A landmark moment has been reached at Cross School, the headquarters of Comunn Eachdraidh Nis where a major rebuild is under way.

Yesterday (Monday July 9th) saw the old front entrance, which has been the entrance to the building since its days as a school, closed and fenced off by contractors. Demolition of the former shop space and the creation of a new entrance starts this week.
The temporary entrance, with a brand new easy access ramp, is now at the back of the building, through the former fire doors in the café. The café and shop are remaining open throughout the major development.
CEN’s media spokesman Donna Dorris said: “The work is going extremely well and we have been very lucky with the weather – only three days have been wet and windy so far. We are 17 weeks into the project and closing in on the halfway point. People have been really supportive and have kept coming in to the café and shop, so that has helped to keep our spirits up!”
Parking for the public is now at the back of the school and signs will mark the route around the building. Information about the project work and building progress is being regularly posted on a separate Facebook page, Comunn Eachdraidh Nis Vision 2020.