Great news from Leurbost…the wanderer returns, none the worse for wear but anxious to replenish his energy reserves.

The best theory is that he had been accidentally shut in a shed somewhere nearby.

It was on Wednesday July 10 that Hilary Heggie was asking for help to find the family's missing cat.

She stated: "Our beautiful black boy has been missing since Monday 8th July from Leurbost, old school/telephone exchange area.

"He's a skinny, all black cat with blue collar (indentichipped).

"Please check sheds/garages.

"He has been known to get in cars/vans but never gone missing till now."

She followed up the appeal with posters locally and in the Newton Street area after a reported sighting there.

But today (Friday July 12) Berto - an abrreviated version of his full name Alberto after the famous cyclist Alberto Contador – reappeared.

Hilary said on Facebook today:"The wanderer returns! He appeared about 11am. We think he's been stuck in a shed.

"He's all in one piece but very hungry. Not telling any tales either.

"So pleased to have him home. Thank you to everyone who kept an eye out and shared posts.

"And a special thank you to whoever opened the shed and let him out."