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At 6.10pm tonight (Wednesday 15th August) Comhairle nan Eilean Siar put out the following information about classes at Stornoway Primary School and Gaelic Medium Education on its Twitter feed.

The council stated: “The Comhairle has closely examined the circumstances around the provision of Gaelic Medium at Stornoway Primary School and has listened carefully to the views of parents.  This letter is being sent to parents by the H(ead) T(eacher).

Dear Parents

Following discussions about the composition of classes for next session, it has been agreed that all new P1 Pupils will form one class, all P2 pupils will form one class, and all P3 Pupils will be part of the composite GM 3-4 class.

To avoid any uncertainty for children, when they arrive at school on Thursday morning they will meet the teacher whom they expect to meet, i.e. the teacher with whom they spent their induction/transition sessions and any changes that affect them will be carefully explained before they happen.  The children will all bring home an explanatory note to confirm the name of their class and teacher, although this will only affect a small number of P2 and P3 children.

The Twitter statement continued: “The School and the Department, whilst recognising that there may be future challenges as to class numbers arising from these proposals, believes that for all concerned this is the best way to proceed.”

And in a further Tweet on this thread, the Council added:”We look forward to pupils, staff and parents continuing to support the School and maintain the highest possible standards of education in Stornoway Primary.”