After ten years of welcoming walking trips across Scotland and a month-long series of walks across Lewis, lecturer Pierre de Greef from Belgium came across another aspect of Island life on Wednesday evening this week.

Camping for the second time on this trip in the Castle Grounds, in a secluded spot not far from the Lady Matheson monument, his tent was slashed and his cooking stove and gear destroyed in a large fire which had been lit nearby.

He went to Stornoway Police and they suggested he put out an appeal on the local media.  

His family are sending out another tent for him to use - and he has attempted to sew up the rents in his existing tent, but he thinks that has not succeeded. 

Over the past few weeks he has visited the Butt of Lewis and the Uig district, meeting a wide range of local people, from artists to crofters.  

Speaking in An Lanntair arts centre after spending some time in the Stornoway Library he spoke of his sadness about this sort of behaviour which he had not come across in all his years of exploring many different parts of Scotland on foot.  This is his first visit to the Hebrides.

Anyone who can help can contact Pierre on 00 32 47 47 55 48 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.