The owners of Amhuinnsuidhe Castle in North Harris say they have bought the adjacent Morsgail Estate in Lewis for an undisclosed fee.

And management of the North Harris estate stressed to local website that rumours of Amhuinnsuidhe Castle itself being put up for sale are ‘completely untrue’.

Estate manager Innes Morrison said: “Because we have bought another estate, the rumour going around is that we are going to sell the castle in order to run a smaller operation. 

“That’s totally untrue. We’ve actually expanded.”

Morsgail Lodge was previously owned by Mark Molineux, and comprises 14,000 acres.

“It has a small lodge, a house, and a barn,” said Innes. “It makes total sense for us to purchase, as Loch Voshamid, which is one of our fisheries, extends onto the Morsgail Estate. 

“By taking over Morsgail, we are securing fishing on the Voshamid river and the Kinlochreisort system, some of which is actually easier to access via Morsgail.”

It is anticipated that Amhuinnsuidhe Castle Estate will officially takeover the Morsgail Estate on Tuesday October 20.