Weaving demonstrations are available at the Harris Tweed Authority tweed display this Thursday (July 12th) and Friday, upstairs in the Town Hall Stornoway.

The most iconic features of the HTA Brand Room are two of the Harris Tweed industry’s renowned looms – a single width Hattersley loom and a double width Griffiths loom. Weaving demonstration take place 

Twice a week - 2pm on Thursdays and 2.30pm on Fridays - experienced Harris Tweed weavers take time out of their own weaving schedules at home to join visitors at the HTA .

This week, at 2pm on Thursday, you can go to watch David weaving on the HTA Brand Room looms.

On Friday at 2.30pm you can join Duncan, another experienced Harris Tweed weaver, pedal a Hattersley loom and a double width Griffiths loom, and let him share his weaving stories with you.

(£3, Town Hall Stornoway - upstairs)