  A Harris Church in its Historical Setting.  Booklet, Printed in 1991.  44 Pages.  £6

Yesterday’s Child by Christina J.  Morrison.  The author was born and brought up in Innes Street, Inverness of lewis parents.  She began her working life at the Town Clerk’s office in Inverness.  Once war was declared she was instructed to go to London, where she discovered, that she would be working for Military Intelligence at Whitehall, decoding top secret messages for Churchill’s Government.  Many of the messages she decoded related to events, which, in hindsight, proved to be of great historical significance.  Her tales of her adventures in wartime London are fascinating (including meeting Winston Churchill in his pyjamas!) P.B.  Published in 2016.  160 Pages.  £5

 Bobby Tulloch’s Migrations.  Travels of a Naturalist.  This book follows his voyaging over northern seas to the Faroes and remote St Kilda, and south as far as the Seychelles and the Falklands, in search of greater understanding of the birds he has loved and studied all his life.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1991, 151 Pages.  £8

Fishing Vessels of Britain and Ireland 1999.  A Fishing News Publication.  The handbook for the Fishing Vessel Operator.  A4 Size Publication.  272 Pages.  £10

The Munro’s.  Scotland’s Highest Mountains by Cameron Mcneish.  All 284 Munros Included.  H.B.  With D/J Originally Published in 1996, this edition is from 2003.  228 Pages.  £8

Twenty Years of Hebridean Memories by Emily Macdonald.  The author a niece of island landowner Lord Leverhulme, covers the years 1918-1938.  H.B.  With D/J and includes Photographs.  Published in the mid 1960’s.  156 Pages.  £20

 Travels in the Western Hebrides from 1782-1790 by Rev John Lane Buchanan.  Introduction by Dr Alasdair Maclean.  P.B.  Originally Published in 1793, this reprint is from 1997.  109 Pages.  £8

 The whole earth shall cry Glory.  Iona prayers by Rev George F.  Macleod.  H.B.  Published in 1985.  64 Pages.  £6

Am Feachd Gaidhealach.  Leabhar de rosg agus bardachd a chaidh a chuir ri cheile airson an fheadhainn a bha ann a seirbheas feachd a righ aig am an dara cogaidh.  H.B.  Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1944.  320 Duilleag.  £10

The Hydro Boys.  Pioneers of Renewable Energy by Emma Wood.  The hydro electric project was a crusade, with a marvellous goal: the prize of affordable power for all from Scottish rainfall.  P.B.  Originally Published in 2002, this edition is from 2010.  205 Pages.  £5

Captain Robert Peter.  The sailor -poet of Tulliallan.  By Rev William Meiklejohn M.A.  Booklet, Date of Printing early 1980’s.  97 Pages.  Signed by the author.  £8

My Father and other Working Class Heroes by Gary Imlach.  The story of Stewart Imlach, born in Lossiemouth, left the fishing port to become a professional footballer in England, was in the Scotland squad at the 1958 World Cup, the following year he won the FA Cup with Nottingham Forest.  This book was described as one of the best sports books of recent times.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 2005.  235 Pages.  £5

Alison -A father’s Search for his missing daughter by Quentin Macfarlane.  On 17th August 1981, a pretty 19 year old student from the Island of Lewis, Alison Macdonald, set off on a short walk from the guest houe at which she was staying in the Kashmiri Village of Sonamarg in Northern India.  She never returned.  This book follows the remarkable story of one of the most intriguing and compelling mysteries of modern day.  H.B.  Published in 1986.  167 Pages.  £6

One Man’s Lewis.  A Lively View of a Lively Island by George Morrison (The Breve) A compilation of his columns which appeared in the Stornoway Gazette from the 1940’s until the 1980’s.  P.B.  Published in the 1980’s.  125 Pages.  £6

Highland Ways and Byways by Kenneth Macrae (Coinneach Mor) A selection of his writings.  The extracts in this book are taken from the 3 books which the author had previously published; Highland Doorstep 1953, Highland Handshake 1954, and Northern Narrative 1955.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1973.  147 Pages.  £6

English -Gaelic Dictionary.  Compiled by John Mackenzie.  Formerly Published as Part 2 of Macalpine’s Pronouncing Gaelic Dictionary.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1971.  269 Pages.  Slight tears on the front of the D/J.  £8

A Short History of the Highlands and Isles by W.C.  Mackenzie.  With Illustrations.  The main purpose of the book is to trace the various stages of social, economic, religious and political development through which the Highland people have passed, from the earliest historical times down to the present day.  24 Chapters, additional notes and index.  H.B.  Published in 1906.  389 Pages.  £25

Crofts and Crofting by Katharine Stewart.  Contents: Bibliography, What is a Croft?, The Land Wars, A Living from the Land, Skills for Living, The Lively Minds, Crofting Today -and Tomorrow.  P.B.  Published in 1980.  64 Pages.  £5

A Bibliography of the Works of Neil Gunn by CJL Stokoe.  Contents: Preface, Chronology of Neil M.  Gunn, Books and Short Stories, Plays, Dramatisations and Film Scripts, Verse, Articles in Newspapers and Periodicals, Broadcast Material, Miscellanous, Index.  P.B.  Published in 1987.  243 Pages.  £6

The Scottish Regiments by Diana M.  Henderson.  Foreword by His Royal Highness The Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh K.G.  K.T.  Covers all the Scottish Regiments.  Appendices include Battle Honours, The Territorial Army, Scottish Military Music.  P.B.  Published in 1993.  183 Pages.  £8

 Atlantic Challenge.  An Epic Solo Voyage across The North Atlantic by Angus Matheson Mackinnon.  This book describes a solo voyage across the north Atlantic, that turned out to be an unprecedented challenge.  The Author spells out the nature of the challenge and the triumph of overcoming it.  P.B.  Published in 1995.  371 Pages.  Includes many photographs.  Signed by the Author.  £8

The Land of the Hills and Glens.  Wild Life in Iona and the Inner Hebrides by Seton Gordon.  With 57 Illustrations from Photographs by the Author.  1st Edition.  Published in 1920.  H.B.  35 Chapters.  223 Pages.  £35

Steering the Stone Ships.  The Story of Orkney Kirks and People by Jocelyn Rendall.  Drawings by Crispin Worthington.  Through many centuries, Orkney’s churches have been the theatre in which the great drama’s of Orkney’s history have been played out.  The author tells the fascinating story of an island’s people through the records of these churches.  P.B.  Published in 2009.  268 Pages.  £8

 Genealogical Collections Concerning Families in Scotland, Made by Walter Macfarlane 1750-1751.  Edited from the Original Manuscripts in the Advocates Library, by James Toshach Clark.  Keeper of the Library.  Vol I H.B.  Published in 1900.  438 Pages.  The book also gives a list of members for the Scottish History Society in 1888-1889.  £45

Avonside Explored by Edward H.  Peck.  A Guide to Tomintoul and Glenlivet.  Illustrations by Donald R.  Macgregor.  This booklet, aims to expand on Victor Gaffney’s book ; Tomintoul its Glens and its People, by including more of Inveravon- Glenlivet and by providing up to date directions for walks and drives in exploring the Banffshire Avon and its tributaries.  Booklet, Printed in 1983.  52 Pages.  £8

Robert Louie Stevenson and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland by Louis Stott.  A look at RLS’s journeys to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.  P.B.  Published in 1992.  154 Pages.  £6

 Chi Mi Domhnall Iain Macdhomhnaill.  The Gaelic Poetry of Donald John Macdonald.  Edited by Bill Innes.  With introduction, Notes and Parallel Translation.  Includes a biography of the Bard.  This is the first book of his poetry to be published and includes English translation, introduction and notes to all the poems.  P.B.  Published in 1998.  369 Pages.  A presentation copy from the Editor which is signed.  £8

Eilean Fraoich.  Lewis Gaelic Songs and Melodies.  Originally Published in 1938, this reprint with many of the newer songs is from 1982.  Includes Published Songs, Unpublished Songs, Orain Luaidh, Puirt a- Beul, and some of the new songs.  Where known there are a couple of lines of biography on each bard.  P.B.  Published in 1982.  238 Pages.  £8

Stornoway and the Lews by James Shaw Grant.  Humour, Mystery Tragedy and Adventure.  Unusual Stories from the Western Isles.  P.B.  Published in 1985.  198 Pages.  £8

An Island Nurse by Sheila Chapman.  Elizabeth Laird Manson was born on the 27th November 1926 in a well known Northern Scottish Village called John o’ Groats (locally known as Groats) at the very North tip of mainland Scotland.  Little did anyone know when she was born that she was destined to be the district nurse on the Island of Stroma.  The author was the second youngest daughter of Elizabeth Manson.  P.B.  Published in 2009.  83 Pages.  £6

Harris Tweed.  The Story of a Hebridean Industry by Francis Thompson.  This book describes the economic struggles of the Hebrides, the methods of Tweed Manufacture, both traditional and modern, and the marketing problems.It tells a unique and exciting story.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1969.  1st Edition.  Includes many illustrations.  191 Pages.  £10

Great Scott -The autobiography of Scotland’s most capped player.  Scott Hastings and Derek Douglas.  Hastings tells of his life at the centre.  He writes about Grand Slams and Grand slumps, joy and despair with the British Lions down under and of an Edinburgh childhood where sibling rivalry knew no bounds.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1996.  190 Pages.  £5

The Hub of My Universe by James Shaw Grant.  More Humour, Mystery, Tragedy and Adventure from real life in the Western Isles.  P.B.  Published in 1982, 148 Pages.  Signs of dampness on the back cover of the book.  £8

Twelve Select Sermons of the Rev Andrew Gray.  With brief account of his life.  The Rev Andrew Gray was a Minister of the Gospel in Glasgow.  He passed away aged 22 years in 1656.  Booklet, printed in 1961.  128 Pages.  £6

The Gaelic Reader With Notes and Vocabulary.  Edited by Malcolm Maclennan.  New and Revised Edition.  H.B.  2nd Edition.  Published in 1913.  80 Pages.  £10

Scotland Archaeology and Early History by Graham and Anna Ritchie.  With 149 Illustrations.  The authors provide the first fully comprehensive survey of Scotland’s archaeology and early history, from earliest times to the union of the Picts and Scots in ad 843.  P.B.  Ex Library.  Originally Published in 1981, this Edition is from 1985.  192 Pages.  £8

 Notes of Everything.  The Rev Dr Archibald Clerk’s Kilmallie Parish Minister’s Diary of c.  1864.  With an index of person’s named in its text.  Prefaced by the illustrated story of his family.  Booklet, Printed in 1987.  74 Pages.  £6

Jacobite Activities in and around Inverness.  A description of events concerning Jacobitism which occurred in the Inverness locality during the years 1688-1746 by Barrie Robertson.  Booklet, originally printed in February 1970, this reprint is from April 1972.  21 Pages.  £6

