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A mystery photograph hidden in the back of a landscape engraving could show some of Stornoway’s academic successes from long ago – but nobody can tell for sure.

The finders are hoping the power of social media will put names to the faces and allow the portrait to be correctly placed in its historical setting.

The informally-grouped portrait shows men and women, some wearing academic gowns and mortar-board hats, grouped in what seems to be a studio setting.

The clothing is of Edwardian style and the central figure – a man who seems older than the others, has an ermine-trimmed robe.

The mystery portrait was concealed in the frame of a landscape drawing of a scene in Kaikoura, in South Island New Zealand, which was being sold at Bethesda’s charity shop.

Now the purchaser is hoping to get the picture identified and given its rightful place in history – as well as being returned to the family who might find it meaningful.

Posting on Western Isles Noticeboard on Facebook yesterday (Wednesday February 27th), Anne-Marie Street said: “My uncle bought it from Bethesda last week and later found the graduation photo in the back of the frame.

"He went back to the shop to see if they knew who it belonged to but they think it came in as a job lot.

"Hoping the power of social media will get this photo returned to the right person!”

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 (Pictures by Anne-Marie Street)