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It’s time to clear up those old posters, community groups and events organisers in Stornoway and elsewhere have been told.

Of course, posters have been displayed all over Stornoway since time immemorial, and while technically this is against town bylaws, there is a certain understanding that community groups need to promote their events.

However, this unwritten agreement includes a tacit understanding that these groups will take the posters down once the event has taken place.

Unfortunately, certain groups – as Councillor Charlie Nicolson has pointed out, but which anyone walking around Stornoway can see – are not holding up their side of the bargain.

“It’s a shambles, it really is,” Councillor Nicolson told, as he explained that the problem is not only that the posters are being left up until the weather tears them down – leaving behind the unsightly cable ties – but that the cable ties used to attach these posters to poles are regularly left so that long pieces of the plastic ties are sticking out away from the pole.

Recently, Councillor Nicolson told us, an incident occurred where someone had to go to hospital after being hit in the eye by the hard plastic of a cable tie, which had been tied and left without being trimmed.

Posters are being left on lampposts and roundabouts in the centre, as well as bus shelters and lampposts all over the island. 

The message from Charlie Nicolson is: “You’re putting them up, take them down, folks!”