In The Middle by Iain Crichton Smith.  Poetry which demonstrates the same unobtrusive technical mastery, and the same intellectual curiosity and sensitivity.  P.B.  Published in 1977.  64 Pages.  £5

Neil M.  Gunn.  The Man Who Came Back.  Short Stories and Essays.  Edited by Margery McCulloch.  P.B.  Published in 1991.  211 Pages.  £5

Fortrose and Rosemarkie Golf Club 1888-1988.  Compiled by Alex Main.  Booklet, Printed in 1988.  78 Pages.  £6

Highland Postbag.  The correspondence of Four Macdougall Chiefs 1715-1865.  Edited by Jean MacDougall.  The surviving correspondence of four Macdougall chiefs provides an authentic record of the concerns and vicissitudes of the family during a time of major change in the way of life in the Highlands, and of the impact of local, national and international events upon it.  P.B.  Originally Published in 1984, this reprint is from 2003,294 Pages.  £8

Charles Kennedy A Tragic Flaw by Greig Hurst.  The Biography of the late leader of the Liberal Democrats and one of the ablest politicians of his generation.  Charles Kennedy -1959-2015, served as MP for a Highland constituency from 1983-2015.  This book was published in 2006, after he stood down as leader of his party.  H.B.  With D/J 307 Pages.  One of the best political biographies of recent times.  £6

 The Modern Gaelic English Dictionary.  Am Faclair Ur Gaidhlig -Beurla le Robert C.  Owen.  Specially recommended for learners, containing pronunciation, irregular verb tables, grammatical information, examples of idiomatic usage.  P.B.  Published in 1993, this reprint is from 1996.  139 Pages.  £6

Laoidhean le Alasdair Macleoid.  Bhuineadh Mghr Macleoid do bhaile a Chnuic, A rubha, Eilean Leodhais.  Leabharann, le 16 laoidh.  Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1973.  33 Duilleag.  £5

Rona -The Distant Island by Michael Robson.  The most comprehensive book ever written on the island.  The author knows his subject well and shares his knowledge and affection in the book.  P.B.  Published in 1991.  179 Pages.  £12

Hebridean Altars by Alistair Maclean.  Some studies of the Spirit of an Island Race.  H.B.  Published in 1937.  1st Edition.  157 Pages.  £15

Witdom.  By Oliver Brown.  Essaygrams -an extension of The Extended Tongue.  Foreword by Hugh MacDiarmid.  P.B.  Published in 1953, this reprint is from 1969.  134 Pages.  The cover is signed by the author.  £10

Colonel Colin Mackenzie.  The First Surveyor General of India.  By W.C.  Mackenzie.  This is the story of Stornoway born Mackenzie, who was a master surveyor and an outstanding geographer.  He devoted his life to the East India Company, and had thirty eight years service in India and Java without a break.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1952.  230 Pages.  £35.  Scarce.

Salar Delicious -Flaky Smoked Salmon.  Serving Suggestions & Recipes.  Compiled by Jane Twelves.  Booklet, with ringbinding.  Published late 1990’s.  47 Pages.  £6

The Hugh Barron Papers.  A selection of the papers he delivered to the Gaelic Society of Inverness and in other publications over many years.  H.B.  Published in 2011.  485 Pages.  £15

Winchman by Chris Murray.  A Life on the Wire.  This is the life story of Chris Murray.  As a winchman on Search and Rescue Helicopters for 22 years he was involved in the rescue of many people from the seas and mountains around the Western Isles and the north of Scotland.  P.B.  Published in 2013.  183 Pages.  £6

Skye & Lochalsh Including Raasay & Plockton.  The Guide Book.  First Published in 2009, this second edition is from 2012.  Booklet, 68 Pages.  £5

Innsgall -The Western Isles.  Text by John Barber.  Design and Photography by David A.  Magee.  Contents: The Geology and Geomorphology of the Islands, The Thaw, High Summer: Climatic Improvement, The Rainy Season, The Peat, Light and Dark, Echoes of the Lordship of the Isles, In living Memory, Gazetteer of Archaeological Sites, Further Reading.  P.B.  Date of Printing Unknown.  127 Pages.  £6

The History and Traditions of the Isle of Skye by Alexander Cameron.  This book was originally published in 1871.  This reprint is from 1994.  H.B.  With D/J 25 Chapters.  161 Pages.  £8

John Macleod D.D.  by Rev G.N.M.  Collins.  A biography of a native of Lochaber who became Principal of the Free Church College.  11 Chapters, and a further chapter which includes the tributes after his passing.  H.B.  Published in 1951.  285 Pages.  £15

The Next Horizon.  Memories of a Hebridean Skipper.By Ewen Nicholson with Allan Henderson.  The life story of Ewen Nicholson from Grimsay in North Uist, and his tales of life on the high seas,as a sailor and as a fishing boat owner.  He had his demons but thankfully he overcame them.  This is a book that you can’t put down.  P.B.  Published in 2012.  152 Pages.  £6

Scottish Customs.  From the Cradle to the Grave by Margaret Bennett.  A highly readable and absorbing anthology of traditional Scottish customs and rites of passage, drawn from a broad range of literary sources dating back to the Sixteenth century.  P.B.  Originally Published in 1992.  This reprint is from 2009.  340 Pages.  £8

Uig Lodge.  The Fhorsa River system.  Contents: Fhorsa River, Dam Pool, Corner Pool, Flounder Pool, Upper Falls Pool, Otter Pool, Gorge, Green Bank, Canal, Ciste, Sea Pool, Estuary Pools, Bruton Stream, Loch Slacsavat.  Includes a map of all the places.  A pocket sized booklet.  14 Pages.  Date of Printing unknown.  £15 (Scarce)

Aithris is Oideas.  Traditional Gaelic Rhymes and Games.  This publication brings together into a convenient form about 350 selected examples of the rhymes, rhyming games and general play material which still exist in the oral tradition among speakers of Scottish Gaelic.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1964.110 Pages.  £8

Dunfermline Abbey.  A Brief Guide.  Booklet, 24 Pages.  Date of Printing Unknown.  £5

Memories of Kyleakin by Mary Macpherson.  Booklet, Printed in 1950.  36 Pages.  £20 (Scarce)

James Fraser.  A record of missionary endeavour in Rhodesia in the Twentieth Century by Rev Alexander Macpherson.  F.P.  Minister at Dornoch.  H.B.  Published in 1967.  224 Pages.  £5

Cogadh Na Saorsa -Solus Lathail.  An Ceathramh Earrann.  Leabhar a chaidh fhoillseachadh aig am an dara cogaidh, agus as an robh earran airson gach lath adhan a bhliadhna.  H.B Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1943.  £10

Leabhar Aideachaidh a’ Chreidimh, le Da Leabhar a Cheasnachaidh maille ri ui agus feum an eolais Shlainteil.  Eader Theangaichte o’n Bheurla chum Gaelic Albannach air tus le Seanna Earra- Ghaeil ‘s’a bhliadhna MDCCXXV a ris le Gileabart Macdhomhnuill ‘s’a bhliadhna MDCCCIV agus a nis ath leasaichte chum na canain Ghnathaichte ‘s’a bhliadhna MDCCCXXXVIII.  Air ath fhillseachadh ann an 1960.  H.B.  261 Duilleag.  £8

Marbhrann a rinneadh air Diadhairibh Urramach, nach maireann agus dana spioradail eile, le Dr Iain Domhnullach Ministeir na h-eaglais Saoire an toisidheachd.  H.B.  Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1897.  Than a Marbhrann agus na rain mun na leanas; An Urramach Tearlach Caldair,Dr Stiubhard, An Urramach Eoin Robison, Rainn a Rinneadh leis an Ughdair air a Thuras do Eilean H-Iorta anns a bhliadhna 1822, Maighstir Iain Ceannadach agus dana spioradail eile.  202 Duilleag.  £15

Moll is Cruithneachd.  Bardachd a’ Phuilein.  Anghas Caimbeul e Nis, Eilean Leodhais.  30 piosan bardachd.  H.B.  Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1972.  96 Duilleag.  £8

Thy Own Soul Also or The Crisis of the Church by Rev Murdoch Campbell.  Booklet, date of printing unknown.  71 Pages.  Some marks on the front cover, and some tears at the bottom of the spine.  £6

God’s Unsettled Controversy by Rev Murdoch Campbell.  Booklet, date of printing unknown.  Front cover has stains on it.  56 Pages.  £6

The King’s Friend.  Memorial of Norman Macdonald or Tormod Sona by Rev Murdoch Campbell.  Booklet, Date of printing unknown, but possibly late 1940’s.  56 Pages.  £6

Iain Beag Fhionnlaigh, Bragair, Leodhais.  Leabharann, chan eil fios cuin a chaidh fhoillseachadh.  Dain spioradail.  35 Duilleag.  £5

Fiughalaich Eileanach Pairt 1.  Alasdair Mhurchaidh a Liurbost agus Tigh Anna Mhor A Bruth leis an Urr Iain Macleoid An Eaglais Shaor Barabhas.  Leabharann, air fhillseachadh ann an 1947.  23 Duilleag.  £5

Game on Lewis -Past and Present by David S.D.  Jones.  In this attractively illustrated booklet, David Jones looks at the changing wildlife of Lewis and Harris over the centuries as seen through estate and game records.  Booklet, Printed in 2007.  64 Pages and includes photographs.  £6

Lewis and Harris by Francis Thompson.  An essential guide to the discerning tourist and island devotee: everything the visitor needs to know about the islands, heritage, landscape, climate, flora and fauna.  P.B.  Published in 2017, 112 Pages.  £5

Scottish Theology in relation to Church History Since the Reformation by John Macleod.  H.B.  With D/J Originally Published in 1943, this third reprint is from 1974.  350 Pages.  £8

Festival of Britain.  18th Century Scottish Books.  Catalogue of an Exhibition at the Signet Library Edinburgh Aug 3 to Sept 15 1951.  Booklet, 190 Pages.  £8

Birds in Kintyre.  A discursive site guide with status and seasonality checklist by Eddie Maguire.Booklet, printed in 2003.  77 Pages.  Signed by the author.  £8

Everlasting Love.  Devotional Sermons by Rev Murdoch Campbell.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1969.  2nd Edition.  12 Sermons.  94 Pages.  £5

Kilmuir Church North Uist Recipes Book.  Booklet, with Ring Binding.  Printed in 2006.  102 Pages.  £8

The Modern Crofters Cookbook.  A taste of the Western Isles.  Compiled by residents of Bernera in Lewis to raise funds for the community hall.  Contents: Traditional, Soups & Starters, Fish, Meat, Pasta, Puddings & Desserts, Baking.  P.B.  With Ring Binding.  Printed Mid 1990’s.  105 Pages, plus an Index.  £8

An Toinneamh Diomhair.  Na h-Orain aig Murchadh MacPharlain Bard Mhealaboist.  Roimh Radh le Alasdair Iain Macasgaill.  39 Orain gu leir.  H.B.  Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1972.  102 Duilleag.  £8

