An Lanntair hosts Single Shoe Production of Crazy Glue: a remarkable piece of physical theatre, in which both the dizzying highs and desolate lows of love are laid bare to comic and heart-breaking effect. 

The glue, of course, is love. And what’s so crazy about it? Absolutely everything, it seems: from the spark that starts its first bright flame, to the final fizzle of its embers.

The wonderfully skilled Bradley Wayne Smith and Filipa Thomas portray with humour, pathos, and some impressive vocal sound effects the experiences of a couple driven crazy by the first flush of love, and even crazier by its disintegration.

Adapted from a short story by Etgar Keret, Crazy Glue cleverly portrays the relatable course of a couple’s relationship, in a manner that has been compared to Noël Coward's Private Lives… only without any dialogue.

The play also draws inspiration from vintage cartoons, music-hall slap stick and silent movie star Buster Keaton.

Crazy Glue Productions will also host a workshop in 22 April for ages 14 +, in which they will give an introduction to the craft of character building and physical storytelling.

For information visit their website or call the An Lanntair box office on 01851 708480