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Following the tragic events of last weekend the island community has responded with the adoption of the Let’s Chalk about Mental Health awareness campaign.

On pavements, walls and in shop windows, all across Stornoway messages of positivity and support, written in chalk, have been seen.

Let’s Chalk about Mental Health is a worldwide campaign organised by Suicide Prevention / Awareness.

The intention of the campaign is to break down barriers surrounding mental health and encourage discussion.

A number of local businesses have lent their support to this cause offering space for members of the public to share their thoughts.

Del Gunn from the Western Isles Mental Health Association said, “Having spoken to the people that engage with our services, they believe that this is a really positive campaign and talking can and does save lives.”

“However, they rightly point out that it should not take the devastating events of the past weeks to stimulate conversation and raise awareness around mental health and in particular suicide. This must be a conversation that remains a constant at all times within our community.”