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Stornoway's centre was jammed with people today (Saturday August 4th) as the Lewis Carnival hit new heights of popularity.

There were inevitable flurries of rain in mid afternoon…but the festival atmosphere was set early on as the crowds turned out in force to welcome the parade as it progressed into town from the Manor roundabout, generating traffic jams which served to remind everyone how much traffic there now is on the roads in Stornoway.  

The Perceval Square focus for the Carnival was a runaway success again, with the stalls, sideshows and activities all thronged.  Then crowds also focused on the funfair - while in one direction there was the "European Market" while in the other there was the Town Hall packed with stalls, cakes, teas and coffees.

And on Number 3 pier, there were opportunities to visit the RNLI lifeboat and also the Coastguard emergency tug Ievoli Black, which has an Italian crew. One happy visitor commented: "Great hospitality from the Italian ship, very welcoming, informative and food! Well done!"

Well done to the Carnival Committee and the many volunteers and organisations which made this all possible!