Memorial Inscriptions in Old Sandwick Cemetery, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis.  A Stornoway Historical Society Publication.  A4 Size Publication, Printed in 1997.  55 Pages.  £8

Reminiscences by John Macleod I.S.O.  Retired H.M.  Inspector of Schools.  12 Chapters.  Contents Includes Nova Scotia, Glasgow University, Royal Military Academy in Woolwich, Educational Work of the Churches, Educational State of Lewis, Education in Skye, etc, etc.  H.B.  Published in 1910.  192 Pages.  £30

A vigorous Institution.  The Living Legacy of Patrick Geddes.  Introduced and edited by Walter Stephen.Contributions by Aubrey Manning, James Mackinnon, Mike Small, Kenny Munro, Frank Spaven, Anne-Michelle Slater and Sofia Leonard.  P.B.  Published in 2007.  176 Pages.  £5

Tom Blake & Co.  The Story of the Scots in America by Jim Hewitson.  In this remarkable collection of stories and illustrations, Jim Hewitson documents the lives of settlers and their descendants: transported prisoners, refugees from clearances, poverty and repression,immigrants in search of land, fame and fortune.  P.B.  Originally Published in 1993, this edition is from 1995.  292 Pages.  £6

Sermons by the Late Rev John Macsween M.A.  Rev Macsween was a Minister in the Free Church of Scotland, In Tongue, Canada and finally in Point, Lewis.  P.B.  Published in 1999.  135 Pages.  £6

Old Highland Tartans.  By the Edinburgh Branch of the Saltire Society Exhibitions.  Early Tartans, Spinning Implements, dye samples, Illustrations of Highland Dress, manuscripts, etc, from the collection of J.  Telfer Dunbar F.S.A.  Scot, Edinburgh.  The exhibition was held at Gladstones Land 483 Lawnmarket -Edinburgh.  Year and date of exhibition unknown.  Pamphlet 7 Pages.  £15 (Scarce)

Edinburgh Military Tattoo 1974.  A programme of the events at the 1974 tattoo.  10 Pages.  £8

Bean Mo Ruin.  Laoidhean agus Dain le Donnchadh Macasgaill.  Leabharann air fhoillseachadh ann an 1987.  43 Duilleag.  £8

The Lonely Lands.  A Guidebook to Argyll Including Loch Lomond, Glencoe, Appin, Oban, Crinan, Inveraray, Kintyre, Cowal, Dunoon, Islay, Jura, Gigha.  By Tom Atkinson.  P.B.  Published in 1988.  Third Edition.  171 Pages.  £8

St Columba’s Old Parish Church, Stornoway.  Guild Recipe Book.  Contents: Starters, Main Courses, Vegetarian, Salads, Desserts, Baking, Confectionary, Preserves, Household Hints, Temperature Guide.  P.B.  With Ring Binding.  Published in 2005.  £8

Tiree Bards and their Bardachd.  The Poets in a Hebridean Community by Eric Creegan and Donald W.  Mackenzie.  Booklet, Printed in 1978.  27 Pages.  £6

Teach Yourself Gaelic Dictionary by Boyd Robertson and Iain Macdonald.  Contents: Introduction, the layout of the dictionary, abbreviations, Gaelic -English Dictionary, English -Gaelic Dictionary, personal names, place names, grammar.  Over 24,000 definitions, access a variety of usage and expression, keep up to date with contemporary gaelic.  P.B.  Published in 2004.  320 Pages.  Signed by the Editors.  £6

Inveraray Castle.  Contents : A Message from MacCailean Mor, Introductory Note, A Tour of the Castle, The State Dining Room, The Tapestry Drawing Room, The China Turret, The Armoury Hall, The Saloon, Earls and Dukes of Argyll, The North West Hall and Staircase, The Gallery, The Victorian Room, The Macarthur Room, The Clan Room, The Kitchen, The Creation of the Castle, Demesne and Town, The Argyll Family and Clan Campbell.  Booklet, Date of Printing unknown.  24 pages.  £6

Am Port Mor a bha air Chall agus Sgeulachdan eile na h-Airidh Leis an Olla Niall Mac an Rothach.  Eadarthangangaichte bho an Bheurla Sasunnach gu Gaidhlig Albannach leis an Urramch G.  Mac Dhomhnuill D.D.  H.B.  Date of Publishing Unknown.  101 Pages.  £20

Fishing for Wild Trout in Scottish Lochs by Lesley Crawford.  The book looks in detail at the natural history of Scotland’s trout.  There are useful location maps and an important section on the legal implications on where to fish.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1996.  147 Pages.  Ex Library.  £8

The History of the Highland Clearances by Alexander Mackenzie.  With a new introduction by Ian Macpherson M.P.  Contents: Sutherland, Trial of Patrick Sellar, Ross Shire, Inverness Shire, The Hebrides, Argyllshire, Buteshire, Perthshire, Notable Dicta, Statistical Statements, Appendices.  H.B.  Originally Published in 1883, this second edition altered and revised is from 1946.  286 Pages.  £15

The Silent Weaver.  The extraordinary life and work of Angus Macphee.  The story of Angus Macphee from South Uist, who after returning from WW2, was a broken man, and he retreated into a silent, private world, impenetrable to those around him.  During the following fifty years as a patient in Craig Dunain Hospital in Inverness, he spent his time creating a huge number of objects -out of woven grass, sheep’s wool, meadow flowers and beech leaves.  P.B.  Originally Published in 2011, this reprint is from 2013.  177 Pages.  £5

Am Measg Nan Lili.  Tormad Sona a bha ‘n Siadar Bharabhais Leis an Urramachadh Iain Macleoid An Eaglais Shaor Barabhas.  Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1948.  H.B.  144 Duilleag.  £6

The Discovery of the Hebrides.  Voyages to the Western Isles 1745-1883 by Elizabeth Bray.  This book is a fresh, lively and perceptive history of the discovery in the 18th and 19th centuries, of one of the most beautiful and remote regions of Britain.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1986.  1st Edition.  268 Pages.  £8

Teagasg Nan Aithrichean.  (The Teaching of the Fathers)

 Leabhar a chaidh a chuir a mach an toiseach aig am a chiad chogaidh.  P.B.  air ath fhoillseachadh, chan eil ceann latha air.  Seaormonan le Ministearan cliuteach as an naoidheamh linn deug agus toiseachd na ficheadamh linn.  160 Duilleag.  £8

Our Square by Jessie E.  Macdonald.  Booklet, which gives a history of George Square In Edinburgh.  Date of Printing 1925.  This is a third and enlarged edition.  23 Pages.  £10

The Autumn Road to the Isles by ‘BB’ Illustrated by D.J.  Watkins Pitchford.  65 Engravings.  The story of the two month journey the author made in the highlands from Loch Tummel and Loch Rannoch, Beauly, Lairg and Shin, Strath Glass, Laggan and Glengarry and South to Fyne, before finishing in Galloway.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1959.  1st Edition.  176 Pages.  £15

A Garland of Scottish Prose Compiled by Agnes Mure Mackenzie.  Edited by James Kinsley.  A selection of prose from the fifteenth to the nineteenth centuries, in what was the author’s last book before her death.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1956.  144 Pages.  £10

No More Sea by Angus Finlayson.  Sermons and addresses of the Rev Angus Finlayson, 1897-1973 North Tolsta, Isle of Lewis.  Booklet, Printed in 1975.  71 Pages.  £5

Fish Hooses 2.  More tales from an Aberdeen filleter by master story teller Stanley Robertson.  With illustrations by Eric Ritchie.  P.B.  Published in 1991.  The author shares his unusual stories and experiences from the thirty five years he has worked in the Aberdeen fish trade.  190 Pages.  £5

Church and Social History of Atholl by John Kerr.  Foreword by the Very Reverend Sir Robin Barbour.  P.B.  Published in 1998.  159 Pages.  £8

Famous Regiments.  The Scots Guards by Anthony Goodinge.  Edited by Lt-General Sir Brian Horrocks.  This is the inspiring story of the oldest regiment of the Household Troops, older than the British Army itself, raised by Charles I in Scotland in 1642.  It tells the story of the part they played in famous battles at Fontenoy, Dettingen, Talavara, Barrosa and Waterloo.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1969.  1st Edition.  149 Pages.  £15

Air a’Mhisean.  A record of all those from Lewis and Harris who were missionaries in the Free Church and in the Church of Scotland.  There are also photographs of many of those named in this booklet.  Printed in 1998.  51 Pages.  £6

Ladies of the Reformation.  Short Biographies of Distinguished Ladies of the Sixteenth Century by J.H.  Alexander.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1977.  140 Pages.  £8

Iain Macaskill -A real life story.  The story Of Iain Macaskill, from Lochmaddy, North Uist.  It charts his upbringing, school days, working for British Airways, before entering the ministry of the Free Church of Scotland, at Uist, Rosskeen and presently in the Stirling congregation.  Booklet, printed in 2017.  39 Pages.  £5

Highlands and Islands by Naomi Mitchison.  Contents: The Highland Situation, The Land, The Sea, Trees and People, Transport, Holidays, Education, Roots of Living, Roots of Democracy.  Booklet, date of printing unknown.  55 Pages.  £8

The Living Past by Professor Donald Macleod.  A series of recollections of growing up on the Island of Lewis between the Forties and Sixties.  P.B.  Published in 2006.  268 Pages.  £5

A Choisir Chuil.  The Gaelic Choir.  The St Columba Collection.  Arranged for Part Singing.  This collection of Gaelic Songs and Music is designed to further the cultivation of the native music of the Highlands.  H.B.  100 gaelic songs.  Date of printing unknown.  80 Pages.  £25

My Story by Archie Macleod.  The life story of Archie Macleod from Scadabay in Harris, who spent the majority of his working life as a policeman in Glasgow, rising to the rank of Superintendent.  P.B.  Published in the mid 2000’s.  92 Pages.  £6

The Spey from Source to Sea by Donald & Brian Barr.  The authors consider the multiplicity of identities as the affectionately explore the river.  Also included are easy to follow walks, notes on local wildlife and historical sites, as well as the distilleries, golf courses, tourist attractions and of course the fishing.  P.B.  Published in 2009.  127 Pages.  £8

Teagasg Nan Cosamhlachdan leis an Urramach Domhnall Iain Martainn, M.A.  (Nach Maireann) A bha na mhinistear anns an Eaglais Shaor Aonaichte ann an Steornabhagh agus anns an Oban.  Air a dheasachadh leis an Urramach Calum Macillinnein.  Addresses on the Parables.  H.B.  Published in 1914.  Slight tears at the top and bottom of the spine.  197 Duilleag.  £20

Domhnullan -Dan an Ceithir Earranan Leis an Urramch Domhnall Mac Chalum Ministear Aosda Sgire Nan Loch an Leodhas.  P.B.  Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1925.  59 Duilleag.  £10

The Magic of a Hebridean Island by Doreen Marchant.  A historical and current perspective of the isle of Harris.  Booklet, Originally Printed in 1987, this is a second reprint from 1989.  36 Pages.  £5

