An amnesty for seafarers wanting to dispose of marine pyrotechnics offers a way to protect everyone against dangerous incidents in the future, according to Stornoway Coastguard officers.

The pyrotechnic store at Stornoway Coastguard station will be open on Saturday 1st September, so that people can hand in time-expired tor unwanted marine pyrotechnics including out-of-date flares.

A coastguard spokesman said today (Tuesday August 21st) that trying to throw away unwanted or out-of-date pyrotechnics through normal waste collections was not only a criminal offence but dangerous to all concerned – from waste collectors to workers at the recycling centre.

He said: “The pyrotechnics amnesty is a chance for people to drop off any pyrotechnics they need to get rid of, so that we can dispose of them safely. Coastguard officers will also be available if anyone wants any advice on maritime safety.”

The pyrotechnic store at the Coastguard Station in Stornoway will be open between 10am and 4pm on Saturday September 1st to receive any time-expired or unwanted marine pyrotechnics from non-commercial organisations and individuals.