Residents of the Pairc Community Estate were much more ready to give their views on the latest round of consultation, carried out by the trust in November and December last year.

Feeling confident after our successful Gravir Housing project, the Pairc Trust decided to survey residents on the option of purchasing the Resource Centre building in Kershader from the Comhairle.

There was a 175% increase in responses to the paper and online survey, a big increase in participation since a similar survey carried out in 2016.

In a statement today, the Trust said: “(The resource centre) has an excellent location next to Ravenspoint’s shop, hostel, museum, café and petrol pump and currently houses our office, Pairc playgroup and Pairc gym.

“We’d like to make sure this key building is put into the community’s hands long-term and have consulted with everyone to demonstrate support for the idea.”

Of those who responded, 91% said they would like to see the purchase go ahead and 95% agreed with making the building energy efficient and sharing the costs of running the building between the main users.

Responders also had extra ideas on the use of the space, with some approving the current gym and some suggesting additional ways of using the gym and adjacent spaces.

But the Trust also acknowledged that not all the comments received were supportive, with questions raised about useage, rates and how viable the project might be. One said: “We should be very cautious… we are probably weaker now as a community than we ever have been so that even the viability of the school must be a concern for us.”

The Trust said: “There are obviously lots of details involved in taking on the building, and no matter how people are communicating their thoughts, we’re very glad that the wider community is engaging with our work. Hopefully our future consultations will have as good a response rate as this, or better.”