Anyone want 200 to 300 tonnes of soil and rocks from a family’s home-building site?

That’s the plea from new mum, musician and Harris Tweed Authority worker Jayne Hepburn Macmillan and her husband Kevin.

Today on Twitter she told how they have been in the process of building their own house for almost three years now.

“In a place where depopulation is a real problem, we’re battling against a lot of unexpected odds.

“Our gifted plot of land has finally been de-crofted and feu-ed off. We began registering the title deeds last year. We were told on Saturday that there was an error…so it will have to be re-submitted all over again.

“We finally got offered a mortgage last week though! I say finally, because that paperwork alone took about a year. Yep, a year … they’ve asked us for a £50,000 deposit, with the land.”

Now there’s another problem.  “We have nowhere to put the earth were about to dig up and it’s going to cost us about £20,000 to deposit it into landfill. Yep, £20,000.

“There’s likely to be 200/300 tonnes of it…

“It’s peaty rocky soil, so not top soil and not the kind of soil you would want for gardening but perfect for filling in a hole.”

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have a 300 tonne hole to fill!