Precious are the Ties that Bind by Jim MacVicar.  A book that looks at the origins and identity of the name Macvicar, and the different branches of the family.  P.B.  Published in 1999.  120 Pages.  £8

Place Names of Scarp by John Maclennan.  Edited by Calum J.  Mackay.  P.B.  Published in 2000.  47 Pages.  £6

A History of Kilmore Church Mull by Hilary M.  Peel.  A detailed history of the church and congregation and early religion in Mull.  12 Chapters and 5 Appendices, and has many photographs and illustrations.  P.B.  Published in 2004.  70 Pages.  £8

Pitlochry -heritage of a Highland District by Colin Liddell.  The history of Pitlochry dating back from the First Millenium to the Twentieth Century.  P.B.  Originally Published in 1993, this reprint is from 1994.  159 Pages.  £8

Centenary of Castle Street, Church of Scotland, Dingwall by Gordon Bruce and Betty Wilson.  A history of the congregation, its Ministers, the building, Sunday School etc.  Booklet, Printed in early 2000’s.  28 Pages.  £6

Gaelic Hymn Book Specially Adapted for Evangelistic Meetings.  Compiled by John Campbell for Duncan Maccoll of The Glasgow Highland Mission.  121 Hymns.  Booklet, printed in 1957, 4th Edition.  128 Pages.  £8

Additional Lectures, Sermons and Writings of Rev Lachlan Mackenzie Lochcarron.  Contents includes the life and times of Rev Lachlan, Reminiscences and Anecdotes, lectures of portions of scripture, hitherto unpublished.  47 Lectures, 5 articles he wrote.  H.B.  Published in 1930.  442 Pages.  £30

A Measg Nam Bodach.  Co Chruinneachadh de sgeulachdan is beul aithris a chaidh a chraobh sgaoileadh air an fhritheud eadar Samhuinn 1936, agus An Gearran 1937.  Chaidh na sgeulachdan a thogal ann a Leodhas, Na Hearradh, Uibhist a Tuath, Uibhist a Deas, Barraidh, Eilean Sgitheanach, Muile agus Tiriodh.  H.B.  air fhoillseachadh ann an 1938.  148 Duilleag.  £12

Gaelic Proverbs and Proverbial Sayings.  With English Translations by T.D.  Macdonald.  Contents: Introduction, Miscellaenous, Men, Woman, Marriage, Weather and Season Lore, Object Lessons from Nature, The Diety, The Devil, Land and Labour, The Fingalians, St Columba and Other Saints, Clans and Clanship.  H.B.  Published in 1926.  156 Pages.  £12

The Highland Clans -Their Origins and History by L.G.  Pine.  Tracing the origins of these people from earlies times and setting the emergence of the Gael in historical perspective, this book goes on to recall the bitter inter-clan feuds of the 14th and 15th centuries and the constant forays and rebellions which marked the endless struggle for supremacy between Highland and Lowland Scotland.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1972.  1st Edition.  198 Pages.  £10

Journal of a tour in the Highlands and Western Islands of Scotland in 1800 by John Leyden.  Edited with a bibliography by James Sinton.  H.B.  Published in 1903.  1st Edition.  318 Pages.  £65

Pictures in Song for Schools and Colleges.  Edited and Arranged by Robert Mcleod, Director of Musical Studies for Teachers in Training, Moray House, Edinburgh.  Tonic Sol-Fa Edition -Book 1.  36 Songs are included.  Booklet, Printed in 1915.  46 Pages.  £25 (Scarce)

Two Centuries of the Church of Scotland 1707-1929.  The Hastie Lectures in the University of Glasgow by the Rev.  Andrew J.  Campbell.  This book is an expansion of five lectures delivered by the author as Hastie Lecturer in Glasgow University.  The five lectures have been expanded into eleven chapters.  H.B.  Published in 1930.  317 Pages.  £10

Discovering Lewis and Harris by James Shaw Grant.  The author provides us with a fascinating picture of the history and geography of Lewis and Harris.  P.B.  Published in 1987, This reprint is from 1994.  237 Pages.  £8

The Isle of Taransay by Bill Lawson.  A Harris Island in its Historical Setting.  Booklet, Printed in 1997.  44 Pages.  £6

Sir Gregor MacGregor and the Land that Never Was by David Sinclair.  The Extraordinary Story of the most Audacious Fraud in History.  The story of the Scot who persuaded thousands to subscribe to a £200,000 development loan he floated on the London Stock Market, to attract immigration and investment in the Cazique of Poyais.  An investment and a life that never was.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 2003.  358 Pages.  £6

Island of Kerrera.  Mirror of History by H.  Macdougall.  Contents: Historical, Gylen Castle and Sindrie Houses, Merklands, Crops and Beasts, Rents and Services, Farm Graith, Bailemor Township and Farm, Meal Mills, Sea and Land Harvest, Ferries and Changehouses, Schools, Churches, Community, Foundations.  Includes Illustrations.  A4 Size Publication, Printed in 1979.  157 Pages.  £15

Roll of Honour Ness to Bernera.  For King and Country 1939-1945.  A record of the men and women from Ness to Bernera in Lewis, who served in WW2, also includes a photograph of those featured in the book.  A4 Size Publication.  Printed in 1988.  125 Pages.  £10

Land Lines -An illustrated journey through the landscape and literature of Scotland.  Produced and Devised by The Scottish Literary Tour Company Ltd.  Contents: The Natural Landscape, Landscape and Community, The Other Landscape.  Includes Photographs.  A4 Size Publication, Printed in 2001.  181 Pages.  £8

Shinty -Celebrating Scotland’s Game by Hugh Dan Maclennan.  100 years of the Camanachd Association.  The most comprehensive history ever written on the sport and includes many photographs spanning the century.  Also has a short biography of each club.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1993.  368 Pages.  Signed by the author.  £10

My Little Town of Cromarty by David Alston.  The History of a Northern Scottish Town.  This book is a history of the small town of Cromarty, north of Inverness at the tip of the Black Isle peninsula.  Although it has less than 750 inhabitants, Cromarty is viewed by its residents as a town rather than a village, which reflects the settlement’s beginnings as a royal burgh, and its days as a leading port for the northern Highlands.  H.B.  With D/J.  Published in 2006.  372 Pages.  £10

The Celtic Annual 1916.  Edited by Malcolm C.  Macleod.  Year Book of the Dundee Highland Society.  A bilingual publication with short stories, poetry, features, obituaries and includes illustrations and portraits.  The book has the signature of Angus Matheson, who is possibly Professor Angus Matheson 1912-1962, the first Chair of Celtic Studies at the University of Glasgow.  H.B.  138 Pages.  £15

Transactions of The Franco Scottish Society 1897 Scottish Branch.  At the Anniversary Meeting of the French and Scottish Branches on 12th- 17th July 1897.  Part I -Addresses and Papers,Part II Narrative of Proceedings and a short History of the Society.  A book that was circulated to members only.  H.B.  238 Pages.  £20

The Celtic Garland by Henry Whyte “Fionn” The Volume Contains: Gaelic Songs with Translations, English Songs with Translations, Original Gaelic Poetry with English Translations, Gaelic Readings and Sketches.  H.B.  With D/J Third Edition Greatly Enlarged.  Published in 1920.  353 Pages.  £25

Catechizing A Forgotten Practice by John J.  Murray.  Booklet,a reprint from the Banner of Truth October 1962.  14 Pages.  £5

Leaving the Nets.  Trusting Him.  The Memories of Dr John Watt Robertson.  Dr Robertson spent the majority of his working life as a G.P.  in North Harris.  P.B.  Published in 2014.  128 Pages, and includes many photographs.  £6

Hostail agus Sgeulachdan Eile le Tormod Caimbeul.  Sgeulachdan bhon an ughdair mun a bliadhnachan aige as a hostail ann a Steornabhagh as na 1950’an.  Leabharann, air fhoillseachadh ann an 1992.  91 Duilleag.  £6

Treallaich agus Tuilleadh Treallaich le Mairead Hulse.  Leabhar de bhardachd agus de cheol an ughdar.  P.B.  Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1998.  112 Duilleag.  £6

Recipe Book.  A Collection of Recipes from Wester Ross.  Contents: Soup, Starters, Fish, Meat, Savoury Meals, Sweets, Cakes, Scones and Biscuits, Sweetmeats, Chutneys.  Booklet, Date of printing unknown.  36 Pages.  £6

Landscapes and Longings.  A selection of island scenes and Bible meditations.  Artwork by Ivor Mackay and text by Iain D.  Campbell.  Booklet, date of printing unknown.  28 pages.  £5

Cults Kirk.  Howe of Fife Parish Church.  A Short History.  Pamphlet, 6 Pages.  2001 Edition.  £5

A Pictish Pin from Golspie, Sutherland by Joanna Close Brooks.  Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.  Vol.  106 Session 1974-75.  Booklet, 8 Pages.  £8

Kings College Chapel Windows.  Booklet, 8 Pages.  £6

SY Gone By.  Stornoway Historical Society Journal.  Issue no 45.  December 2015.  Contents: Editorial, Kipper Boats, Pulling the Chain, What’s the Nicolson? -the novelty of Stornoway to a teenage Londoner in 1968,HMS Lively, St Peter’s Church, The Nicolson Institute -an article written by the late Donnie B.  Macleod for the Scots Magazine in June 1964, Readers Feedback.  A4 Size Publication.  38 Pages.  £5

There Was A Piper, A Scottish Piper.  Memories of Pipe Major John T.  Mackenzie.  John T.  Mackenzie was born in Edinburgh in 1920, who became a highly respected authority on highland piping with a commitment to tradition and excellence in performance.  He spent the latter part of his life teaching and playing the pipes in Canada.  P.B.  Published in 2001.  176 Pages.  £12

 Cambuskenneth Abbey Stirlingshire by Stewart Cruden Inspector of Ancient Monuments for Scotland.  Pamphlet.  6 Pages, originally printed in 1950.  This reprint is from 1970.  £6

Beauly Priory Inverness Shire by W.  Douglas Simpson.  Pamphlet.  7 Pages.  Originally Printed in 1954, this reprint is from 1966.  £8

Benholm Kirk Historical Exhibition.  A Guide.  Pamphlet.  8 Pages.  Date of Printing unknown.  £8

Spynie Kirk 1736-1986.  Booklet, 12 Pages.  Printed in 1986.  £8

Crathie Parish Church Royal Deeside.  Photographs by The Rev Ronald Falconer.  Booklet, 16 Pages.  Printed in the 1970’s.  £8

The Whithorn Dig by Peter Hill and Dave Pollock.  Archaeologists working for the Whithorn Trust have been digging at Whithorn since 1986.  This booklets presents the highlights of five years of research.  Booklet.  Printed in 1991.  24 Pages.  £8

