A crofter in North Tolsta has appealed to dog-owners to keep their dogs well under control, after three reported incidents in which sheep were attacked by dogs.

The latest incident saw a ewe grazing on the machair at Traigh Mhor so badly injured that she was put to sleep by a vet soon after the attack, which happened on Saturday (January 18). It follows two other reported incidents in recent weeks, one in the same area and one on the grazings near Garry beach.

Posting on the North Tolsta Community Noticeboard, the owner of the most recently injured sheep said: “Keeping livestock is hard work, but it’s even harder when we have these incidents to contend with. Please can we work together to support our crofting community.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland said they were aware of a report of sheep-worrying in the Tolsta area, and that all dog owners should be aware of their responsibility to keep dogs under control at all times.