The Linda Norgrove Foundation is now five years old and has just passed the milestone of having sent a million pounds to Afghanistan.

Although sympathy following the tragic circumstances surrounding Linda’s death undoubtedly boosted support initially, we have progressed since then by holding fast to and refining our core values. We support a wide range of projects by making numerous small grants to existing Afghan and international organisations. We refuse to pressurise anyone into donating. Honesty and openness are values we cherish and we publish all of our annual reports and detailed accounts on our website. We concentrate on reaching our base of supporters through newsletters and media exposure whilst avoiding expensive fundraising events, advertising and gimmicks. You can be sure that we’re not going to send you free biros along with your newsletter!

We pare back administration costs to an absolute minimum. The Foundation has been fortunate to have Trustees willing to give their time free and pay their own expenses, website administrators who do the same, and a local graphic artist and our accountant who work for reduced fees.

Although one sometimes resents hours spent navigating a spreadsheet when the sun is shining and it would be great to be walking the cliffs with the dog, it’s rewarding work. But after reading of the struggles of the students whom we support (P8 of newsletter), it would be churlish for us to complain. Our life in the UK is a bed of roses by comparison, and it’s good to reflect on the facts that giving undoubtedly makes you happier, and that the poor give a higher proportion of their earnings to charity than the rich.

Our newsletters are sent to over 1,200 who have donated or helped us since we set up, but we’re certain that not everyone is pleased to receive them and many will go unopened, straight into the wastepaper basket. This is a waste of both our effort and your donated funds and, as most who throw them away either haven’t the time or the inclination to get in touch to ask to be removed from our mailing list, we are adopting a policy of stopping sending to anyone who hasn’t donated or helped over the last three years.

If you are one of these but would still like to receive a paper copy of our newsletters, or know of anyone else who would, then do please let us know.

If you would prefer to receive an e-copy, please let us know.


Lastly, a sincere thank you to all who have supported the Foundation over the past five years from us and, more importantly, from those whose lives have been changed for the better in Afghanistan. We’ve met many of them and we’re sure that they most certainly do appreciate the help that you’ve given.

Lorna Norgrove



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