Holy Island.  Jewel of the Lough.  A History.  Written by Gerard Madden.  Published by East Clare Heritage.  Booklet, 39 Pages.  Date of Printing Unknown.  £8

The Covenanters and Other Poems by H.  Brown, Lanark.  Contents: Canto First, Canto Second, Canto Third, Canto Fourth, The Destruction of Sodom, The Missionary, The Bereaved Mother and her Friend, The Dying Student, The Poet’s Wishes, On John Knox Preaching, The Jew’s Farewell to Jerusalem, The Hypocrite, The Tempest, A Sabbath Evening by the Sea Shore in the Isle of Arran, Desaix, Welcome to Sir Norman Macdonald Lockart, Bart, Lines on Visiting the Glasgow Necropolis, The Fall of Babylon, The Christian, Extract from an Unpublished Poem on Intemperance, Spring, The Conversion of Paul, The Fall of the “Auld Big Tree” West Port, Lanark.  H.B.  Published in 1866.  156 Pages.  £35

The Elusive Gael by Dugald Coghill.  With introduction by The Duke of Sutherland.  Contents include: The Gael in the World, The Gael in Earlier Fiction, The Gael According to Scott, The Gael According to Neil Munro, Supplementary Characters: Alan Breck Stewart, The Vital Spark Series, Works of Thomas Dick Lauder and James Grant etc, Influence of the Gael on Poetry and Drama.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1928.  158 Pages.  £12

The Doctrine of Holy Scripture in the Free Church Fathers by Nicholas R.  Needham.  The author examines the views of scripture held by five founding fathers of the Free Church of Scotland: Thomas Chalmers, William Cunningham, James Bannerman, Robert Candlish and “Rabbi” John Duncan.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1991.  157 Pages.  £10

The Sword and the Cross.  Four Turbulent Episodes in the History of Christian Scotland.  Introduced by Richard Holloway.  Over 100 full-colour illustrations.  This book is based on a major BBC Scotland history series that explores the great good -and the great harm -that the people of Scotland have experienced in the name of religion.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 2003.  150 Pages.  £6

Iain Macleod.  A Biography by Robert Shepherd.  The first full biography of a legendary figure in the Tory Party for many years -Iain Macleod 1913-1970.  One of the most brilliant of modern politicians.  He died at the age of 56 a month after becoming Chancellor.  Widely regarded as the lost leader of the party.  Although born and brought up in Yorkshire, Macleod classed himself as a Scotsman -both his parents were from the Isle of Lewis.  P.B.  Originally Published in 1994, this reprint is from 1995.  608 Pages.  £10

Cathedrals Abbeys and Priories in Moray.  Text by Ian Keillar.  Illustrations by Crispin Worthington.  Published by the Moray Field Club.  Booklet, 23 Pages.  Printed in 1979.  £8

Elgin Cathedral.  The Cathedral Kirk of Moray.  Ministry of Public Building and Works.  Official Guide Book.  Description by J.S.  Richardson.  History by H.B.  Mackintosh.  Booklet, which also includes a map of the cathedral.  Originally Printed in 1938, this 2nd reprint is from 1968.  28 Pages.  £8

A Short Guide to Kilmacduagh County Galway.  Kilmacduagh Monastery by J.P.  Hynes.  Booklet, Printed in 1986.  15 Pages.  £6

New Light on the Anglian “Minster” at Hoddom by Christopher E.  Lowe.  Reprinted from The Transactions of the Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society.  3rd ser.  LXVI 1991.  Booklet, 35 Pages.  £15

East Fife Medieval Churches Trail.  A Guide to East Fife’s Medieval Heritage.  Scottish Church Heritage Research.  This booklet was written by Kirsty Owen as part of the Places of Worship in Scotland Fife Pilot Project.  Booklet, Date of Printing Unknown.  8 Pages.  £5

The Acadians of Nova Scotia Past and Present by Sally Rose and Alphonse Deveau.  The first work devoted exclusively to the Acadians of Nova Scotia, this book presents a thorough study of Acadian history from the earliest days of French settlement to present day Acadian communities.  P.B.  Published in 1992.  214 Pages.  £8

Beyond the Highland Line.  Highland History and Culture by Caroline Bingham.  The author traces the history and culture of the Highlands in a way that is both entertaining and absorbing.  P.B.  Originally Published in 1991, this reprint is from 1995.  236 Pages.  £8

“Citizen Rambles” by Tom S.  Hall.  Foreword by George Eyre Todd.  There are thirty two rambles in this work, which feature round the Glasgow area.  H.B.  Published in 1929.  123 Pages.  £10

Landscapes and Lives.  The Scottish Forest Through The Ages by John Fowler.  Ancient oakwoods, thickets of shimmering birches or lonely clumps of gnarled Caledonian pine all count among the most atmpospheric and inspiring places in Scotland.  A book as rich and memorable as the forest themselves.  P.B.  Published in 2002.  292 Pages.  £8

Pronnagan.  Gospel Advent in Barvas Parish.  A history and development of the post reformation church in Barvas and the impact of the Gospel in the wider parish and beyond.  Originally Printed in 1948, by the then Minister of the Free Church congregation in Barvas, this updated reprint is from 2008.  Booklet, 48 Pages.  £5

The Angus Macleod Archive.  Angus ‘Ease’ Macleod 1916-1992.  An introduction to the Collection.  Compiled by Michael Robson.  An illustrated introduction to the remarkable life and collection of historical material left by the late Angus ‘Ease’ Macleod.  Booklet, Printed in 2004.  56 Pages.  £5

Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness.  Volume XXXV 1929-1930.  With Index.  H.B.  430 Pages.  £15

The Compleat Angus.  The Life and Works of Angus Macintyre of Taynuilt and Tobermory.  Angus Macintyre, Poet, Philosopher, Bank Manager, Raconteur and Wit.  Born Taynuilt 1911, Died Tobermory 1986.  P.B.  Published in 1989.  142 Pages.  £6

The Pentland Hills.  Their Paths and Passes.  With a Map.  By John Bartholomew.  Fifth and Enlarged Edition.  P.B.  60 Pages.  Printed in 1889.  £10

Scotnotes.  George Mackay Brown’s Greenvoe by Alan MacGillivray.  Booklet, Printed in 1989.  54 Pages.  £5

Island Conversion.  The Transition of a Gaelic Poet from Sceptic to Believer by Myles and Margaret Campbell.  The story told by the authors in this book is inextricably linked to their island upbringing and cultural background.  It is a very personal story, and one which honestly seeks to understand and interpret the events they have experienced.  P.B.  Published in 2011.  241 Pages.  £5

Calum Cille.  Le Cairstiona Nicleoid agus Morag NicChoinnich.  Dealbhan le Domhnall Macleoid.  Leabharann air fhoillseachadh ann an 1972.  35 Duilleag.  £5

Bardachd Leodhais.  Air a dheasachadh le Iain N.  Macleoid.  Leabhar de taghadh bhardachd e Leodhas a chaidh fhoillseachadh an toiseach ann an 1916.  Tha caibeadal ann mu eachdraidh Leodhais.  Chaidh an leth bhreac seo fhoillseachadh ann an 1998.  321 Duilleag.  £8

Survival against the Odds.  The story of Petty Officer Donald Mackinnon Russian Convoy Survivor by Donald J.  Macleod.  P.B.  Published in 2000.  99 Pages.  £5

A Harris Way of Life.  The story of Marion Campbell (1909-1996) By Gisela Vogler.  A woman who became famous through her Harris Tweed weaving.  P.B.  Published in 2002, this reprint is from 2006.  64 Pages.  £5

Hero of Buzancy -Angus Macmillan 1886-1961 by his son Kenneth.  This brief record of the life of Angus Macmillan are based on pocket diaries he kept from August 1915 to March 1919, and from manuscripts of three lectures given in 1935.  The rest of the information in the book is from his son Kenneth.  A4 Size Publication.  Printed in the early 1990’s.  68 Pages plus 27 appendices.  £10

Nis Aosmhor -the Photographs of Dan Morrison.  Foreword by Professor Donald Macleod.  Deasaichte le Fionnlagh Macleoid.  A collection of photographs which were taken in the community of Ness on the Isle of Lewis between the 1930’s and the 1990.  There are 114 photographs in total.  P.B.  Published in 2007.114 Pages.  £10

Sula -The Seabird Hunters of Lewis.  Photographs and Commentry by John Beattie.  Introduction by Brian Jackman.  Once a year in the utmost secrecy, ten chosen men from the Ness area of the Isle of Lewis spend two weeks on a remote rock in the Atlantic where they harvest 2000 gannets as part of a legacy that has existed for over four centuries.  This is an extraordinary story, rooted in age old tradition and infused with hardship, mystery and ritual.  P.B.  Published in 1992.  143 Pages.  £12

A place To Pitch Your Tents.  The Story of the Scripture Union Camps in Scotland.  Edited by Jim Findlay, Elizabeth Candlish & Sheila Kilpatrick.  The story is published to mark the 50th anniversary of Inter School Camps.  P.B.  Published in 1987.  194 Pages, Includes many illustrations.  £6

The Highland Kitchen Maid.  Pamphlet, Published by the Free Presbyterian Church.  8 Pages.  £5

The Late Fr Allan Macdonald, Miss Goodrich Freer and Hebridean Folklore by J.L.  Campbell.  Pamphlet, reprinted from Scottish Studies Volume 2, Part 2, pp.  175-188, 1958.  12 Pages.  £8

Golf on the Rocks.  A Journey Round Scotland’s Island Course by Gary Sutherland.  After studying a crumpled golf map of Scotland, Gary decided to embark on a voyage.  His target was to play 18 rounds of Golf on 18 Scottish islands in honour of his dad, a ship’s captain who, went he wasn’t at sea, was never off the golf course.  His journey would take him to the Northern Isles to the Outer Hebrides.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 2011.  310 Pages.  £6

The Wiles of the World.  Caran an T-Saoghal.  Edited by Donald E.  Meek.  Anthology of 19th Century Scottish Gaelic Verse.  P.B.  Published in 2003.  485 Pages.  £8

Facts and Fancies.  Linked with Folk-Lore about Kilmaveonaig By Christopher I.K.  Bowstead.  Priest in Charge, A.D 1899-1912.  Canon of St Ninian’s Cathedral.  Rector of Holy Trinity, Pitlochrie A.D.  1891-98.  H.B.  Date of Printing Unknown.  126 Pages.  £15

Spirit of Revival.  The story of J.G.  Govan and the Faith Mission.  By his daughter I.R.  Govan.  Foreword by Rev.  W.Graham Scroggie, D.D.  H.B.  With D/J Tear at the top of the D/J.  Originally Published in 1938, this 2nd reprint is from 1960.  208 Pages.  £8

Reminiscences of Islay by W.N.  Blair.  Booklet, Printed in 1983, 35 Pages.  £6

The History of the Outer Hebrides (Lewis, Harris, North and South Uist, Benbecula and Barra) by W.C.  Mackenzie.  18 Chapters of in depth history of the islands.  Originally Published in 1903, this reprint is from 1974.  623 Pages.  £35

