The Harris Tweed Authority (HTA) yesterday (Wednesday 29 January) shared the story of a devotee of Harris Tweed from Chandigarh, India, who has won a jacket-length of the cloth in one of their competitions.

Dr Paramvir Singh won the HTA’s latest newsletter competition with his pictures of himself and his family wearing stylish and beautifully-tailored Harris Tweed clothing.

Dr Singh was asked to share the story behind his picture. He said: “Harris Tweed was something 'fantabulous' I bumped into two years ago while I was exploring our local stores in Chandigarh for something exquisite and elegant for my overcoat.

“I took a great fancy to this fabric and did some research about Harris Tweed on the net. I was awestruck by the history and strict quality control. Having already seen and felt the product I had no second thought about going in for a direct purchase. It was simply fun.

“Every time I ordered one for myself it used to be grabbed by one or the other family members. One by one, I gifted them to my daughter, son, son-in-law and wife. Finally, I was the last person to get one for myself.

“I got them styled and stitched in India. Then, the Orb certification mark labels of Harris Tweed were proudly affixed. I am never tired of narrating our great experience with the product to our envious family friends.”

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The pictures show Dr Singh and his family in their elegant Harris Tweed jackets.