North Uist became an island of smiles today (Friday 31 January) as just 101 islanders shared a £3 million Postcode Lottery payout.

People’s Postcode Lottery players from North Uist, Berneray and Grimsay had received personal invitations to attend the big unveiling at Carinish Hall this afternoon, with a guarantee that each of them would go home carrying a cheque for at least £10,000.

The last two digits of their HS6 postcode was all that was needed to seal a big win - and it turned out that two neighbours, Sharon MacKillop and Pamela Macaskill, had done just that, each scooping a life-changing £193,055. A shocked Pamela said: “You just don’t think these things are going to happen!”

For all 99 of their postcode neighbours, the payout was still breathtaking - at £21,425 for each ticket purchased, more than double what they were expecting.

And some of those who’d played more than once picked up bigger cheques, making it a historic end-of-the-month payday and the start of a huge, island-wide celebration this evening.

Picture shows big winners Sharon and Pamela together with some of the other winning players from around the islands, and presenter Danyl at the end of what he described as “a great day for the Outer Hebrides.”