Islanders in North Uist, Berneray and Grimsay are in suspense as they await the final reveal on who has won the biggest share of a £3 million payout from the People’s Postcode Lottery.
The Lottery, which distributes awards to good causes around the UK, made a live announcement yesterday evening (Monday 27 January), revealing that the Postcode HS6 5?? is the winning code for the big January win.
That means that £3 million will be shared by all players in the HS6 5 postcode, which includes all the addresses in Berneray, North Uist and Grimsay. Each player is guaranteed to win, but the full code is to be revealed at a party on Friday at Carinish on Friday 31 January.
Those who hold tickets and live at the addresses with the full postcode, to be revealed on Friday, are in line for a bigger share of the win. All participating residents on the three islands will take home a minimum of £10,000.
Eligible islanders will have received direct notification of details by post today (Tuesday), according to presenter Danyl Johnson, who says he is looking forward to visiting the Outer Hebrides later this week.
Former X-Factor contender Danyl made the announcement during a live Facebook broadcast last night, making an attempt at speaking Gaelic and with the support of the Edinburgh Gaelic Choir singing ‘An tèid thu leam a ribhinn òg’.
January’s supported charities are connected with animal welfare and will receive a total of £10 million from the People’s Postcode Lottery fund.
Danyl Johnson is pictured as he revealed the Outer Hebrides postcode during last night's broadcast.