Classic car enthusiasts from around the islands have already welcomed the sunshine taking their precious motors out for a run, but this weekend sees the first of the classic convoys which mark the summer season.

Members of Western Isles Classic Car Club (WICCC) will be out for their first run tomorrow (Saturday April 27th), with a gentle ride around the town centre and a tootle across the Braighe for a round tour of Point.

The drivers will meet up for a tour of the town from around 1pm, and there’s a chance to get a closer look at some shiny specimens, including a clutch of Escort Mark ones, in the car park at Aird, Point later on. Drivers will be stopping off at the Beacon Café in Tiumpanhead Community Centre for refreshments.

Next week WICCC are off to Harris, beginning their annual bank holiday run on May 6th with the presentation of the Iain Mitchell memorial trophy for a new owner. That will be at the Smith Avenue car park at 12.30pm.

The picture shows David Macleod’s Escort Mark One Mexico, one of a clutch of mark ones running on the island.