 Sounds out of Silence.  A Life of Alexander Graham Bell by James Mackay.  This superb new biography follows Bell from his birthplace in Edinburgh to his studies and teaching in London and Europe and thence to riches and fame in the United States and Canada.  The telephone made him wealthy, but Bell went on to invent the iron lung, pioneer aircraft, improve the breeding of sheep and co found the National Geographic Society.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1997.  320 Pages.  £8

The MacDiarmid MS Anthology.  Edited by Derick S Thomson.  Poems and Songs mainly anonymous from the collection dated 1770.  This is the first edition of the anonymous poems and songs in the McDiarmid MS of 1770, compiled by a perthshire minister who used a variety of oral and some MS sources.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1992.  340 Pages.  £15

Aspects of the Religious History of Lewis.  Up to the Disruption of 1843 by Rev.  Murdo Macaulay.  P.B.  Published in the 1980’s.  227 Pages.  £8

The Trout & Sea Trout Rivers of Scotland by Roderick Wilkinson.  Region by Region, river by river, the author guides us round the prime trout and sea trout fisheries of Scotland, with maps to guide you and the essential addresses of tackle shops and where to buy your licences, H.B.  With D/J Published in 1990.  156 Pages.  £8

These Fifty Years.  The Jubilee Story of Hillhead Baptist Church 1833-1933.  Booklet, 72 Pages.  £10

Agriculture and Society in Seventeenth Century Scotland by Ian Whyte.  This new study makes use of the large quantity of little used manuscript sources from that century which have survived.  It examines various facets of rural life and society in a key period which witnessed a transition from medieval to more modern conditions.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1979.  301 Pages.  £10

Reminiscences of a Highland Parish by Norman Macleod.  H.B.  Date of Publishing unknown, but the book has the owner’s name in it, dated 1912.  314 Pages.  £10

Highland Clachan by Margaret Stewart.  Booklet, 4 Pages.  Contents: The Clachan, The Layout, House 1, House II, House III, The Kiln, Excavation.  Scarce.  £6

Glasgow Tales of the City by John Burrowes.  Some of the individuals profiled in this book are Lex Maclean, Mark MacManus and Peter Keenen.  P.B.  Published in 2001.  247 Pages.  £5

The Birds of the Island of Arran by J.A.  Gibson.  Booklet, Printed in 1956.  38 Pages.  £8

A Cruise to the Western Isles by Hugh Munro.  Coronation Souveneir 1937.  A book which was not for sale to the general public, details a cruise round the Hebridean Islands -Inner and Outer Hebrides.  H.B.  Published in 1937.  56 Pages, includes a map.  £45 Scarce.

Oban High School.  The First 100 Years.  Edited by Robert Reid.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1993.  Includes many photographs spanning the century.  220 Pages.  £10

Caledonian Dreaming.  The Quest for a Different Scotland by Gerry Hassan.  Foreword by Fintan O’ Toole.  This book offers a penetrating and original way forward for Scotland beyond the current independence debate.  It identifies the myths of modern Scotland, describes what they say and why they need to be seen as myths.  P.B.  Published in 2014.252 Pages.  £5

Thomas Chalmers a Short Appreciation by W.M.  Mackay.  This booklet outlines the course of his life and sketch some of his main ideas and interests.  It does not attempt to be a complete and balanced appraisal of the life and achievement of Dr Chalmers.  Booklet, Printed in 1980.  46 Pages.  £5

In Time of Need by W.R.  Mackay, Chaplain, Inverness Hospitals.  A selection of daily readings and meditations that were shared with unseen audiences in the Royal Northern Infirmary and Raigmore Hospital in Inverness.  Foreword by Alastair Morrison, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Raigmore Hospital, Inverness.  Booklet, date of printing unknown.  63 Pages.  £5

The King of Sunlight.  How William Lever Cleaned up the World by Adam Macqueen.  One of the most extraordinary men ever to leave his mark on Britain was William Hesketh Lever -soap boiler, social reformer, MP, Tribal chieftain, multi millionaire and Lord of the Western Isles.  The author traces Lever’s footsteps from his humble Bolton boyhood to a business empire that straddled the world.  P.B.  Published in 2004, reprint from 2005.  328 Pages.  £5

Psalm 23 An Anthology.  Versions collected and Annotated by K.H.  Strange & R.G.E.  Sandbach.  Contents include: Anthology of Psalm 23, Early Versions, Seventeenth Century Versions, Eighteenth Century Versions, Nineteenth Century Versions, Twentieth Century Versions, Scottish and Shetlandic Versions, Pidgin and Dialect Versions, Modern Paraprases.  H.B.  With D/J Originally Published in 1969, this revised and extended version was published in 1978.  118 Pages.  £8

Island Emigrants.  The History of Emigration from the Hebrides over The Centuries.  The proceedings of a conference held in the Isle of Harris, 10-12 September 2009.  Speakers included: Professor Tom Devine, Michael de Mordha, Bill Lawson, Morag Macleod, Margaret Bennett, Chris Lawson, Greta Mackenzie, Calum MacNeil & Marjory Harper.  P.B.  Published in 2010.  187 Pages.  £6

 The Highland game by Glyn Satterley.  Introduction by Michael Wigan.  A photographic record of a great many Highland estate lodges, sharing grant Twelfth of August dinners, ghillie’s balls, and occasionally being treated like royalty.  P.B.  Published in 1992.  136 Pages.  £10

 The Scots Magazine -A Celebration of 250 Years.  Contents: Humour, Wildlife, Strange Things, Investigations, customs, Characters and Personalities, Out and About, History, I Remember, Fiction.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1989.  160 Pages.  Ex Library.  £8

Laithean Ceisde ann a Leodhas Mun’n a Bhliadhna 1880.  Clar-Innse: Roimh Radh, La na Ceist an Sgire Steornabhagh, La na Ceist Sgire Charlabhagh, La na Ceist an Sgire Chrois, La na Ceist an Sgire Bharabhas, La na Ceist an Sgire Bhac, La na Ceist an Sgire Uig, La na Ceist an Sgire Luirg.  Leabharann air fhoillseachadh aig toiseachdh na 1960’an.  48 Pages.  £15

Bardachd Mhurchaidh a Cheisdear.  Songs and Hymns by Murdo Macleod (The Lewis Bard) Second Edition.  A collection of the Bard’s Gaelic Songs and Spiritual Hymns.  Also has a biography of the Bard and his family.  H.B.  Published in 1965.  73 Pages.  £8

Dolina -An Island Girls Journey.  Dolina Maclennan in conversation with Jim Gilchrist and Stuart Eydmann.  Dolina Maclennan is well known as an outstanding singer, actress, and storyteller of national and indeed international renown.  In this sensitive and very personal account, she looks back on some of the forces which moulded her, from her childhood in a traditional Gaelic speaking community in rural Lewis to her friendship with many of the great figures of the Scottish literary and artistic scene over the past half century.  P.B.  Published in 2014.  155 Pages.  £5

Laithean an Iasgaich ann an Tolstadh bho Thuath.  A record of the fishing industry in North Tolsta, Isle of Lewis from the 1890’s to the present day.  Includes old photographs and a register of all fishing boats skippered by men from the village.  A4 Size Publication with ring binding.  37 Pages.  £5

By Paths of Highland Church History by Principal John Macleod D.D.  Edited by Professor G.N.M.  Collins.  Contents: Evangelical Traditions of Lochaber, The Evangelical Movement, A Son of the Soil: Francis Macbean, Disruption Days, Post Disruption Days, Other Worthies, The Last of the Old Session, North Country Separatism, Some Separatist Leaders, Alexander Gair and His Circle, Separatism in Inverness Shire, Norman Macleod The Assynt Separatist, A Separatist Blast.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1965.  165 Pages.  £15

Island -A Collection of Poems and Prose by Young Writers from the Isle Of Barra.  Megan Bickle, Cara Donnelly, Louise MacNeil and Amy Macphee are four teenagers who were inspired by their experiences of life on the Island of Barra.  Booklet, date of Printing Unknown.  42 Pages.  £6

Songs of the Hebrides for Schools by M.  Kennedy Fraser and Kenneth Macleod.  For Unison Singing in Schools.  Edited with Words & Voice Parts.  Booklet, Date of Printing Unknown.  24 Pages.  £10 (Scarce)

Gaelic Without Groans by John Mackechnie.  In a serious of twenty nine lessons.  P.B.  Date of printing unknown.  152 Pages.  £5

Chi mi’n Tir.  Oran as na Hearadh.  Tha oran a seo a sgriobh coig deug bhard a bhuineadh dhan a Hearadh.  Leabharann air fhoillseachadh ann an 1996.  43 Duilleag.  £6

Re na h-Oidhche.  The length of the Night.  Bardachd le Catriona Nicgumaraid.  Poems by Catriona Montgomery.  Ro radh le Somhairle MacGill-Eain.  Introduced by Sorley Maclean.  Gaelic poems with English translations.  P.B.  Published in 1994.  79 Pages.  £6

The Thin Blue Line.  The story of the City of Glasgow Police by Douglas Grant.  9 Chapters, Illustrations and appendix with a list of officers who have been awarded medals for gallantry in saving or attempting to save life from 1917-1972.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1973, 192 Pages.  £8

Glencoe and the Indians by James Hunter.  A real life family saga which spans two continents, several centuries and more than thirty generations to link Scotland’s clans with the native peoples of the American West.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1996.  224 Pages.  £8

East Sutherland Gaelic.  The Dialect of the Brora, Golspie and Embo Fishing Communities by Nancy C.  Dorian.  Contents: Foreword, Maps, Introduction, Past and Present Distribution of Gaelic in East Sutherland, Formation of the Fishing Communities as a Locus for Gaelic, ESG and Competing Language Forms, Phonology, Morphophonology, Grammar, Dialect Affinities, Sample Texts with Translations.  H.B.  Published in 1978.  220 Pages.  £15

At the Roots of a Nation.  The story of San Andres School in Lima, Peru by John M Macpherson.  This Christian School was founded in 1917, in Lima, Peru, by the Free Church of Scotland.  The school has had a remarkable impact on Peruvian life with many of its former pupils attaining positions of political, intellectual and spiritual influence.  P.B.  Published in 1993.  230 Pages.  £6

High Balls and Happy Hours.  An Autobiography.  Gavin Hastings with Clem Thomas.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1994.  192 Pages.  £5

Tales and Traditions of the Lews.  Collected by Dr Macdonald of Gisla.  There are 60 tales and traditions in this collection, by Dr Donald Macdonald of Gisla -1891-1961.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1967.  1st Edition.  297 Pages.  £15

Ionad Hiort -The St Kilda Centre.  A booklet, put together by the St Kilda Centre Development Group, Uig, Isle of Lewis, for their plans to build the centre at Mangersta, Uig, Isle of Lewis.  A4 Size Colour Booklet, 24 pages.  £8

