An emergency response was triggered in Stornoway on Saturday evening (25 January) when the crew of the MV Loch Seaforth picked up a distress signal from a man overboard device.
The man overboard alert was received by the Loch Seaforth at 9.30pm on Saturday, when she was tied up at the pier within Stornoway harbour.
Stornoway Coastguard Rescue Team were scrambled and the Stornoway RNLI Lifeboat launched, with a Senior Coastal Operations Officer S18D from Stornoway Coastguard also on-scene.
A search was co-ordinated for what was thought to be a fisherman in the water, but after investigation, the alarm was found to have been sent by a lifejacket which was not being worn, but had activated aboard the FV Ranger.
That trawler is currently on the slipway at Goat Island undergoing repairs, following an emergency last week. She was rescued in heavy seas in a mammoth operation involving two RNLI lifeboats and the Emergency Towing Vessel Ievoli Black.
Saturday’s incident was treated as a false alarm with good intent, and all teams were stood down.
FV Ranger is shown in Stornoway harbour after her rescue on Sunday 19 January.