The inaugural lecture of  the 2018 Series of ‘Spioradalachd nam Bard (or as it is better known, the ‘Spirituality of the Bards’ ) will be given by Rev Prof Donald MacLeod, Emeritus Professor of Systematic Theology, Free Church of Scotland at 7pm in Laxdale Hall on Thursday (2nd August) which is the anniversary of his late mother's birth.

This bilingual lecture is titled ‘Bardachd mo Mhathair’. As the name suggests it will focus on the poetry of Prof. MacLeod’s late mother, Mrs Alice MacLeod, illustrating the life of a typical Lewis woman in the first half of the 20th Century.

As usual there be an opportunity for those present to ask questions, enjoy a time of fellowship along with appropriate excerpts of Mrs MacLeod’s  poetry sung in Gaelic.  It is free and open to everyone to attend.’