The Economy and Culture of Fisheries in the Western Isles.  Fish: An Ancient Resource -A Sustainable Livelihood.  This information file shows how the fishing industry in the Western Isles has taken advantage of opportunities and is developing sustainable working practices which will ensure the future growth of the industry as it moves forward on another phase of its journey of change and progression.  A4 Size Colour Publication.  24 Pages.  £8

An Co Mor -A Celebration of the Harris Tweed Industry in the 1930’s.  A booklet produced at the time that Theatre Highland were touring with the play An Clo Mor.  A4 Colour Publication.  Printed in 2000.  20 Pages.  £8

Stornoway Golf Club Centenary Magazine 1890-1990.  A series of articles, and a good selection of photographs, and profiles some of the club characters to commemorate the Centenary.  A4 Publication.  60 Pages.  Printed in 1990.  £10

 Caisteal Leodhais: Leasachaidh.  Lews Castle Development.  A Feasability Study.  A4 Colour Publication.  24 Pages.  Date of Printing mid 1990’s.  Also contains documents with plans to move the library from it’s then location on Keith Street, Stornoway to the newly refurbished Lews Castle.  The document looks like the submission that was made to the Millenium Commission for funding and was subsequently refused.  Scarce document.  £10

The Story of Manish School 1879-2000.  Compiled by Deborah Mackinnon.  It gives a history of the school with contributions from former pupils and former teachers.  A good selection of photographs as well.  It also gives a list of all the pupils who registered in the school from 1905-2000.  A4 Size Publication with ring binding.  £10

Skye Remembered by Derek Cooper.  A Ghaidhlig le Martainn Domhnallach.  Contents: The World of Work, The Encircling Sea, The Heart of the Island, Ten Thousand Common Soldiers, An Island In Revolt, Houses and Hovels, The Sporting Scene, The Quality at Leisure.  P.B.  Published in 1983.  Includes Photographs.  96 Pages.  £10

Enchanted Island by James Shaw Grant.  A Humorous Tale from an Island that refused to die.  The writers aim with this book was to try to catch, in an exaggerated fictional way, the spirit of an island that refused to die, because there were those around who could extract laughter and good fellowship even from their own predicament.  P.B.  Published in 1989.  128 Pages.  £8

Sweet Believing.  Eight Character Studies of the Scottish Covenanters by Jock Purves.  Contents: James Guthrie, Hugh MacKail, Richard Cameron, David Hackston, John Brown, Margaret MacLachlan and Margaret Wilson, John Nisbet, James Renwick, Epilogue.  P.B.  Originally Published in 1948, this 2nd Reprint is from 1999.  96 Pages.  £5

Salt in my Porridge.  Confessions of a minister’s Son by Angus Macvicar.  H.B.  Published in 1971, Ex Library.  192 Pages.  £5

No Final Solution.  Unsolved Crimes of the Twentieth Century by Douglas Skelton.  Throughout the century there have been many true life cases of murder which have baffled the Scottish Police and Public alike.  The author investigates the many conspiracies and cover ups surrounding these crimes which led to some cases never being solved.  P.B.  Published in 1993.  190 Pages.  £6

Gangsters, Killers and Me By Gerard Gallacher.  A Detective’s Story.  The Inside Story of Policing Glasgow’s Underworld.  Gallacher was a policeman in Glasgow from 1981-2011.  He talks about the major underworld figures from this period.  323 Pages £6

The Chambered Cairn of Clettraval, North Uist by W.Lindsay Scott.  Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, Vol LXIX.  (Vol.  IX, Sixth Series) Session 1934-35 (Pages 480 to 536) P.B.  Publication.  Some tears in the binding and also some damage at the bottom of the first few pages.  57 Pages.  £10

Scottish Verse From The Book of the Dean of Lismore.  Edited by William J.  Watson, Professor of Celtic in the University of Edinburgh.  H.B.  Published in 1937.  1st Edition.  Also gives a list of the members of the SGTS for that year.  335 Pages.  £15

Pride of Perth.  The Story of Arthur Bell & Sons Ltd.  Scotch Whisky Distillers by Jack House.  This book is not just the history of an organisation but of a unique relationship between a company and a city, in which the prosperity of the one has contributed to that of the other in an unprecedented way.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1976.  134 Pages.  £8

 Croft Histories of Balranald and Paiblesgarry by Comann Eachdraidh Uibhist a Tuath.  An interesting booklet which has articles based on the history of the two villages and also some gaelic poetry.  The main focus though is on the history of each croft.  Booklet, Printed in 1988.  51 Pages.  £8

Macpherson’s Pocket Guide to the Isle of Skye, Lochalsh and the Outer Hebrides.  By Duncan Macpherson.  Foreword by J.M.  Macpherson.  H.B.  Pocket Size.  160 Pages.  Published in 1959.  Ex Library.  £10

Kilberry Recipe Book.  Published by Kilberry Kirk Session in aid of the Church Fabric Fund.  Contents: Foreword by Rev Tom A.  Davidson Kelly, Soups, Starters etc, Fish Dishes, Meat Dishes, Sweets, etc, Biscuits, Cakes and Loafs, Marmalades, Miscellaneous.  Booklet, 43 Pages.  Date of Printing Unknown.  £6

Stornoway Historical Society Journal Issue No 16.  July 2001.  Contents: From the Editors Chair, James Disher, Scout Camp -Ardroil 1943, Two U Boats, Off to Australia, Memories of Old Stornoway, Diary of a Journey from Stornoway to Duluth Minnesota USA 31 August – 22 September 1886, Chelsea Pensioners in Stornoway, Stornoway & District Roll of Honour -Second World War, The Cromwell Street I knew, The Ferry to Stornoway.  A4 Publication.  33 Pages.  £5

Stornoway Historical Society Journal -Issue No 25.  December 2005.  Contents: From the Editor’s chair, Harbour Development Scheme -1947, Old Stornoway and the Shops, Old Sheriff Court Records (1788-1826), Recollections of Stornoway, Town Hall Centenary Exhibition, Stornoway in the 1870’s, A Different Perspective on Lewis, The Lough of Stornevay -A Plan of the Harbour of Stornoway c.  1630.  A4 Publication.  32 Pages.  £5

Gramair Na Gaidhlig le Michel Byrne.  P.B.  Published in 2002.  141 Pages.  £6

 Foula -The Time of my Life by Christopher Mylne.  18 months in 1954-55 with the most isolated human community in the British Isles, on an island 15 miles off the Atlantic West Coast of Shetland.  A young and inexperienced Mylne arrived on the Shetland island of Foula in April 1954 to take up the post of Schoolmaster and Lay Missionary.  This remarkable book tells in his own words the dramatic story of Chris’s formative time as part of this remote unique island community which took him to their heart.  H.B.  With D.J and includes many illustrations.  Published in 2011.  218 Pages.  £10

Ferryhill North Memories by Rev Peter Davidson.  Former Minister of the Parish 10 March 1960 -30 September 1983.  Booklet, 65 Pages and includes photographs.  Printed in 1993.  Signed by the Author.  £6

Full Cycle.  Round the Isles by Bike by Stuart Craig.  Covers the Islands of Argyll, Barra, Vatersay, South Uist, Benbecula and North Uist, Harris and Scalpay and Skye.  The book covers the two trips the author made in 1995 and 1999.  P.B.  Published in 2001.  128 Pages.  £6

Wandering with a Camera in Scotland.  The Photography of Erskine Beveridge.  Edited by Lesley Ferguson.  Contents: Preface, Introduction, Fife, South Scotland, Argyll, Inverness Shire, Western Isles, Northern Scotland, Perthshire, References, Index.  P.B.  Originally Published in 2009, this edition was published in 2014.  182 Pages.  £8

Iona.  This guidebook, based on ten years of survey and investigation by the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland, outlines the islands history from St Columba’s day to present times and explains the development of the sacred sites and historic buildings seen by today’s visitors.  Booklet, Third Impression 1993.  Includes Illustrations.  32 Pages.  £6

The Gaelic Vikings by James Shaw Grant.  Humour, Adventure, Mystery, Pirates, Poltergeists, Heroes.  P.B.  Published in 1984.  172 Pages.  £8

An Open Book.  The Paul Lawrie Story.  Paul Lawrie with John Huggan.  This then is the story of the man who beat the odds, who married the woman of his dreams and remains the last golfer from Great Britain to claim the game’s greatest major championship.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 2012.  220 Pages.  £5

The Skye Revivals by Steve Taylor.  This book looks at how the religious, social and educational face of the island was transformed by spiritual awakenings between 1800-1860.  P.B.  Published in 2003.  159 Pages.  £5

Time Gentlemen.  Some Collected Poems by Hamish Brown.  Illustrations by Ian Strachan.  P.B.  Published in 1983, 124 Pages.  Ex Library.  £5

The Road to Drumnafunner.  A Journey Through North East Scotland by Robert Smith.  This book is a journey through the history and legends of North East Scotland, the author follows the road through all sorts of intriguing places, uncovering the stories and characters associated with them.  P.B.  Published in 2007, 147 Pages.  £5

The Scottish Regiments A Pictorial History 1633-1987 by P.J.R.  Mileham.  11 Chapters.  Contents Include: The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, The Scots Guards, The Royal Scots, The Royal Highland Fusiliers, The King’s Own Scottish Borderers, The Cameronians, The Black Watch, Queen’s Own Highlanders, The Gordon Highlanders, The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1988.  304 Pages.  £15

Dunvegan Castle Isle of Skye.  Official Guide by W.  Douglas Simpson.  Eleventh Edition.  Booklet, which also includes a map of the Castle and some Illustrations.  Printed in 1958.  28 Pages.  £10

Clarsach an Doire.  Dain, Orain agus Sgelachdan le Niall Macleoid.  H.B.  With D/J Sixth reprint.  1975.  274 Pages.  £8

A Shetland Parish Doctor.  Some Recollections of a Shetland Parish Doctor During the Past Half Century by Harry Pearson Taylor.  Medical Officer for Yell and Fetlar, Shetland from June 1890 to November 1935.  With Foreword by Thomas Edmondston Saxby.  H.B.  Published in 1948.  136 Pages.  £15

Kintyre in the 17th Century by Andrew McKerral.  Kintyre was the original home of the Scots of Dalriada.  This book gives a short summary of its early history, and then deals in greater detail with the events of one of its most important centuries -the seventeenth.  H.B.  With D/J.  Published in 1948.  1st Edition.  189 Pages.  £15

The Conservation of Georgian Edinburgh.  The Proceedings and Outcome of a Conference organised by the Scottish Civic Trust in Association with the Edinburgh Architectural Association and in conjunction with the Civic Trust, London.  Edited by Sir Robert Matthew, John Reid and Maurice Lindsay at the University of Edinburgh Press.  Contents: Edinburgh as European Cultural Heritage, The Conservation of Georgian Edinburgh, Comparative Examples, Summing Up and Discussion, Appendix: The Conference Booklet.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1972.  130 Pages.  £10

Uig -A Hebridean Parish.  Parts III and IV By H.A.  Moisley and Members of the Geographical Field Group.  Contents: The Bernera District, The East Loch Roag District, The Carloway District, Agricultural in a Crofting Parish, Population and Employment, Conclusions.  P.B.  Printed in 1962.  158 Pages.  £20

Old Orkney Sea Yarns (Stronsay volume 2) by W.M.  Gibson.  9 Yarns, Epilogue and an Appendix with illustrations.  P.B.  Printed in 1986.  52 Pages.  £6

A Social History of Scottish Dance.  Ane Celestial Recreatioun by George S.  Emmerson.  22 chapters, 4 Appendixes.  This book is a social history of Scotland with dance as its central theme.  The author examines the evidence of dance in the life of the Scots -in ritual, drama, and recreation -from earliest times to the present.  H.B.  With D/J.  Published in 1972.  350 Pages.  £15

Memoirs of a Highland Lady.  The autobiography of Elizabeth Grant of Rothiemurchus.  1797-1827.  Elizabeth Grant was born in Edinburgh in 1797 and died in 1885.  Her memoirs, edited by her niece, Lady Strachey, were first published in 1898.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1972.  296 Pages.  £6

Annals of the Free Church of Scotland 1900-1986.  Continued from Ewing’s Annals of the Free Church of Scotland: 1843-1900.  Compiled by G.N.M.  Collins.  Contents: Principals and Professors of the Free Church College, lists of all ordained Ministers since 1900, all the congregations of the Church and a list of the ministers in each, Moderators of the Church.  H.B.  Date of Publishing unknown, possibly late 1980’s.  64 Pages.  £8

Plant Life in the Scottish Highlands.  Ecology and Adaptation to their Insect Visitors by Alexander Edward Holden.  With Photographs by Robert M.  Adam.  23 Chapters with illustrations.  H.B.  Published in 1952.  1st Edition.  319 Pages.  £15

The Isle of Arran by Robert Maclellan, Revised by Norman Newton.  An essential guide for the discerning tourist and island devotee: everything the visitor needs to know about the island’s heritage, landscape, climate and flora.  P.B.  Published in 2003.  112 Pages.  £6

The Road Through the Isles by John Sharkey.  Drawings, Diagrams and maps by Keith Payne.  This book is the first comprehensively to explore and explain the landscape and mysteries of the Outer Hebrides.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1986.  The book covers from Barra to the Butt of Lewis.  256 Pages.  £8

One of Heavens Jewels.  Rev Archibald Cook of Daviot and the (Free) North Church, Inverness by Norman Campbell.  This book uses a wide range of contemporary sources -including church records, the press and local Gaelic verse -to tell the story of a faithful pastor loved by the thousands of ordinary people who gathered to hear him preach.  P.B.  Published in 2009.  278 Pages.  £10

An Taillear agus a Bhean le Donald A.Macdonald.  Reprinted from Scottish Studies Volume 10, Part 2, pp 182-187, 1966.  Pamphlet.  6 Pages.  £6

Clan Chisholm Magazine.  Number 43, 2000.  Contents: International Gathering 2001, Chisholm Biography, Chisholm & Highland History, Chisholm Population Studies, Chisholm Scatterings, Highland Poetry & Folklore, Flora & Fauna, Miscellaneous.  Booklet.  68 Pages.  £6

The Glasgow Academy 150 Years by Iain Macleod.  This is the story of the first 150 years of The Glasgow Academy, planned in 1845 and opened a year later.  This book is a chronicle and celebration of what The Academy has achieved so far and an introduction to the next chapter in its history.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1997.  215 Pages.  £8

The Highlands and the Highlanders.  The Past and Future of a Race.  A’ Ghaidhealtachd: Ar Dileab ‘s ar Dochas.  Printed for The Highlands Committee Empire Exhibition, Glasgow, 1938.  Contents: Note by Sir Alexander MacEwan, Poem, Facal Toisich, The Social Life of the Clans, The Gaelic Literature of Scotland, Production and Trade, Law in the Glens, The Humour of the Gael, Wanted -A Broader Outlook, Land Settlement and Industry, Water Power in the Highlands, Transport and Communications, Economic Possibilities.  H.B.  Published in 1938.  165 Pages.  £25

Letters from a Highland Township by Elizabeth and Ian Macpherson.  H.B.  Published in 1939.  1st Edition.  240 Pages.  £8

Skye Camanachd -A Century Remembered by Martin Macdonald.  For the past Hundred years Skye Camanachd has been a focus of island hopes and aspirations.  More than any other organisation the shinty club has engaged the islander’s loyalty.  Down the century the team’s fortunes has mirrored the social and economic condition of the islanders.  This book was published in 1992 at the time of the club’s centenary, and it contains many photographs of the teams senior and youth during that period.  H.B.  With D/J.  142 Pages.  £10

Mary Slessor.  The Dundee Factory Girl who became a Devoted Missionary by J.J.  Ellis.  5 Chapters.  P.B.  Printed in 2013.  80 Pages.  £5

Healing Through Meditation by The Rev Roy McVicar, Scottish Centre of Christian Healing, Boeness.  Booklet, 8 Chapters.  Date of Printing Unknown.  29 Pages.  £5

Excavations at Loch Olabhat, North Uist, 1988.  3rd Interim Report by Ian Armit.  Department of Archaeology University of Edinburgh.  Contents: Introduction, Loch Olabhat, Eilean Domhnuill a Spionnadh, Druim nan Dearcag, Eilean Olabhat, Survey, Future Work, Acknowledgements, References, Appendix One; Eilean Olabhat C-14 Dates and Contexts.  A4 Publication, Printed in 1988.  39 Pages.  £8

The West Highlands & Islands.  A View of 50 Centuries.  The Udal (N.Uist) Evidence.  Iain A.  Crawford.  The Udal Research Programme -Prelude to Main Publications.  A4 Size Publication.  20 Pages.  £8

The Divide between Medieval and Post -Medieval in Scotland by I.A.  Crawford.  Reprinted from Post Medieval Archaeology.  Volume 1 1967.  Booklet,6 Pages.  £8

Antiquarian Gleanings from Aberdeenshire Records.  Compiled by Gavin Turreff.  Second Edition -Revised and Enlarged.  Also gives a list of the subscribers to this publication.  H.B.  Published in 1871.  302 Pages.  £25

Kingussie and the Caman.  Follow closely the fame of your fathers by John Robertson.  Contents: A Time for Change 1889-1893, A Taste of Success, 1893-1903, From Bonfires to Fountains, 1904-14, The Strength of the Community, 1919-39, The Promised Land, 1946-61, Back to Basics, 1961-83, To Be The Best, 1984-94, Follow Closely the Fame Of Your Fathers.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1994.  212 Pages.  Signed by the Author.  £10

The Two Margarets.  A struggle for Christian Freedom by Carine Mackenzie.  This book tells a very different story.  Here were young Margaret Wilson and old Margaret MacLachlan standing up for civil and religious freedom in the face of real persecution.  They valued the simple direct teaching of Scripture and their total loyalty to their Saviour led them to martyrdom.  P.B.  Published in 1985.  48 Pages.  £5

The Wife of Auchtermuchty.  (From the Banatyne Manuscript, 1568) Alexander Hume 1557-1609 Of the Day Estivall.  Booklet, Printed in 1996.  60 Pages.  £5

Scottish Fishing Boats by Matthew Tanner.  This book introduces the history of the Scottish fishing vessel and chronicles the developments that have created fishing machines which are not only highly effective tools but a delight to the eye as well.  Booklet, Printed in 1996.  32 Pages.  £6

Some Low Level Walks in Strathspey.  Compiled and Described by Ronald A.  Laird.  Contents: Introduction, Summary of Walks, Description of Walks, Maps.  Booklet, Printed in 1981.  47 Pages.  £6

Walks Into History by Laurie Rogers.  Nine Walks Around the Forfar Area.  Booklet, Printed in 1996.  28 Pages.  £6

Scottish National Portrait Gallery.  Concise Catalogue.  Compiled by Duncan Thomson and Sheila Bruce Lockhart.  A concise catalogue of the collections in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.P.B.  Published in 1977.  187 Pages.  £8

 The Bigmen.  Personal Memories of Glasgow’s Police by Joe Pieri.  P.B.  Originally Published in April 2001, this reprint is from October 2001.  184 Pages.  £5

 The Hidden Places of Scotland.  An informative guide to the more secluded and less well known places to visit in Scotland.  Places of Interest -Accomodation -Food -Drink.  Fully illustrated with detailed directions and Maps.  Edited by David Gerrard.  P.B.  Published in 1999.  382 Pages.  £6

Early Golf in Glasgow 1589-1787.  By David Hamilton.  H.B.  Published in 1985.  21 Pages.  Signed by the Author.  £8

The Auld Hoose.  The Story of Robert Gordon’s College by Jack Webster.  This book tells the story of what happened when a North east aristocrat, who prospered on his travels abroad, came home to Aberdeen with a dream -a dream that became a reality we know today as Robert Gordon’s College.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 2005.  468 Pages.  £8

A Mission of Mercy.  The Life and Legacy of Dr Thomas Guthrie by Andrew J.  Murray.  Booklet, Printed in 2014.  23 Pages.  £5

Sketching in the Background.  A Word to Free Church Young People by Rev Kenneth A.  Macrae, Stornoway.  Booklet, Date of Printing Unknown.  24 Pages.  £6

Scottish Gaelic Vernacular Verse to 1730: A Checklist by Colm O’ Baoill and Donald Macaulay.  Printed by the Aberdeen University Department of Celtic 1988.  Booklet, 57 Pages.  £6

Report of Special Committee on the Teaching of Gaelic in Schools and Colleges .  An Comunn Gaidhealach.  Booklet, Printed in January 1936.  40 Pages.  £8

Cuairtear Chloinn Cholla.  Journal of the MacColl Society.  Vol 1.  January 1932.  No 1.  15 Articles, and also has a list of all members of the society.  Booklet, 24 Pages.  £8

A History of the Parish of Kirk Arbory and its Church of St.  Columba.  (Isle of Man) Illustrated.  Booklet, Printed in November 1959.  36 Pages.  £6

Facal Beag Volumes I and II.  A selection of the Facal Beag articles that were published in the Harris fortnightly newsletter De Tha Dol.  Volume I has 44 Pages.  Vol II has 44 Pages.  £8

Enjoying Scotland by Campbell Steven.  This is a book of personal enjoyment.  In it the author recalls good days spent getting to know some of the more remote corners of Scotland: expeditions to rarely visited islands of the West, to the furthest away hills of Wester Ross, to Eas -Coul-Aulin, distant Sutherland waterfall; there are descriptions of trips to St Kilda and of a winters dawn on the Solway watching the flighting geese.  H.B.  With D/J Published in 1971, this 2nd edition is from 1976.  192 Pages.  £6